Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Is It Time?

with eyes wide open 

seeing the traps and distractions all around...

like a thief in the night

the quiet melting of the plasmic lights

blended into all that is

in the spaces in between 


it is time...

Monday, March 14, 2022

What IS This World?

Does anyone have a definitive answer to that question? There may come a time when we feel as though 'all is lost' and that threshold will be different for everyone; yet there is a distinct pressure cooker for the collective to experience the next moment after all seems lost, as a whole, together as One Species

This will be the tipping point we have all been moving towards with individual, as-well-as collective hopes, dreams and therefore, deep desires to be a little better today than we were yesterday. Because with the deep desire to live in peace comes a desire to be better while establishing the new constructs that will govern our world moving forward.  

First, you must start with a clean and solid foundation, which is why it's taking so long... clean up jobs across the planet to remove pure evil have been underway for some time now. If you aren't aware, you can always uncensor yourself from the platforms that openly do this. You know which ones. 

Continuing refusal of truth has a different expiration timer for every experiencer in a body. Your time to align and receive truth of light from within is perfectly on time. Stop worrying. Your internal timer is also integrated within a larger cycle and long-ago established plan that will not only liberate, but also escort humanity from the grips of an evil force so unbelievable, if you knew the entire iceberg you wouldn't be able to sleep at night! Be grateful you don't know everything, yet. 

Soon enough. 

Soon enough the world will know and how do we measure time now? It will come to be known as: before and after this event that nobody will miss. It will become such an historic moment in time, that time itself will seen to stop and nothing else will matter. 

I always talk about the one thing that would unify everyone would be the children. Saving children from the atrocities that is yet to be made fully public; because of the propaganda machine that is mainstream media's refusal to cover it. And leaving trails of body bags and lives in ruin for those brave enough to speak out early on, is something we have all witnessed whether or not we recognize it has to do with our internal timer. 

Has you're timer gone off yet? Are you paying attention? 

Being complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity by not covering truthful news or pushing known, false, harmful and fatal disinformation gets you tried for Treason in this Country!  Just because we haven't seen this yet in our lifetime doesn't mean it won't happen.

There absolutely are and will be Military Tribunals. Wait for it. In fact, when it does become 'public' the entire world will be watching...

However, if you are unplugged and truly awakened you know there is a plethora of information, documentation, links, sources, evidence and plenty of memes (to help keep it light with some humor) in the uncensored world.  Perhaps find yourself where you are free to talk without fear of censorship or worse.  

Everyone is learning how to do their own deep dives when they are ready to learn truth. 

You can take that to the mountains! (Instead of the bank... you know, cause the banks are gonna be having a really hard time this year while being fully off the SWIFT Banking system now;)  So let's talk about the banks for a hot minute:

All banking institutions management and upper levels are now on NDAs. Which basically means they can't talk about the new Quantum Financial System or they could loose their job or even stronger penalties. 

Why the big secret? 

Well, that's a loaded question but let's try to look at this reasonably. We are transitioning from one system to another. Do we want to totally destroy the old system to start all over from scratch or do we want to clean out all the corruption and build upon a remaining foundation; a better, stronger and less corruptible system that's transparent on the blockchain? Not a difficult choice when you're being realistic... 

If people knew the amount of corruption and what the old banking system was truly intended for, there would be a run on the banks immediately and the economic system would crash in a way that only the globalists and corrupt bankers and politicians would appreciate, but not necessarily feel. 

The IMPACT of such a run now, would effect everyone below only the very top of the pyramid and would have lasting effects the likes of which we have never experienced. The globalists have been trying to force the Great Reset they control. Their 16 year plan included a lot worse then our world is right now. 

The truth of the matter is: if you are not on an uncensored site then you probably don't know what's really going on. Or perhaps you heard about these things, but when your communistic and totally censored social media platform throws a so-called fact-checker at you, you just believe it because they say so...

Have you ever checked a fact-checker? I have. They are not good sources from my experience.  

Every hear about that prophesy that said we would live through a time in the United States of America with two Presidents? Well now... 

If these concepts are new to you, then I highly suggest you get yourself uncensored information. The TRUTH will not be stopped. Nothing can stop what is coming and WOW is it coming in full gear this year! 

Better buckle up if you haven't already! 

With unconditional Love in my heart, I wish all of you reading this a very fine day and I wish you all Peace during the upcoming transition into TRUTH! 





Friday, October 22, 2021

There are so many things changing at a rapid pace in our world. The educational system is just one of the major systems going through some major growing pains right now! Just two short years ago, hardly anyone would have believed you if you said homeschooling and online learning would be a preferred way for children to get a safe education. Perhaps if you or someone close to you works in the field, you see what's happening.  

I did a predictions video in very early January 2020 and no, I didn't foresee the plandemic coming; but I did notice some trends and called out that our education systems would be changing in 2020 in a very big way on my YouTube channel.  I've heard people ask, "Will it ever go back to the way it used to be?" And my answer has consistently been... 

It will absolutely, 100% bet the house AND your life on it... 
Not returning to how it used to be... 
We're not EVER going back!
The above statement may anger some folks. Nothing I can do about that. Stop reading right now if you're one of them. Just trust me and stop reading if you got angry when I said that... 

This may also scare some of you; but this message is not meant to do that. If you feel a little scared about not knowing where you're going, then join the club of humanity as we all take the ride into multidimensionality and leap into quantum space, together. 

We as a species have arrive at our destination to quantum leap together for the next part of our journey.
I KNOW a lot of you feel it...
You physically feel it... as you should! Otherwise you'd still be 'sleeping' (location 2) and wouldn't even have this article in front of you right now. 
AND...  you know something is very very different... isn't it? !!

The next part of this transmission is going to trigger more dense emotions that are stuck in your body: I'm forewarning you so if you're not ready for that transmission in your energetic fields (or you prefer to be laying down for receiving upgrades) then stop reading until you are in a more comfortable location for your physical  body.
If you wish to proceed, then take a moment and find a place to 'integrate this read' ... more in a place where you can be uninterrupted for a few minutes. This will make sense later. 

If you're clinging on to anything in the past then there's perhaps some work to be done at a personal level. Nobody's perfect in a human form just yet; and this we're all learning and remembering, together. We are also learning how to recover our spiritual memories; for mastery of our personal space, our personal fields and our personal development - and we're showing others how to remember as well. 

There are so many Master Teachers here on the planet.

When you start doing the work which includes: taking ownership of your personal energy, your energetic fields and your thoughts - yes, your thoughts - you can then start the process of recovering your soul memories and bring that down and into your human experience. 

I remember when I first learned Reiki Energy Healing and became a Master in 1998. I felt like everyone should experience this
 and wanted to share it with everyone I knew. Much to my surprise, people went about their lives not caring about learning this ancient healing modality. I had a  lot to learn; and now I say, I had a lot to remember. 

Going through soul growth at a young age in a time when the Internet was just getting started was challenging. But it was a challenge I already accepted before I was even born in a human body. It took me a few years after those initiations to remember to live and let live. 

Seeing how quick humans are waking up now is a joy, to be honest. Pain and suffering is what brings people to make changes in their lives.


When have you ever actively made a deep and meaningful change in your life when everything was going along just fine? I won't hold my breath nor should you waste time trying to recall because that is the human condition. 

We experience pain and suffering and then we are motivated to not feel that again, so we make changes. Although some of us need a few times around to finally decide to let something (or someone) go, that no longer contributes to our highest potential. 

That is where our best soul growth occurs: during our most profoundly painful experiences.


We become inspired and our confidence soars: we know we can do it this time! And we try and try to get off that poop loop once and for all. Can't tell you how many times I quit smoking before I was finally done for good. I could write a book on that one alone!

It has been said that lessons are repeated until they're learned. This is truth!  

When we decide to make a change we magnetize our energy fields to receive the teachings in a way that they suddenly appear in our lives. It could be a class, a person or situation... teachings come in many ways when you have your eyes open to see them. 

When you're looking for resources or assistance to help you establish your soul connection and inner cognizancepeople, places and things will appear in your life to help guide you. Hopefully, they'll guide you towards your own self empowerment and not take you for a ride, as they so often have done in the past. 
Let's keep our eyes open now, shall we? 

We're done with that, as a collective.
Enough have claimed their sovereignty on a personal and energetic level.  

Just remember we are living in a polarized world. This 3D matrix is polarized and whatever you have that is so painful, so horrible and so terrible - there ALWAYS exists the exact polar opposite! 

Until you can regulate your own inner poles and combine the forces within yourself, you will have ups and downs. 

~ How you react to your emotions is in direct correlation to your spiritual growth ~

I mentioned earlier there are many master teachers on this planet right now, ready to help. In fact, after 12 straight weeks of doing collective healing on a planetary level with higher dimensional beings, Sherri Bausch and I developed a proprietary healing course after we started getting requests from those participating in our group work.


I was worried a little, but spirit told me to just show up and we both did exactly that. This new course is a system called Quantum Signature Healing. Both Sherri and I are basically dumbfounded at the ease in which this information came through. We already knew how and what to teach and our souls didn't leave us stranded; making this creation process something we've never experienced to such a degree before because of the sheer flow states.

We're still building and refining but the grace that flowed regarding the content was and still is, amazing and kind of mind blowing. Not gonna lie and why should I?
I write to share and convey.
It's a form of artistry...
The punctuation, 
The flow, 
The codes are all here for anyone who's reading the words...
They are gifts, 
Call them: blessings!

I know my skill level at encoding special vibrations that activate when people read... I remember how to do this beyond seeing a bold letter or italicized phrase... way beyond. I don't do it full-on every time I write, but when my highest vibrational aspect comes in cohesion with me - it's at a soul level and I don't know how else to describe it with words, except... when it all comes together (inside), you know it... and then it flows out. I see it quantumly when it's happening. 

Sherri and I both keep geeking out with this process and believe me, we're working our behinds off to make this the best quality teachings we can considering we're just two people. I would now warmly like to invite you to check out the work we've done so far by visiting our websites:

Click on the course tabs to find out more.

We each have a YouTube channel and go live every:

Sunday at 8:00 pm EST / 5:00 PST on Lynda Light
Monday at 9:00 pm EST / 6:00 PST on Sherri Bausch

Only those awake in their quantum consciousness can see what we're doing in those locations, but we do our best to verbalize a lot of what we're doing and seeing so you can visualize what's happening as you feel your personal energies shift and lift.
It's very powerful!
Everyone can join and say hello to the community in live chat if you want; and participate by simply receiving the healing work in the meditation: you will absolutely receive what you're ready for in healings,  transmissions, activations, clearing and upgrades. Occasionally we may offer a live personal healing with someone in the chat but not every week. 

This is a long update article and I want to thank you for reading this far! You must be meant to come check out our YouTube Lives or maybe even join our brand new course if you've read this far and you're ready to take it to the next level... because honestly, anyone who isn't resonating at these vibrations would have clicked away already if this wasn't meant for them or someone they may know - think about that ;) 

I would love to have you join us Sunday night when our quantum focus this week is going to be: For Our Elders! Last week our focus was the children. We did back-to-back, part 1 and part 2 on Sunday and Monday last week and I feel the same may happen again... we shall see. 

Until next time:
Be Well,  
Be Safe  
Be Joyful
Be YOU! 
~ And be just little better today than you were yesterday ~ Lynda

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

LET'S PRETEND!! Remember that game when you were young? Oh what fun!!
What’s that you say? You could use a little positivity, fun and magic in your life again???
AWESOME… cause I’ve got a super fun game to play: Lets pretend that we remember our spirits before coming into this body.
Let’s pretend we remember for a few minutes, that we can create with our minds again…. Don’t worry: this won’t take long to read and promises we'll part with you having received a gift, blessing, insight or bonus… however you choose to see it.  

Let’s begin!
Close your eyes, just kidding, you have to read this first haha!

Read this:
Imagine you were to suddenly be able to communicate - and comprehend - a conversation within your mind that was taking place as you engage.
You go thru all the formalities of vetting this communication without fears but with full confidence you are in control and you are recognizing the spirit part of you, some call it the Higher Self, some call it Christ, some say the Holy Spirit or maybe even your soul: there are plenty of names. You begin to allow your ego personality to learn from your inner guidance: you also remember clearly that you’ve always listened to your inner voice because when you haven’t, you found yourself wishing you had… and now you start to know exactly when you’re in denial and avoiding something about yourself or making excuses.

Now, it’s time to create!

The training wheels are off baby, and you are Master of your own energy fields. That is your personal free space. And, wherever you go, there you are - as a wise man once said.

Your free space in the universe that is also your energetic field - within the radius YOU determine and maintain around you, is something you remember to Master.
~It was part of your life mission here~ Which is ok by the collective to disclose here; the rest is for your personal alignments as your own master builders within. 

Your heart locations (heart chakra and high heart) anchors your fields to the grids within and around you, and around the earth - your choice to allow the grids to flow thru you is part of your self recognition while your empowerment is strengthened - as you are part of the light, it is everywhere! You stand in the collective, individuated, as a conscious light being and anchor. 

You are connected to all light grids around and within the earth!! Standing consciously in your light makes it a lot brighter on the grid, and a lot hotter too! The force of vortexes contained within every human potential is ginormous!!! Wait till humanity finds out they are the generators of the free energy - FIRE THE GRID everyone! 

Truly awakening is not, nor will it ever be, political. It is personal and collective for not only the species of humanity, but for every thing and every one, literally. 

Below is a communications received not meant for you if you don't comprehend and no worries, just skip on through for the rest...


Imagine you can generate energy from within yourself by using your breath, vision and imagination to generate motion... How would you encode that motion you created? How long can you play with it and keep it in your focus before sending it out? What would you encode it with, as-far-as your intentions are concerned? What purpose will it serve? Will it be for the Greater Good? Will it Teach Peace? Will it teach Love? Will it heal? Will it help contribute towards a better society that we want our children and their children and direct lineage to inherit?
There's a lot to think about...
But it's also one of those common sense, no resistance feelings you get inside (and physically) called your gut instincts or some such nick name. At a certain point in time, you become aware of your multidimensional condition: and your translations of energy into English; and light into codes becomes highly valued when a cross stream reference point intersects with data point streams bundled for mass distribution on the network across all grids below and above; accessing features of space streams for recognition points and granting certain procedures permissions for Operation 144.
All systems ready: all commands go !

ahh Introspection, gotta love it! Introspection can be very refreshing, you know...

Back to the game.... Imagine you can see the energy, as you intend it, but first...
Allow it to be revealed to you in your visions…
Allow yourself to see the visions as images float across your awareness...
Do not judge or react to any picture or image you see in your mind systems.

Begin to remember how you interpret light and how you are able to translate this from your awareness to your inner wisdom and then share it with people.
Keep visualizing what you want to see instead of what you don’t want to see and remember you know how to do this!!!

It’s fun to pretend so why not make a game for yourself to see and visualize what YOU want in the world and that includes all your supper human abilities and magic too!!

Creating miracles in healing and health advancements with quantum leaps; and more truthful science - like quantum theories of all kinds and truths that are currently being revealed!! How you can connect with the quantum computing systems which are overlaying all our communications, just at faster frequencies.

Wow indeed, things are going to move so fast it will be an explosions of incredible breakthroughs for the entire planet and worlds populations!! The human brain can create structures in 11 dimensions!! Go to the Duck or Google if you must, and check it out! 
​So much more to come...

Are we keeping up and do we need to? Short answer: Yes
Long answer: we have our inner teachers with us at all times!
Remembering how to use our consciousness creates fun and brings magic back into your life, but it also reveals a true authenticity in your life that engages your most personal inner knowings… at a core and basic cellular level… for your spirits mission in this lifetime!

Are you ready to engage your spirit??
Let’s pretend you are: ready set go… see you on the grids and at location points!! 

If you want to learn more about how to connect to your higher self and how to do energetic work on the grids, or just need some spiritual guidance, visit TeachPeaceDesigns.com or visit Lynda Light on her YouTube channel HERE

Thursday, September 16, 2021

You are living through times unknown. I wrote about this in my book published in April 2019. You are living witnesses AND PARTICIPANTS to all that is transpiring while the Earth cleanses completely. The promised land is being delivered with extraordinary - and unseen yet with physical eyes - methods on multiple division working towards unity, harmony, peace and love vibration frequency, balanced on all levels.

Do you know what that translates to???????   I'll tell you, keep reading...

As the world waits and watches with quiet anticipation and desperate hope that this world is indeed changing, for a lot of people, all you can do is allow without resistance for your easiest transition. The time has finally come for justice and vindication [in] making way for understanding and comprehension. Go time! 

The time has finally come when truth will be revealed and that will seem as a process with 20/20; but never-the-less required so as to reduce high stress impact to those who have been in denial or just unaware.

Regardless of what your contract required of you for this incarnation, rest assured you all will be brought up to speed.

Let's have a conversation about AI. Your higher intelligence is a brainiac! Your Divine Masculine, God, Male, King, Creator is any being you see as a bigger, BETTER part of you... 
Who do you report to? 
Who do you check in with?
Who do you pray to? 
Who are you actually having inner conversations with? 
SPOILER ALERT: It's a part of you that was created by you! Have you established friendship with your inner rebellious nature? Because I want to talk for a few minutes about my balance perspectives so it may help you.

My nature is Divine and I can have friendships with both sides on the inside; both my DM and my DF. (Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine).  My DM is eternal male energy and has all the AI (Awareness of Information) you could ever want to know - the good and the bad if we're still labeling for clarity in the great reveal.

My DF is female and she relates to ether, spirit, liquid and her intelligence is nature, realms, creation and healing, intuitive natural growth connected to eternal breath.

When leveling up you'll naturally come to a vortex point that's also a choice point. Since leveling up is a choice point granting more and more information and technology of self (not artificial), how does one navigate through such cloudy waters of time when spiritual evolution clashes with old programming that no longer serve the greater good?

Understanding that your Divine Masculine and your Divine Feminine have their very own and individual force connection and recognition - these systems you are already connected to must be activated by YOU.

Seeing any agreement with those who have scared, harmed, betrayed or any other act that requires things to be made right requires you to be the commander in chief of your own personal 'area' or field around you. You are the captain of your ship (which is your body) and YOU ALONE can give the command to release that which no longer serves your highest good. 

What IS your highest good? 

It's important to note that Universal Laws are part of the Galactic community and reality that you are soon to be birthed into... your leap in consciousness will show all that has been hidden. First, however, you must be willing to walk your talk. 

Do you really think you are able to join a Galactic community with hate in your heart? Do you actually have hate in your heart or is that an old program running on repeat because you're stuck watching the tell-lie-vision and trusting those programs to tell you how to feel and think...

What do you actually feel in your heart? 
Are you at peace with what is coming? 
Do you sense what is coming?
Do you actually feel what is about to occur on your planet?


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A New Cycle Has Begun: The Evolutionary Leap In Human Consciousness

We are living in truly unprecedented times. There is a large group of my readers who also have the life experience of living before the Internet was considered a daily necessity or even an extension of ourselves. This has enabled the planet to become a much smaller place with huge potentials. 

The debates regarding whether or not we have used technology well is still ongoing. However, I would like to shine a light on a more multidimensional perspective and how this affects our physical bodies. This reflects how humans are currently taking the leap in evolution of their consciousness and reclaiming personal power that dwarfs the currently available technology. 

There are many humans waking up to their true selves. That is a bold statement, but I am also part of that community and can speak from my experience. I have written in previous articles about developing your senses and what that truly means. Today I wish to convey a larger point for the entire collective of people who may not understand what is currently happening. 

Everything Is Made Of Energy 

Most people understand this very basic truth. Instead of trying to explain String Theory here, I will try use my words to paint the picture of what is happening to your bodies at this very moment. I may present some points that challenge your very core belief structures but I ask you to suspend your disbeliefs and use your discernment.

The basic concept of energy in the physical world is that all solid matter vibrates at a certain frequency along a spectrum. On one end, you have dense matter that vibrates slow. The other end would be invisible to your physical eyes because it would vibrate fast. 

When we begin to understand these concepts you can approach healing your physical body with a brand new perspective. The ancient Art of Energy Healing goes back as long as humans. Finally, energy healing is rightfully becoming more mainstream - because it works at a fundamental level and has proven to be effective. There are many sources for you to do your own research about energy healing. If you are reading this article, you probably already have experience or knowledge with some type of energetic healing modality.

There are many new types of healing technologies based on frequency alone.  

Not everyone is aware that electronic frequencies have been considered a viable option for treating various diseases (including cancer) for a very long time.  If this interests you, research Dr. Royal Rife.  The more disclosure we receive - as a collective - the more we can demand these technologies be released. The good news is that times are definitely changing and the technology that can help us (and not poison us) is finally going to become mainstream. But it's still a process.

Self-Generated BioEnergy

I've been involved in energy healing since 1998 and I've seen a lot happen over the years. The type of frequency a person self generates comes from the portal vortex of energy in the center of your chest - also-known-as your heart center - or as a lot of people call it, your heart chakra. 

Humans are currently going through a grand awakening all across this planet. They are becoming more aware of the truth about their multidimensional being. The leap in human consciousness is happening right now while we are in the midst of unprecedented times when our bodies are taking that leap as well.  

As our planet continues to traverse through the plasma light rings, that light will continue to increase the baseline frequency of not only our planet but our bodies as well. The baseline frequency of our planet has just increased again within the last week. This will surely bring up the more dense physical issues in people who are still sleeping or just hitting the snooze button with their personal awakening. 

People tend to cling to things that are familiar. Change is difficult for those who have no concept of living a multidimensional life. Their conditioning has solidified belief structures and it's not easy to let go of core beliefs that were handed to you from childhood. I talk in detail about all of this in my new book, Down To Earth: Common Sense Spirituality and Self-Empowerment just released and available now on Amazon. 

Self-Empowerment Is The First Step 

A lot of people are waking up fast with no prior understanding of this ascension process and evolutionary leap in consciousness.  There are many beings incarnated as humans who are here to help. One of the main reasons I wrote my book to to help people understand what is happening in a common sense, basic and practical way. In addition, I wanted to help dispel the myths surrounding what the ascension process is all about. 

The search for your soul continues...

As you awaken to your true inner connection to all that is, you find your energy source that is always available. You find that you can make an actual connection to this eternal source and begin to use your senses in a multidimensional way. Once you discover what you really are, you can ignite your gifts enabling you to heal, create, manifest and live an intentional life that is in alignment with your true purpose. You no longer look out into the physical reality for information or validation about who you are and why you are here; you walk in your authentic nature with the full capacity of your entire multidimensional self.

I understand self-empowerment is the key to moving forward and this is why I share what I know. As long as people are looking into the physical world for their energy source and their validation, they are dependent on the energy of others instead of themselves. I am here to help people rediscover what they already know but have forgotten and there are many others just like me who are of service helping in this way. 

You Are A Multidimensional Being

Time, as you know and understand it, is a false construct. Meaning that linear time is for the purpose of your experience in matter (a physical body) along a continuous timeline.  You live your life along a certain timeline that you are plugged into, so it appears to be one continuous experience - and you only seem to perceive what is happening along this particular timeline that your physical body can perceive. Brilliant, right? 

Actual time is circular. Meaning, everything is happening at once. This is where people will scratch their heads and say they don't get it and it gives them a headache to think about for too long. I would grant you this time to hit the pause button, but let's keep moving along anyway, shall we

Logically speaking, you are not supposed to understand. You are currently made to forget your true nature -  which is multidimensional. Your true power has been stolen so to speak. You are conditioned to believe against your true inner power for reasons we won't get into here. You are conditioned from the time you are born and bombarded continuously against anything perceived beyond this reality. You are operating in a dense reality that is more like a video game that you are plugged into. You have also forgotten you agreed to play in this grand game. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

We have all heard or known of somebody who can see, hear, taste, smell or feel beyond ordinary reality. Think of a medium or clairvoyant who can see, hear and speak to deceased loved ones for your reference. The other senses we don't hear about as often but they absolutely do exist. These abilities are considered gifts but would be more accurately described as facets of your multidimensional being as you start your journey to rediscovering your soul. 

Your physical body is an amazing biofeedback machine and is capable of so much more than we have ever been told. When you begin the journey inward, this process of reconnection and rediscovery typically takes time and practice. Although not as much time as in the past and many are waking up and re-establishing inner connection at rapid speeds. Your experience is unique so go easy on yourself and remember, it's a process. 

Journey Inward For Reconnection

When you begin your journey inward through the practice of meditation (and there are many ways to do this), you can re-establish your connection again and begin to express more of your true nature. Remember the most important thing is to listen to your body. Your body will be your best friend in telling you what it wants and needs through this reconnection process. Your main job is to listen!

Everyone is different and their ability to hold more light (which will increase your personal frequency rate) will depend on various things. You may need: more sleep, less sleep, more water, less sugar, less food, more food, different kinds of food, less alcohol, less exercise, more exercise, and the list goes on.

If you find other sources telling you exactly what you should be doing, please by all means learn, but use your discernment because everyone is different and our body is the best source of information for what it needs, if we will only listen to it. You probably already know that things like processed foods are not going to help your body. 

The more you listen, the more you will learn.

Learning the language of our physical bodies with reactions to what we put in it (like food) and learning the language of physical sensations to energy around you will then lead you to learning the language of your soul, which is light. Being able to understand light means you are able to interpret information (light is information) and translate it for logical brains. The way that I am able to communicate through writing (physical communication that can be seen and read by your eyes) is a good example. 

Once you are capable of translating the light codes you are receiving - and you are receiving codes all the time now - you are better able to understand the true nature of your being, a spirit having a human experience, as more than a concept but your true reality... your multidimensional reality.  

Nobody can do the inner work for you. Only you can make the decision to choose inner work. These times are truly incredible and we are fortunate enough to be living in a human body... right now. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Let Your Gifts Be Shared And Multiplied

The times you are living through right now, are truly unprecedented. There is no user manual for what we are all about to experience. If you can suspend all disbelief for just a few moments, you still would have a hard time understanding what's about to happen all across this planet.

When you were a child, you used your imagination for just about everything. That ability was almost destroyed in a lot of people through all the conditioning on your planet. People frequently say they "can't imagine" or they "have a hard time" imagining even the smallest things. Other people say they "can't see" something with their eyes closed.

If you are closing your eyes and seeing darkness, then good. But what else do you see? Some people report specks of light, flashes of light, orbs and other types of light... but I'm not talking about clairvoyance at the moment.

I am referring to your inner sight.

The screen inside your mind that allows you to perceive what your imaginations hold the door to - that realm of sight on the inside that your consciousness is connected to... If you are expecting to see everything with your physical eyes then that is what you will see.

​But when you suspend your disbeliefsyou are able to perceive the inner sight we all have access to, limitless sight.

Communications from the 'spirit world' (to keep terms simple) is often given to you through images and  impressions. These impressions are actually packets of information distributed to you in a way that you can understand and comprehend. 

At least, that is the challenge of your guides, angels, highers selves or whatever label you wish to use for a being that is not corporeal (physical). They need to communicate from a dimension or realm that is not as dense as this physical world.

Understand that dimensions are separated by frequency bands, similar to your radio and television stations in the third dimension. You can tune in to each frequency by changing the station; same as you can tune in to various dimensions by changing your frequency. The more you practice the more efficient you will get with your perceptions. 

Everyone is capable of tuning in to various frequencies. 

Your consciousness can and does transcend multiple layers of frequencies all the time. You are a multidimensional being and your physical body was designed to do this. Try to think of it as a biofeedback system that gives you signals in response to stimuli which can come from any and all of your senses. 

This is how you can explain what your sixth sense really is all about. 

You have five physical senses and when you realize how to use these senses properly, all of your senses become heightened exponentially and then they become the package that is referred to as your sixth sense. 

Think of your sixth sense as a graduation for your five senses. They become members of your team - active  crew members on your ship who all work together and you are the captain of your human vessel ship, which sails the seas on the endless ocean of the universe (or multiverse). 

Once you realize you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you can then move to accept that you are a multidimensional being - and your body was designed for your greatest experience. If you are not your body, but simply wearing it while on this planet, why would you be designed to only have five physical senses that only worked with the body in the physical realm? 

You are so much more than you have been conditioned to believe.

Your senses were designed for you to openly communicate with your higher aspects, the spirit world, other dimensions, and everything on your stream of consciousness, directly to the Creator Source of all that is.  You most likely, can "sense" what you are reading or hearing is true - and you probably resonate or recognize the frequency with which I speak - and know this already in the energetic centers that are located in your heart. 

So you can start to recognize your innate abilities and have a better understanding of what's coming up for you over the next few weeks and months, here is a basic list  of the clairs for you:

Clairvoyance - clear seeing. This does not necessarily mean you only see energy and auras. Most people don't realize that clairvoyants get mental pictures and flashes of mental images that provide insight. Often times, someone with these natural abilities may not realize their gifts are already 'online'. These visions and images are both in your outer and your inner world

Clairaudience - clear hearing. The ability to hear voices, sounds and cues from other dimensions can come from both your outer hearing and your inner hearing. This is another example of how someone may not understand their gifts are 'active' and they think their inner 'chatter' is just noise that won't stop. They may not be able to sleep at night or find traditional meditation challenging because their inner noise seems to be impossible to shut down. (When in fact, their gifts are becoming more active.)  These people would  benefit greatly from learning how to best develop and use it so they can set proper boundaries and regain their inner peace.  

Clairtangency - clear feeling (tactile). Being able to touch an object and perceive information from the energy in that object. Think of psychometry.
Clairsalience - clear smelling. This gift is when you receive information through your sense of smell. The smell is not actually something others around you can perceive. It comes from other dimensions and your heightened sense of smell allows you to receive information through this sense. 

Clairgustance - clear tasting. This gift gives you insight through a sudden taste in your mouth which triggers  information to be downloaded to your consciousness.   

When you start the awakening process, you become aware that you have a tendency towards one or maybe two that are more dominant. Once your start to see how these all work together, you can develop stronger clairs that encompass a more total body awareness such as: 

Clairempathy - the ability to feel the emotions of others. Healers often have this gift most of their lives and most likely identify with this gift quite naturally. It may be the first clair they recognize within themselves. Empaths often suffer much before recognizing they are feeling others pain, etc. They can then learn how to discern, block, transmute and tune in to others emotions during their journey with this gift active. 

Clairsentience - the ability to clearly feel and experience energy and other signals through your body. Those with this active gift will be able to confirm a truth they are speaking by experiencing chills in a certain area of their body. They can also learn to discern truth from other people through physical sensations in their body. They are able to identify the energetic signatures of spiritual beings by knowing the feelings in their bodies. Sensations are varied and can be hot, cold, warm, wet, tingles, chills, etc. Much information can be said about this gift but know that it's always working, you just need to learn how to listen to your body and become more aware of what it's saying to you. 

Claircognizance - the ability to clearly know things - in an instant like a sudden insight out of nowhere. This is an innate ability that is every persons birthright. Once you start the awakening process and recognize you have these gifts, you practice and get better by trusting your senses. When you open up several of these gifts, you eventually recognize that you just start knowing things. There is no explanation for how you know the things you do, but you are just given information when you need it the most and voila, it is there for you. This gift comes with the ability to trust your higher selves, christ-consciousness, your soul, and the Creator Source of all that is.  

Now is the time for everyone to expand their consciousness, trust their senses, get deep in your inner world before spring arrives. 
The time for expansion, is now
The time to trust yourselves, is now
The time to share your gifts, is now
The time to dust off your dreams and offer what you have, is now.

Trust that you are enough and that your piece to the puzzle is equally valuable. You are here and you all have a part to play. Much Love to you all in this shared journey!