Friday, January 19, 2018

Master Year, 2018 - SNOOZE IS DISABLED!

Welcome to the Master Year of 2018 and it promises to be an incredible year for many reasons, including health and wellness. 

So many people have told me they couldn't wait until 2017 was done...I personally, broke up with 2017 a few months ago! As a matter of perspective, how can so many things happen in such a short period of time? There's always the view point that time is just an illusion, so lets just go with that philosophy for now. 

When the clock struck midnight, many people in the spiritual community were peacefully waiting for the much-anticipated shift that surely would (and did) occur. Nobody knew how that would look exactly, but it promised to be a gift to humanity - if one chooses to see the photonic plasmic light cascading down on Gaia in every crack, crevice, nook and cranny to be a gift... I surely do! It's been a very VERY long time coming. 

How does all this translate to health and wellness, you may ask? The light that has been pouring down upon us (whether or not you feel it), will help and assist every being on this planet with the ascension process. 

Every part of being whole again means taking personal responsibility for your own healing and growth. It's not a matter of riding on anyone's coat tails or draining people of their very life force anymore. And it’s certainly not about following anyone.

Every person MUST take personal responsibility at some point, for everything they have created in their life, and that includes treating yourself as a sacred spirit having a very real human experience and treating your body as the temple it was meant to be. Does ascension mean we have to be perfect? Well if it does, then I'm out! I can't be perfect at this point and if someone claims to be, RUN!

Try to think of ascension as a process wherein you increase your frequency rate. Each dimension layered upon our 3D reality is accessed by a different frequency. 

For example, you perceive only such a small portion on the visual spectrum with your physical eyes... just imagine if you could actually see just a few more frequency bands - such as, everything to the left of visual light on the diagram above. Just imagine if nobody could lie anymore because everyone could tell just by 'seeing' your frequency change in your auric field. 

We know that other frequencies require certain transmitters and receivers to work, such as TV, radios, cellular calls, transmissions of data, etc. They can all be sent and received 'through the air'.  

If you yourself are a spirit having a human experience and you are in fact, energy, then one would eventually come to the logical conclusion at some point, that you must be able to send and receive signals in the biological suit you call a body. Why type of signals? Well, that is all part of the ascension process and for another post at a later time. 

Some people are still actively trying to hit snooze… time's up! It’s not almost up; snooze is now disabled! We have reached the Master Year of 2018 and things are about to hit hyper-warp-speed. 

If you thought 2017 was rough and you've allowed yourself to get tossed about in the waves instead of surfing them, all I can tell you is: time to get out of bed my friends and find your passion. Find what gives you the greatest joy and live it!

No more blame or focus on the things you don’t want or the reasons why you can’t do something. One thing you will learn very quickly this year (if you haven’t yet) is this: where attention goes, energy flows. This means if you spend time focusing on all the things in your life you don’t want, you will magnetize and manifest exactly that!

Get yourself educated, work on yourself instead of trying to fix everyone else and stop blaming or judging everyone and everything. YOU are solely responsible for YOU! 

It's time now and we need every soul who's here on a mission to step up. Find what makes you happy and focus on that. Forgive yourself and others, heal, focus on what you want and what brings you the greatest joy and bring THIS into your reality. Align yourself with your higher self and become just 1% better than yesterday.

No, you DON'T need to be perfect. Yes, you can still enjoy the things in life you enjoy most, but perhaps get away from anything you're addicted to, get away from anyone who's toxic in your life, RUN as fast as you can from anyone or anything who has an agenda and sucks your energy and your life-force. 

If you're not feeling empowered, try a different way!

​You deserve to be treated as the unique, special, powerful, co-creative being that you ARE. You are here for a reason but it all starts within YOU. If just taking good and loving care of yourself is what's needed at this moment then you've found your starting point and that's what counts right now.