Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A New Cycle Has Begun: The Evolutionary Leap In Human Consciousness

We are living in truly unprecedented times. There is a large group of my readers who also have the life experience of living before the Internet was considered a daily necessity or even an extension of ourselves. This has enabled the planet to become a much smaller place with huge potentials. 

The debates regarding whether or not we have used technology well is still ongoing. However, I would like to shine a light on a more multidimensional perspective and how this affects our physical bodies. This reflects how humans are currently taking the leap in evolution of their consciousness and reclaiming personal power that dwarfs the currently available technology. 

There are many humans waking up to their true selves. That is a bold statement, but I am also part of that community and can speak from my experience. I have written in previous articles about developing your senses and what that truly means. Today I wish to convey a larger point for the entire collective of people who may not understand what is currently happening. 

Everything Is Made Of Energy 

Most people understand this very basic truth. Instead of trying to explain String Theory here, I will try use my words to paint the picture of what is happening to your bodies at this very moment. I may present some points that challenge your very core belief structures but I ask you to suspend your disbeliefs and use your discernment.

The basic concept of energy in the physical world is that all solid matter vibrates at a certain frequency along a spectrum. On one end, you have dense matter that vibrates slow. The other end would be invisible to your physical eyes because it would vibrate fast. 

When we begin to understand these concepts you can approach healing your physical body with a brand new perspective. The ancient Art of Energy Healing goes back as long as humans. Finally, energy healing is rightfully becoming more mainstream - because it works at a fundamental level and has proven to be effective. There are many sources for you to do your own research about energy healing. If you are reading this article, you probably already have experience or knowledge with some type of energetic healing modality.

There are many new types of healing technologies based on frequency alone.  

Not everyone is aware that electronic frequencies have been considered a viable option for treating various diseases (including cancer) for a very long time.  If this interests you, research Dr. Royal Rife.  The more disclosure we receive - as a collective - the more we can demand these technologies be released. The good news is that times are definitely changing and the technology that can help us (and not poison us) is finally going to become mainstream. But it's still a process.

Self-Generated BioEnergy

I've been involved in energy healing since 1998 and I've seen a lot happen over the years. The type of frequency a person self generates comes from the portal vortex of energy in the center of your chest - also-known-as your heart center - or as a lot of people call it, your heart chakra. 

Humans are currently going through a grand awakening all across this planet. They are becoming more aware of the truth about their multidimensional being. The leap in human consciousness is happening right now while we are in the midst of unprecedented times when our bodies are taking that leap as well.  

As our planet continues to traverse through the plasma light rings, that light will continue to increase the baseline frequency of not only our planet but our bodies as well. The baseline frequency of our planet has just increased again within the last week. This will surely bring up the more dense physical issues in people who are still sleeping or just hitting the snooze button with their personal awakening. 

People tend to cling to things that are familiar. Change is difficult for those who have no concept of living a multidimensional life. Their conditioning has solidified belief structures and it's not easy to let go of core beliefs that were handed to you from childhood. I talk in detail about all of this in my new book, Down To Earth: Common Sense Spirituality and Self-Empowerment just released and available now on Amazon. 

Self-Empowerment Is The First Step 

A lot of people are waking up fast with no prior understanding of this ascension process and evolutionary leap in consciousness.  There are many beings incarnated as humans who are here to help. One of the main reasons I wrote my book to to help people understand what is happening in a common sense, basic and practical way. In addition, I wanted to help dispel the myths surrounding what the ascension process is all about. 

The search for your soul continues...

As you awaken to your true inner connection to all that is, you find your energy source that is always available. You find that you can make an actual connection to this eternal source and begin to use your senses in a multidimensional way. Once you discover what you really are, you can ignite your gifts enabling you to heal, create, manifest and live an intentional life that is in alignment with your true purpose. You no longer look out into the physical reality for information or validation about who you are and why you are here; you walk in your authentic nature with the full capacity of your entire multidimensional self.

I understand self-empowerment is the key to moving forward and this is why I share what I know. As long as people are looking into the physical world for their energy source and their validation, they are dependent on the energy of others instead of themselves. I am here to help people rediscover what they already know but have forgotten and there are many others just like me who are of service helping in this way. 

You Are A Multidimensional Being

Time, as you know and understand it, is a false construct. Meaning that linear time is for the purpose of your experience in matter (a physical body) along a continuous timeline.  You live your life along a certain timeline that you are plugged into, so it appears to be one continuous experience - and you only seem to perceive what is happening along this particular timeline that your physical body can perceive. Brilliant, right? 

Actual time is circular. Meaning, everything is happening at once. This is where people will scratch their heads and say they don't get it and it gives them a headache to think about for too long. I would grant you this time to hit the pause button, but let's keep moving along anyway, shall we

Logically speaking, you are not supposed to understand. You are currently made to forget your true nature -  which is multidimensional. Your true power has been stolen so to speak. You are conditioned to believe against your true inner power for reasons we won't get into here. You are conditioned from the time you are born and bombarded continuously against anything perceived beyond this reality. You are operating in a dense reality that is more like a video game that you are plugged into. You have also forgotten you agreed to play in this grand game. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

We have all heard or known of somebody who can see, hear, taste, smell or feel beyond ordinary reality. Think of a medium or clairvoyant who can see, hear and speak to deceased loved ones for your reference. The other senses we don't hear about as often but they absolutely do exist. These abilities are considered gifts but would be more accurately described as facets of your multidimensional being as you start your journey to rediscovering your soul. 

Your physical body is an amazing biofeedback machine and is capable of so much more than we have ever been told. When you begin the journey inward, this process of reconnection and rediscovery typically takes time and practice. Although not as much time as in the past and many are waking up and re-establishing inner connection at rapid speeds. Your experience is unique so go easy on yourself and remember, it's a process. 

Journey Inward For Reconnection

When you begin your journey inward through the practice of meditation (and there are many ways to do this), you can re-establish your connection again and begin to express more of your true nature. Remember the most important thing is to listen to your body. Your body will be your best friend in telling you what it wants and needs through this reconnection process. Your main job is to listen!

Everyone is different and their ability to hold more light (which will increase your personal frequency rate) will depend on various things. You may need: more sleep, less sleep, more water, less sugar, less food, more food, different kinds of food, less alcohol, less exercise, more exercise, and the list goes on.

If you find other sources telling you exactly what you should be doing, please by all means learn, but use your discernment because everyone is different and our body is the best source of information for what it needs, if we will only listen to it. You probably already know that things like processed foods are not going to help your body. 

The more you listen, the more you will learn.

Learning the language of our physical bodies with reactions to what we put in it (like food) and learning the language of physical sensations to energy around you will then lead you to learning the language of your soul, which is light. Being able to understand light means you are able to interpret information (light is information) and translate it for logical brains. The way that I am able to communicate through writing (physical communication that can be seen and read by your eyes) is a good example. 

Once you are capable of translating the light codes you are receiving - and you are receiving codes all the time now - you are better able to understand the true nature of your being, a spirit having a human experience, as more than a concept but your true reality... your multidimensional reality.  

Nobody can do the inner work for you. Only you can make the decision to choose inner work. These times are truly incredible and we are fortunate enough to be living in a human body... right now. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Let Your Gifts Be Shared And Multiplied

The times you are living through right now, are truly unprecedented. There is no user manual for what we are all about to experience. If you can suspend all disbelief for just a few moments, you still would have a hard time understanding what's about to happen all across this planet.

When you were a child, you used your imagination for just about everything. That ability was almost destroyed in a lot of people through all the conditioning on your planet. People frequently say they "can't imagine" or they "have a hard time" imagining even the smallest things. Other people say they "can't see" something with their eyes closed.

If you are closing your eyes and seeing darkness, then good. But what else do you see? Some people report specks of light, flashes of light, orbs and other types of light... but I'm not talking about clairvoyance at the moment.

I am referring to your inner sight.

The screen inside your mind that allows you to perceive what your imaginations hold the door to - that realm of sight on the inside that your consciousness is connected to... If you are expecting to see everything with your physical eyes then that is what you will see.

​But when you suspend your disbeliefsyou are able to perceive the inner sight we all have access to, limitless sight.

Communications from the 'spirit world' (to keep terms simple) is often given to you through images and  impressions. These impressions are actually packets of information distributed to you in a way that you can understand and comprehend. 

At least, that is the challenge of your guides, angels, highers selves or whatever label you wish to use for a being that is not corporeal (physical). They need to communicate from a dimension or realm that is not as dense as this physical world.

Understand that dimensions are separated by frequency bands, similar to your radio and television stations in the third dimension. You can tune in to each frequency by changing the station; same as you can tune in to various dimensions by changing your frequency. The more you practice the more efficient you will get with your perceptions. 

Everyone is capable of tuning in to various frequencies. 

Your consciousness can and does transcend multiple layers of frequencies all the time. You are a multidimensional being and your physical body was designed to do this. Try to think of it as a biofeedback system that gives you signals in response to stimuli which can come from any and all of your senses. 

This is how you can explain what your sixth sense really is all about. 

You have five physical senses and when you realize how to use these senses properly, all of your senses become heightened exponentially and then they become the package that is referred to as your sixth sense. 

Think of your sixth sense as a graduation for your five senses. They become members of your team - active  crew members on your ship who all work together and you are the captain of your human vessel ship, which sails the seas on the endless ocean of the universe (or multiverse). 

Once you realize you are a spiritual being having a human experience, you can then move to accept that you are a multidimensional being - and your body was designed for your greatest experience. If you are not your body, but simply wearing it while on this planet, why would you be designed to only have five physical senses that only worked with the body in the physical realm? 

You are so much more than you have been conditioned to believe.

Your senses were designed for you to openly communicate with your higher aspects, the spirit world, other dimensions, and everything on your stream of consciousness, directly to the Creator Source of all that is.  You most likely, can "sense" what you are reading or hearing is true - and you probably resonate or recognize the frequency with which I speak - and know this already in the energetic centers that are located in your heart. 

So you can start to recognize your innate abilities and have a better understanding of what's coming up for you over the next few weeks and months, here is a basic list  of the clairs for you:

Clairvoyance - clear seeing. This does not necessarily mean you only see energy and auras. Most people don't realize that clairvoyants get mental pictures and flashes of mental images that provide insight. Often times, someone with these natural abilities may not realize their gifts are already 'online'. These visions and images are both in your outer and your inner world

Clairaudience - clear hearing. The ability to hear voices, sounds and cues from other dimensions can come from both your outer hearing and your inner hearing. This is another example of how someone may not understand their gifts are 'active' and they think their inner 'chatter' is just noise that won't stop. They may not be able to sleep at night or find traditional meditation challenging because their inner noise seems to be impossible to shut down. (When in fact, their gifts are becoming more active.)  These people would  benefit greatly from learning how to best develop and use it so they can set proper boundaries and regain their inner peace.  

Clairtangency - clear feeling (tactile). Being able to touch an object and perceive information from the energy in that object. Think of psychometry.
Clairsalience - clear smelling. This gift is when you receive information through your sense of smell. The smell is not actually something others around you can perceive. It comes from other dimensions and your heightened sense of smell allows you to receive information through this sense. 

Clairgustance - clear tasting. This gift gives you insight through a sudden taste in your mouth which triggers  information to be downloaded to your consciousness.   

When you start the awakening process, you become aware that you have a tendency towards one or maybe two that are more dominant. Once your start to see how these all work together, you can develop stronger clairs that encompass a more total body awareness such as: 

Clairempathy - the ability to feel the emotions of others. Healers often have this gift most of their lives and most likely identify with this gift quite naturally. It may be the first clair they recognize within themselves. Empaths often suffer much before recognizing they are feeling others pain, etc. They can then learn how to discern, block, transmute and tune in to others emotions during their journey with this gift active. 

Clairsentience - the ability to clearly feel and experience energy and other signals through your body. Those with this active gift will be able to confirm a truth they are speaking by experiencing chills in a certain area of their body. They can also learn to discern truth from other people through physical sensations in their body. They are able to identify the energetic signatures of spiritual beings by knowing the feelings in their bodies. Sensations are varied and can be hot, cold, warm, wet, tingles, chills, etc. Much information can be said about this gift but know that it's always working, you just need to learn how to listen to your body and become more aware of what it's saying to you. 

Claircognizance - the ability to clearly know things - in an instant like a sudden insight out of nowhere. This is an innate ability that is every persons birthright. Once you start the awakening process and recognize you have these gifts, you practice and get better by trusting your senses. When you open up several of these gifts, you eventually recognize that you just start knowing things. There is no explanation for how you know the things you do, but you are just given information when you need it the most and voila, it is there for you. This gift comes with the ability to trust your higher selves, christ-consciousness, your soul, and the Creator Source of all that is.  

Now is the time for everyone to expand their consciousness, trust their senses, get deep in your inner world before spring arrives. 
The time for expansion, is now
The time to trust yourselves, is now
The time to share your gifts, is now
The time to dust off your dreams and offer what you have, is now.

Trust that you are enough and that your piece to the puzzle is equally valuable. You are here and you all have a part to play. Much Love to you all in this shared journey! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Cells of the New Reality

You are projecting your realities right now. When you don’t see with your spiritual eyes this can be confusing because you want to believe you are creating; but without actually seeing the multiple dimensions with your physical eyes, how can you possibly be 100% certain? 

This is exactly what will change for everyone very soon. After the event occurs and every being on this planet has opened eyes to see the real world in truth, your certainty will enable you to quickly adjust your gifts, powers of creation and manifestation.
The white-out wave (which is more translucent with sparks of rainbow colors) will wash over absolutely everyone and everything. This will immediately kick start your DNA to activate your heart center portals, from which you will project your new realities
Yes, there will be people creating from a place of fear and this is what is meant when we speak of helping those who need it during the great cleanup. True, the planet will need some assistance but that is the easy part. Healing the waters and the land will be as simple as your desire from love to assist Gaia. You will be creating from a place of love all around you, projected out from your heart centers - which can be thought of as your ‘cell of reality’ forming the new Earth.
Your cell will be your multidimensional reality that is all around you, everywhere you go. Your very own self-generated field projected from your inner portal located in the heart center. You can expand that cell to whatever you’re capable of creating. You will see all of the layers in the truest sense. There is no limit to what you create.
This is what you have been working towards and waiting for. This is when your memories will come flooding into your consciousness, your joyful reunions will happen with your full awareness, and celebrations will be ongoing.
The great cleanup begins after the adjustment period takes place which will include choosing to help those who are in such confusion that they simply cannot control their creations. You will have the power to bring a protective bubble around their creations so they do not harm any innocent ones.
This will all come from a place of love and understanding that everyone has the right to create what they will. However, since you are creating the new Earth together, this must come to pass that such lower vibrations will simply not be allowed to pollute this new Earth reality.
Any creations coming from a lower vibration will not be able to penetrate your field or any field create from love. They simply will not be able to enter the new Earth cells or realities, unless you choose to allow them in your personal field in order to teach or give examples to help heal during the great cleanup. This sadly, may not even be enough to help some unless they truly want healing.
Try to think of a bubble that cannot burst. If someone of a lower frequency comes near you, you may feel your bubble push in from their projection of reality, but they simply can not burst your new cell and enter your field without your conscious decision to help raise them up in vibration.
Although you will all co-exist for an undisclosed time, true bifurcation of realities will happen gradually and not instantly.   
You have experienced all you have ever needed (and more) to know this is what you desire and now choose of your own free will. You have been through enough and your time is here. You are all ready. When the great cleanup begins - after some short adjustments, healings and some playtime - every cell with a new Earth reality projection is calling out to other cells of this same vibration and will attract to each other like magnets. Cells of the new Earth reality will combine to expand.  
You will see everything very clear as you are first playing, celebrating and enjoying this new reality. You will see the field around you and the lightness and beauty of it all. You will see where these other cells (or bubbles) of joy and bliss are located around other people. You will want to come together because your cells will combine and then expand greatly. This is how the new Earth will manifest in your very real, reality.
You will also see where the rate of vibration is lower and although you want to help others during the great cleanup, it will also be very tempting to just keep connecting with other cells that contain the new Earth frequency. You want to shake off all the dense energy once and for all, but you have compassion for those you can still assist. You will find balance when the truth is apparent.  
Understand that nothing can harm you or change your rate of vibration and projection except you. You can wear your field everywhere like armor and accessories. You will be able to encompass others in your field simply by being around them and only if you choose. Those who have a desire to learn and grow will want to be around you and you can place a temporary protective field around them - another type of cell - so they can practice their own powers and use their gifts accordingly without needing to be with you all the time.
Everyone needs to learn for themselves at some point. That field you generate for others will automatically dissipate when they are ready to project their own new Earth cell without fear. This protocol was set in place by you ensuring no being would be energy dependent on another, ever again. You also wanted to be sure nobody was left behind if they show a true desire to learn and grow by making the effort of their own free will after the truth is revealed. You are truly compassionate.
You will see the confusion and fear in what was the old template (or 3D field) still being projected by those who haven’t done the work or were still sleeping and show no desire to do the work. There will be various times you can try to help but ultimately, they will need to make a final decision when all is revealed and actions will speak about all true intentions. Those who refuse to change self-serving interests will never be able to project the new Earth cells around themselves.
After some time of the great cleanup, more and more new Earth cells will be combining until the entire planet is encompassed with this new field. You are actively creating this field now, but you will see it and become an active participant when all is revealed. This is your time of disclosure. This is your time of vindication. This is your time to stand up and be counted. This is why you incarnated and this is the time to celebrate the way you’ve always known you would. This is your victory.
Here are your gentle reminders. Practice your projections now with light and love. Detach from all people, places and things that no longer serve your highest good. Watch your knee-jerk emotional reactions to see what else you need to clear out of your being and out of your personal space. Clean out your space. Listen to your body. Simplify your life now, as much as possible. Focus on only that which brings you joy. You are at the finish line and you will remember everything you once forgot.  
Enjoy the last part of your very long journey in forgetfulness.  Blessings, Peace Love, Light and Joy to you always. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Reconnecting to YourSELF and Turning Knowledge into Wisdom

It has been said that the best way to predict future behavior is to look at the past. Perhaps this is true if you wanted to condemn someone to repeating the same mistakes over and over. But what hope would any of us  have at growing and improving if we are constantly expecting similar outcomes as dictated by our past behavior? ​

I suppose it would be better said that if a person wanted to change their behaviors but they haven't made any obvious changes to support the intended outcome... then yes, the above statement would prove to be true. However, this is not a good model to support you actually becoming the creator or author of your own life.

What if you could both agree and disagree with past behavior as a predicting factor based on your own inner knowings as they grew with wisdom? Would that challenge your beliefs about how destiny is applied to your life ? Do you even believe in destiny or is it a modified, more fluid version based on not really being 100% confident about every aspect it?

For those who haven't knowingly connected with their higher selves yet:

When things don't go your way, especially if you believe in destiny, you often say things happen 'to you'. What you are actually doing is setting up the 'Great Excuse' of blaming others and the outside reality for things that happen in your life. You may not believe in destiny at all and the same would still be true.

What is actually happening is the energy of lack mentality kicks in and rears its ugly and deceptive head. Lack mentality loves excuses. Excuses are just ways to blame anyone and anything outside of yourself and allows you to not take full responsibility for all your actions including everything you attract to yourself to experience in this life.

Being a Sovereign Being means taking full responsibility for everything in your life.

If you say you trust and have faith in a higher power and you let someone else 'take the wheel of your life', then you absolutely haven't learned to take full responsibility for your lives as sovereign beings. That's like saying my dead grandmother - who was a wonderful woman - is to thank or blame when things go right or wrong in my life. You may choose to believe your deceased loved ones are guiding you in spirit, but they certainly do not make daily decisions for you, nor does any other being outside of yourself.

If I thanked or blamed my grandmother (or any other ancestor or being) whom has passed out of the physical vessel, then what I'm doing is setting myself up to hand over my personal power for decision making and free will. As a result, I will always have someone to blame or thank and I can avoid personal responsibility for my actions and decisions. That is not a sovereign being with free will.

So what's the point of free will?

When children are young they need someone to guide them. Thanking or blaming someone for guiding you is ok when you're learning how to navigate this reality. However, at some point you're able to make decisions for yourself about your own life.

There is nothing wrong with people giving advice or assistance when you need and ask for help. Problems occur when you give your personal power away when someone imposes their will or beliefs upon you.  That is typically when you become aware of your own personal power and then hopefully, start to reclaim it.

This is where people have been getting stuck.

The conditioning has been so strong that people have a hard time challenging beliefs that were handed to them as a child. Just because someone told you it was true, must it be so? That never, EVER made anything true - just because someone told you so... because someone told them it was true... That does seem very much like a hidden aspect of the lack mentality we were just talking about, and it has been perpetuated in a very long cycle past down through the generations.  

There is a simple solution for people who are stuck. It may be simple but not necessarily easy.
It is your birthright to use your given rights to:

Think freely by suspending core beliefs imposed upon you from childhood and by society in general.
Due your due diligence by searching out information that supports both sides of any belief system.
Learn from personal experience and by what you have now researched (not just what you heard and were told by anyone).
Suspend disbeliefs of everything you previously thought wasn't or couldn't be true.
And finally, make adjustments to what feels right in your heart center for establishing new beliefs that better fit you now, as an adult (yes, it's your feelings that will guide you to truth).
Always ask yourself, "Does this resonate with me?"
Listen with your heart -  you will know if something feels right or not - if it "resonates" with you or not.

You can start making decisions for yourself based on beliefs from your own personal experiences (not someone else's) and your very own inner knowing. You really do have a personal guidance system inside but it's up to you to activate and use it.

** Remember, it's not what you know, but what you use of what you know that ultimately matters. Full disclosure: I found that last saying in a fortune cookie and I carry it around with me to this day reminding me to use my gifts as often as possible.

Eventually little humans become full-grown humans but their bodies don't always reflect their maturity level. Spiritual maturity comes from experiences that allow for inner growth. Spoiler Alert: You can choose inner growth at any time during your human incarnation.

People often say they are blocked from their true Inner Connection.

When someone says they are blocked from their true inner connection or they can't seem to connect to their higher selves, this so simple to fix. First, let's understand that these blocks are in place by your own  creation. Second, these blocks from your inner self are rooted deep in confusion.

​Where there is doubt there is a default mechanism that kicks in from this confusion. This is important. It's a self-generated program created from the conditioning received as a child. These default blocks actually take over our decision making processes tricking us into thinking a true inner connection isn't real or that we are somehow broken. They are automatically activated when there appears to be a threat to your core belief systems.

In most cases, the habits resulting from the beliefs imprinted upon us as little children block our perceived ability to search for inner truth. A lot of the humans on this planet are taught to trust someone or something outside of ourselves. But how can we ever make that inner connection 'work' again if we're always looking outside of ourselves for validation and truth?

This is how a lot of us got stuck without our true self identities and knowingness of how to get out. Our inner connection was broken. The good news is that we have the personal and collective power to reprogram ourselves and reestablish our inner guidance systems. Let's talk about the game.  

Hide and seek is a fun childhood game.

If you know and understand joy when you bring your inner child out to play, then why not look at life as a big game of hide and seek! The goal is to find yourself - your true higher self - and nobody can do it for you but you can have friends give you hints where to look.

You have been told your heart is the secret hiding place many times, but never quite understood how to get there because you have these old blocks. You started the game but you have given up because the game was rigged and you felt alone in your search for far to long. You knew as a child how to connect but your protective mechanisms took over and you have long since forgotten.  

If you give up, you stop learning the truly important lessons.

Games are fun and learning can be fun too, when you remember it's really just a game. Mind you, a very, VERY long and tiring game who has seen many opponents cheat and play dirty (but that's another story). When you choose to engage with the game again, you can learn from experience and gain knowledge.

Try to see knowledge as points in the game. You get the points when you learn lessons. In this game your points need to be converted so you can level up. You must choose to level up willingly. Nobody can do this for you - that's the big secret and the key to success in this game.

This is how the spiritual maturity process works while in your human incarnation now.

You choose to engage in learning (playing the game of life).
You gain knowledge (points) because lessons are learned and personal experienced is achieved.
You have suspended all core beliefs that were given to you as a child or by someone else.
You are now choosing your own beliefs, congratulations!
You convert your knowledge (points) into wisdom (leveling up) by accepting full responsibility for everything in your life and move forward with this understanding.
You will then be able to find and connect with your higher self(s). Yes, there is more than one but let's just start with reconnecting in your heart center with the first one who is closest in vibration to you.   

This process doesn't mean your life is perfect and lessons won't continue. As long as you are in a human body you can continue your spiritual growth.

The knowledge you gain along your journey is written within the unique blueprint of your heart (literally) and will mature into wisdom when you decide to use it. Eventually little humans become full-grown but their bodies don't necessarily reflect their spiritual maturity level. So let's talk about how we get signs for spiritual development through triggering events.

Triggers are Important Signs

Spiritual maturity starts to develop when you are capable of suspending core beliefs that were forced upon you as a child. You then begin to engage in true self-learning.  Knowledge can also come from navigating events that trigger you with a sincere desire to change old habits which no longer serve you. However, first you must recognize and desire to really get into your triggers, not avoid them or use them as excuses as to why you are avoiding certain feelings or situations.

It's becoming common among the younger generations to use the word 'trigger' as an avoidance mechanism.  This is alarming because instead of really getting into why you are triggered in the first place and fully dealing with those emotions and feelings (yes, it can be scary), nothing will be learned until they are properly addressed and healed inside.

Just knowing your triggers doesn't translate to knowledge in spiritual terms, nor will it convert into wisdom until the lessons are achieved. Remember that lessons are repeated until they are learned. Why continue this cycle knowingly? There is a saying, "there is nothing to fear except fear itself" and this would apply quite well in this example.  

I've heard a lot of people say things like "that triggered me..." or "I can't see (or watch )that because it will trigger my anxiety...". People seem well aware of their triggers but they stop short of doing the inner work to heal the cause. They are most times, very well aware of which group of feelings they are avoiding. These people are actively choosing to not engage in the healing process.

Why would you do this?

If something triggers you then there's something worth checking out. It's might feel like a side road but it's definitely a flashing light saying something wants and needs to be healed and released. It's like finding a bonus item in the middle of a game. It's a loud and clear signal for you to gain something and it's literally shouting at you to look at it and pick it up - really get into it and learn something about yourself.

Learning the value of overcoming adversity and becoming stronger is priceless in wisdom, but there is still a price to pay. Not all beings here right now have been willing to pay that price. Having an easy life is great but let's just say there' s not a lot of opportunities to convert knowledge into  wisdom from an 'easy' life.

Try to see your triggers as bright and shiny objects offering you the promise of some major points that can be converted into wisdom, literally being handed to you if only you would pick it up and look at it.

It could be something you need to forgive within yourself.
It could be something you haven't addressed yet.
It could be fear that's ready to be released.
It could be pain that needs to be healed.
I could be sadness that needs to be comforted.
It could be an old memory that needs to be set free.  
It could be a lesson you have been avoiding.
It could be a challenge you haven't accepted yet.
And so on...

Or it could be a signal for the next chapter...  

It could also be your life's mission or soul contract to gain a certain knowledge base and then the triggers come when it's time for the next-level maturity to occur - because you have reached a certain point of transcending previous levels of information (or perhaps wisdom) and now you are ready for the next step. *** Cue the triggers for the most stubborn sleepy ones who keep hitting the snooze button on their spiritual evolution.

But rest assured that a release always occurs both when the time and the person are right.
Is that considered DESTINY?
If you are a person who says you believe in destiny and everything that happens in your life must be someone (or something) else's will, are you not just avoiding doing the work here on this free will planet? The 'work' also involves getting to know your true self and remembering where you came from.

Yes, actually remembering and reconnecting with your higher self and integrating that higher power within you. It's not on the outside and no person who ever lived in a human body can or will 'do it for you'. Taking responsibility for your life is a sovereign being, free will choice that YOU have to make.

You can avoid it or you can start looking within your own heart. Sitting on a fence that no longer exists is silly.


Micromanaging people is simply another version of controlling people and trying to impose your will. Often people who do this actually feel no control in their own lives. They use this technique without realizing awakened people can see it a mile away and very often reject it. We work with people like this only when we must.

The person doing the controlling will often feel like the other person is being difficult, when in fact, they are simply exercising their sovereign rights not be controlled. Blaming others by using the Great Excuse is a sign that you haven't matured in spirit yet and both micromanaging and blaming are quite obvious to those who are already awakened.

Perhaps you have noticed some people just seem to fall out of your life. I assure you that when your energy levels 'uplift' in rate of vibration, you will no longer want to be around people, situations and things that steal your energy (knowingly or unknowingly). Everyone must figure out how to make their own reconnection to Source within their own heart centers.

Your heart is not just an organ that keeps your physical body alive by pumping blood through your system. It's a very real energetic center that can be viewed as your own personal portal to higher dimensions. This is where you make your reconnection. It does translate into your physical vessel which you can see with your spiritual eyes. If your eyes are not yet opened, then perhaps it's time!     

Reconnecting is your goal right now.

For those who have or are in the process of connecting with their higher selves: When you look at your free will choices to co-create your life... are you using your gifts to be of service?

There comes a point in the process of ascending where you know what you know and that's enough because life is hard in this reality. You've had enough. You just want to go home. You are tired of dealing with people who drain your energy. And then it happens again and again, over and over.

Remember this and I will say it one more time: Lessons are repeated until they are learned. Just because you reconnected with your higher self, doesn't mean you life will be perfect. It doesn't mean you won't feel hurt, pain and suffering. You are human and you are supposed to feel and feel FULLY!

The questions then becomes, "how do you react or respond to what you feel?" Do you react with knee-jerk reactions when you get triggered? If so, most likely there is still something inside that needs healing and release. Perhaps you haven't released everything from that hurt, pain or traumatic memory you've worked on for years and years and let go of many times (and still get triggered). There are many layers to the onion just as there are many layers to you with your hurts and pains. Don't avoid your triggers.

Healing triggers leads to healing old wounds. Healing in this way can lead to your destiny.

Destiny points are very real indeed. Free will allows you to choose which path your human ego will take that eventually leads to true destiny points. Fluidity in destiny points allows for circular time (true time/no-time) to adjust to linear time (false time) on this planet but all paths will eventually lead you back home. It's up to you as to how long you play the game of life.  Finding your Self in this game is still your objective.

Will you continue to hit your head with a hammer over and over if it causes pain?  It's your choice but the longer you do that, the longer your healing will take. Your destiny point of healing is already a true destiny point. You just have to figure out when it's right for you to achieve this.