Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Beginning

 Greetings ALL Beings capable of receiving intelligence through Divine Light of our One True Creator, God, Source of ALL...

​OK... We have ALL been lied to... AGREED?

When on Earth and in the 3D (transitioning out of the Rule of Water), the court systems are set up to instruct and perform certain functions. When a witness is brought forward and they are proven to have lied in a court of law, that witness would be deemed not trustworthy, or not credible. Sounds simple enough. 

Stay with me here for just a minute...

When serving on a jury of your peers, you would now have reasonable suspicion while considering all other evidence presented (and I would say, 'including evidence ruled inadmissible' because then you're instructed NOT to consider other such facts due to legalese, verbal arguments and precedence). However, the fact remains that it's quite challenging to trust someone who has lied. 

You are treated as though you are children in the current court systems. (Actually, you are considered a 'ship lost at sea' and a 'dead vessel' but I won't get into that today.)

You are told and instructed how to make your decisions. You are told you can not make your decisions based on instinct, (reading people, intuition, gut feelings, etc.). You are literally TOLD what you can and can not reference or use in your decision making process; much like a child would be told what to think, or what to believe. Make sense yet? 

If it sounds a little like bullying tactics, then you are perceiving correctly.

'Believe only what we tell you; Do not consider this or that; Disregard what you just heard when deliberating; When weighing the fact, (as we presented them) you MUST do this or that...' 
The story is quite obviously in your face, when yo really look at it. 

Let's not forget the threats of punishment by the courts if you dare to go outside their instructions... only bullies and narcissists make threats when their perceived power is threatened. 

Admiralty Law (or Maritime Law) is the old guard. It's part of the Crown. Another topic I won't be getting into today. Feel free to do your own research. The BAR is the British Accredited Registry, perhaps start with that, if you have no idea what any of this is all about

This is only one of the many 'games' playing out on your planet Earth. What does all this have to do with the new beginning? I'll get to that...

Another thing, and quite the elephant in the room - for those not paying attention or until now, were unable or unwilling to see the larger picture - is the fact that humanity is not alone in this universe. It's actually quite grand, galactic and other-worldly.

If this is when you would be triggered to shut this message, transmission or communication off, then I ask you this: Do you believe someone who has already lied to you? Do you believe someone who has been deemed untrustworthy? Do you believe someone who is proven to be a liar? How many times must they lie before you stop trusting them? Who gets to decide? How much common sense or logical thinking should be applied?

These are all fair questions. 

These are some of the stories all playing out right now through all the bloodlines incarnate bringing unification through purification. It's a rite of passage, a birth, a re-birth, re-awakening... to all that you are and always have been; since long before you took on the corporeal body of a human vehicle (also-known-as the human physical body). 

If you consider a witness untrustworthy because they have lied, then why not also consider where all your programs have come from? As an example: religion. We all know (or should, by now) they are controlled groups with similar dogmatic beliefs. Most of these groups are based on (so-called) knowledge handed down from previous leaders of any particular group, such as religions. 

There's no denying that certain supernatural events helped shape and create certain group beliefs, group thinks, dogmatic belief systems within these groups. There's many references to other-worldly or supernatural events occurring all throughout humanities' past (on Earth). Just because certain 'rulers' decided to burn libraries, deliberately mistranslate scriptures and transcriptions of events many witnessed, completely rewrite history, or bully people into submission to worship their gods (in the name of certain beings) "convert or die..." (yea, that didn't go over too well now did it?) 

We've all but collectively tried to forget those traumas from our ancestors because in my humble opinion, these traumas were too painful. So we chose to forget. It's very similar to when someone has a trauma so severe in their life, they just don't remember it... it gets blocked out, forgotten, tucked away somewhere in your inside where it's locked away so you stay safe from that pain. So let's stop questioning why we chose to forget humanities traumas and get back to work with getting back on track with our true inner Authority. 

Science and Spirituality

There's no denying both science and the supernatural - or rather, let's just say multidimensional because your current science openly admits the human brain can interact and create structures in up to 11 dimensions... so let's use that as a base of knowledge - science and spirituality are two sides to opposing yet complimentary forces and already are together. You can not have one without the other, although both have tried. 

So YES, if you have not been following along with the current science and findings, spoiler alert: it's gone galactic, solar and multidimensional or quantum. Newer, more fantastic information is also quite mainstream in the scientific and spiritual subdivisions; but unless you're a frequent flyer in those communities, you might only hear dribbles and drabbles that only serve to support the narrative or agenda you are (again) being told or instructed to "know about" by those who still wish to control you.  

Please use your common sense here. 

This is about giving you the assist to suspend your disbeliefs while you digest that fact that you've been lied to, your entire life. I know that's a big statement but it doesn't make it any less true. If you wish to continue believing in fairytales, males tales and such... all I can say right now is: see you on the other side and be well on your journey back home. 

For those who have already chosen to suspend your disbeliefs, because you've obviously been lied to (so why would you trust those claiming to be your leaders, who can't - or won't - tell the truth); and now perhaps you're also choosing to suspend your beliefs - because those beliefs were probably handed down and spoon fed to you as a child. Most of these beliefs you hold so dear have come from those claiming to have leadership or power over you; so you were actually conditioned into your programming through social engineering (and other ways) forming your social constructs through approved systems of belief structures created just for you! 

For those with parents who didn't force a religion (or a particular belief system) on you, be grateful. The programming is less strong in you. However, religion does have a basis rooted in it's truest essence, Spirituality, which needs science to explain it to the logical side of the brain. Think of science as your left side of the brain and spirituality as the right side. 

I could go on about this for quite some time, but I will spare you today. If you have read my first book published in April 2019, then you are familiar with the concepts of suspending your disbeliefs as-well-as your beliefs. It's much easier to suspend disbeliefs. That's also like saying, "Ok, I'm open to the possibility..." or perhaps, "I don't NOT believe you, but I have to see it first..." The second example is showing at least a willingness to suspend their disbeliefs, which is good. 

Stay open-minded. 

We are not alone and never have been. We've all been lied to and the Truth will always prevail. Have faith and trust in the One true God of ALL Creation... YOU are connected to that which is... everything. 
 Love is the fuel that keeps it all going. 
That witness we spoke about earlier that you no longer believe because they lied in court, can cause the turning of events in a court case so dramatically, so swiftly, so unexpectedly you just never saw it coming... So trust that you can actually see when you are being lied to.

Trust that you can feel (if not see, yet) other peoples energies.

Trust that you don't need other people to instruct you on how to identify energies or signals from perhaps, the unseen dimensions or the spirit realms. Trust that you don't need controllers telling you how to use your discernment when it's right in your face... because it all really is, right in your face... if only you open your eyes and ears. 

Meditate all the time. It's called mindfulness.

No, not in sitting position... but remember how important your breath is.  When you become the meditation, you are then aware and conscious of your multidimensionality. You will have married the science and spirituality within yourself. The right and left hemispheres of your brain. Your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine - whatever name you resonate or relate to best.  

It would be fair in my humble opinion, to at least suspend any disbeliefs (start there) regarding our species: where we came from, who created us, where and when we are located in time and space. I'm saying we are entering the Birth, we are Born into this New World/Age/Cycle and time is rapidly shifting - we're all going for the ride and we focus now, on our Souls and on our Soul missions. Our Divine Blueprints or Goldprints are active. 

We remember why 2 simple things are so important to our survival:
1) Breathing
2) Nature

Hindsight is 20/20 they say; but first you must be willing to look back, reflect and makes necessary changes or adjust accordingly in order to move forward and then upward (so you don't keep going around in circles - we affectionately call that a poop loop)! 

It's no wonder why a LOT of people fought back against the mask bullies. Breath is LIFE. Oh and the masks don't work, so there's that harsh truth to deal with now (for those who still haven't learned the horrible lessons from the Spanish flu... or those still on that poop loop - disguised as a merry-go-round.)  

Remember, you're now accepting your Divine Missions when you want to make contact with your Soul and/or continue on a working partnership letting Spirit take the lead. And also, the 2nd simple thing after breathing...


Wow! What a war that was waged against our Mother Earth, Gaia, Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine, etc. but you all definitely don't need me to tell you about climate change versus cycles of time and pole shifts. 

This is more about you, beginning this new time with all the Spirit led tools at your disposal every time you take a conscious breath. You actually begin to enjoy the peace, serenity and empowerment that comes between every in, and every out breath.  Timelessness is found there (you're very welcome;) Of course, you need to actually want to remember conscious breathing and have a willingness to work at taming your emotions and your emotional reactions.  

When other beings show you their thru colors, BELIEVE THEM! 
Be forewarned: They Shall Not Pass! 

Read the triple ordained decree verse below, out loud and with conviction.
.. then pass it along. If you want, stand up, left hand over heart and right hand outstretched in front of you, as if to signal STOP!
It's simple but effective and the more who say it, the more powerful and effective it is!
Now is the time! 

A Call for the Judgement of the fallen ones who have sworn enmity against the Children of God...
A Call for the Judgement of the fallen ones who have sworn enmity against the Children of God...
A Call for the Judgement of the fallen ones who have sworn enmity against the Children of God...!"

It is so! 

Remember, those claiming to be a child of god who continue to show their true colors behaving with emotionally charged vile spew, vindictive behaviors, gaslighting, name-calling, harassment, stalking, lawfare, lies, intentionally harming others and aggressively trying to screw up lives because they can't get what they want... and perhaps they can't control you anymore... they are the narcissists. THEY claim everyone else is one and yet, their massively messed up life and psychotic behaviors identify them so clearly... they hate it. They hate that we can see them! The real Children of God shall have JUSTICE served on everyone who has sworn enmity against us! It is SO! 

And if you've read this far and you ARE one of those horrible people who thinks you got a good couple swings swing in there recently, then you have learned nothing and this last part is just for you. Justice will not be what you think... You are truly a nasty, vile 'creature' when you get joy out of trying to destroy other peoples lives because they won't do what you want.  You SHALL NOT PASS! Ah'O! 

Lynda Light

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Beginning... 2nd Half of the Tzolkin

     This is the first day of a new 13-day wavespell. It's ALSO the first day of the 2nd half of this Tzolkin Galactic spin - that's a 260 day period (containing 20, 13-day waves). 

Yesterday was the last day of the first half; and today is the first day of the second half. 

The Galactic Butterfly! 

     Why is this significant and how does it effect you, personally? We are all on a journey in this Great Spiral Home. Whether conscious or unconscious, all will be awakened when it is their time. 

Are you AWAKE? Are you aware that time is an illusion and is also, Art? 

     While we are still here, under the veil of forgetfulness, in these human 3D physical bodies... it would be wise to learn all you can about Spirit, now. I gently suggest this so you can be ahead of the general populations learning curve when the veil completely disappears in the 'wink of an eye' or the 'flash of light' not long from now (although, granted, nobody knows that exact time or date). 

     It would also be very wise to learn about your Sun, its current activity and to stay out of fear. The fear programming is what keeps you stuck in believing the false narratives and propaganda beings spoon fed to most of you, now. 

     SPOILER ALERT: Slaves no more! The Divine Plan and God WINS! Learn what you can because claiming ignorance just reinforces old programs winning in your life. 

You can be seen CLEARLY for who and what you are! Trust...

Lynda Light

Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Tide Has Already Turned

Thank you for being here. Thank you for showing up, as your authentic self. You made it!

The tide that has turned, the Shift of the Ages, the Great Pole Shift, the Procession of the Equinoxes, the New Age of Aquarius, the Heaven on Earth... and OH so many other names we give to the next cycle, section or division of time as you know it... it's here, now! Its time to celebrate because the "Playing Field" is now REVERSED! REJOICE! 

This is not the one-off a lot of you are waiting, hoping and praying for, but rather... 

The mechanics and tools for holding the structures and elements of higher dimensional frequencies (on the grids and within our bodies) are now free from the siphoning and manipulations of energy: Life-Force, Prana, the Holy Spirit, Ki, Chi (or whatever other name you may use); and can now be under your jurisdiction of command, when you so choose. 

Every child must grow up spiritually, when it is their time; and TIME is a very funny thing, now isn't it?

EnJOY this new beginning and rest in the comfort that you are One of Gods Children. It's time to show all that you have learned through loving actions, words, deeds and especially, your thoughts. You can clean them up really fast now, if you only try!

You are much stronger that you know and you have the clear ability to step out of all the old programs of control and follow your inner holy Spirit; who was gifted your physical body for this 3D life experience.
The ego was originally intended to navigate the body, to regulate systems and protect the physical body from harm); as seen from the perspective of those who would seed, experiment, then manipulate and mass produce humans, essentially stealing humanity and playing god. 

*Think of those beings making a clone (or human body) attempting their DNA editing (to cut you off from your God given abilities); essentially stealing humanity for their own purposes, and using advanced Ai programs (like Alexa or Siri but way more advanced) in their numerous experiments to try and steer your development, under their (mostly) power-driven and self-serving control. That may be a basic way to try and perceive what has happened to humanity, as a collective...


The ascending ego as we shall call it, was an unexpected outcome from those who would 'play god' and experiment with humanity using them as slaves. Find your truth and become that which you TRULY are, ONE in Spirit with the One True Creator, God and Supreme Source of ALL! 

This story does have a magnificent ending with the Happy Ever After we all want. It is INDEED promised. Just be willing to step out of the beliefs you've been 'told' since childhood - especially religious dogma - and suspend all your beliefs as-well-as your disbeliefs! 

The man-made religions have been so twisted to served the dark agenda. It's true!

You are old enough and wise enough to step into your true essence, which is SPIRIT... who is just waiting on your first (serious) attempt to truly connect within... MEDITATE on your true nature and you will find your true inner connections... and never doubt again!

EXPERIENCE Gods true love from within... NOT outside your body - it's never been there. That's why a lot of people say they're 'not sure if they're connected...' They've been looking in the wrong places, that's all. 

MEDITATE to quiet your mind. Count if necessary, but quiet your mind and tame it by consciously breathing and learning how to deeply listen within.

You WILL find it! 

If you need assistance in your Soul Journey, please visit Ascension Maps.
It's part of my contributions towards Gifts For Humanity and quite a learning experience that's completely free online. If you receive something from it and you want to make a donation or pay it forward, all details are over at Ascension Maps.

Love, Light, and Blessings from our Creator for ALL!
CELEBRATE! We have arrived! 

Lynda Light

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Living In ALL Worlds NOW... Accessing Your Soul-U-Lar Memories and Skills. Personal Responsibility Without Judgement

    You may not want to hear or read this... but our new world isn't just for the goodie-two-shoes or some 'fluff and stuff' propaganda meant to distract you from the 'real' world... But I ask you this: What is the Real World? What is your definition; and does that make you more right than anyone else?... 

Keep Reading...

    The first day of the 11/1 portal gateway day is one that has been celebrated as a new year across many cultures. I will leave you to do your own research about whatever calls to you such as Samhain or Sauin, which is 'a Gaelic festival on 1 November marking the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter or "darker half" of the year. It is also the Irish language name for November.'  (pronounced SAH WIN). Wikipedia.

It's also a celebration of when the veils between the Worlds are thinnest... a time of birth and death. Pay close attention to your dreams now...

    There are many such celebrations of a new year beginning today and no coincidence with humanities synchronicities in general, we just started a new Tzolkin Galactic spin of 260 days, 12 days ago (we're still in the first of 20, 13-days wavespells in case you're wanting to follow along this time;) 

    The Numerology and direct significance is what I'm here to talk about because this portal is the most important right now, for new energies accessible for the many on these days forward and upward.

How? Personal Responsibility.... (Still here? ... Keep going...)

    You will and probably are, seeing both sides of literally everything heightening

This is when it's important to stay in balance because you truly ARE 'all of that'. You're in charge of all your thoughts, behaviors, decisions, actions, speech, harmonics and transmissions of energies, etc... ALL OF IT! 

It's time to become that.

    Time to become the Master within... your Soul living in your body, your own special Divinity, etc. This is time for the Masters to step forward in their own expressions of Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony... doing what you love to do and just be-ing that, at all times. Being in control of yourself also implies that you get to choose how and when to engage, or not...  especially your emotional and mental bodies. 

This next part may very well bake your noodle so here it is anyway: 

     You are in charge of how you feel; you get to choose the 'channel' and whether or not to engage. Ever hear the phrase, 'Choose your battles wisely'?  Eventually, we learn how to end the battle of Armageddon within us... and lay down all weapons choosing peace. Your time will be your time and nobody else gets to say when that is for you - that's a matter between you and Creator.  

     Same principle applies after you've (successfully) located your personal remote controller. Some people have never been told (or programmed) that they are in charge and they get to choose how (and when) to master their emotions. Rather, we are programmed to be (and stay) a victim of circumstances frequently repeating things ad nauseum that reinforce the victim mentality, such as, "I can't control how I feel" or "It's not my fault I feel this way..."  

   When you're doing something you'd rather not be doing, such as: cleaning toilets, taking out the trash or other chores like keeping your space clean of garbage... sing a song in your head and see your energy body, your light body, dancing and enjoying the song you're playing in your head. Take that trash out LIKE A BOSS knowing you'll feel like you accomplished something and thereby, feeling a certain better way, then if you don't do the chore well. 

Only you own your personal actions and nobody else. You get to choose how you feel when you do anything and everything. 

    See all the parasites in your life leaving in that trash bag and dissolving in an alchemical process that you created with your personal power (perhaps maybe instead of an anger or whatever rage or betrayal or whatever nasty thing you may be feeling....). 

     Your creations can include not only healings, gratitude and such but can also be blessings via your transmissions created by you. You have that power within. You ARE THE BALANCE of all you feel. 

Have you forgotten> Have you forgotten?

More to come. Perhaps on YouTube or Rumble, we shall see

    Spirit is one with me all the time. New adventures, culminations and expressions of the divine light within me, whatever I do, it is done with care, reverence, integrity and focus of my personal energy which is priceless.

    I can be in 3d with you while working in multidimensional states. Those who do not yet recognize this type of 'work' are spiritual children... some even, babies! I never justify my beliefs anymore, for anyones' lack of self wisdom or even knowledge. I speak this truth with love.  

See not with your eyes and you shall truly see. 

    My journey back to wholeness recently lead me to integrate more memories from significant artistic lifetimes. The memories about the lifetimes and the 3D labels of status are not as important as the remembrance of skills perhaps not yet acquired in this life. 

Does anyone really need to waste time re-learning something they already know? 

I ask you, "If you already know how to 'do' something; then why would you spend more time and energy that could be used for more important things (right now) re-learning? Why not just access those memories? 

    And how do you 'know' if you already know something such as, from a different lifetime? And how do you access specific Soul skills?

Great Question: I tell you to just try something you are called to try. You will know. You will be watching videos of whatever art expressions you Soul wants to experience... either for the first time or perhaps, something you've already done and you Soul wants you to dust yourself off and remember.

    You won't know until you try and you can't use the excuse that you trade your 'time for money' (working a 'job') and therefore, don't 'have time'... that excuse doesn't apply anymore and is no longer a valid argument for reasons why anyone isn't taking personal responsibility. Time IS Art! 

People ALWAYS make time for the things they want to do. PERIOD. Ask yourself, do you watch TV everyday? You have time. 

    I make myself available to assist my mother whenever she needs me. I am her caretaker. I am lucky to be able to spend good time with her and have enough free or spare time to explore my Soul's desires. Such as art in it's various forms. Everyone who has a soul has an inner artist: I don't care what you say, it's true. 

A job is only one way to work. Your time in exchange for money. 

Let me say this: The Artist isn't here to fit into the definition of what a 'job' is... they are here for a 'job' that's a Mission. When you begin to innerstand that then you are in alignment with your own personal Soul, your Divinity within. Then you will stop judging others for their choices for experiences. 

    If someone chooses to be in an experience that creates harm to their inner self that is not only their choice, but it is also their 'job' to learn how to empower themselves (through the experience) to then remove themselves from such harm.

Everyone is capable of making a choice. 

    Sometimes that choice is asking for help. Sometimes that choice is leaving someone you love who's hurting you. Sometimes that choice is telling your boss to stick it! Sometimes that choice is feeling the disappointments all around you because people in your life just don't get it and live by way of a Spirit-led life. 

Once you're comfortable with letting Spirit lead your life completely, you never doubt again. You. Just. Don't. You are all of THAT... and a bag of chips ;) 

I Love you ALL. Follow my Instagram: @TeachPeaceDesigns to see my latest woodworking Soul remembrances and skills. I'm working on what one supporter dubbed: My Masterpiece and she's right! 

Here's a pic of the progress so far and check out my Insta (link above) for more details. 

I Am Lynda Light