Thursday, June 8, 2023

June 8, 2023 Codes


Teach Peace

DAY CODES for: June 8, 2023

Tzolkin: White Solar World-Bridger, KIN 126 = 9

265 = 211 13 = 4  "Operation Viper Strike, 265"

June 8, 2023 = 6:8:2023 = 687 = 21 = "Her really is Jesus Christ, 265"

943 = 97  = 16 = 7  "Seventeen years to wait, 265"


9: Completion, endings, cycles, potential, transition, transformation, humanitarian, wisdom, wise, understanding, supportive, awakening, tolerant, respect, accepting, experienced, spiritual, sacrificial, compassionate, aware, source of comfort and healing for others

4: Strength, hard work, foundation, stability, efficiency, discipline, practicality, dependable, dedicated, tried and true methods, wise, rational security, consistency, loyal, service oriented, patient

3: Trinity, communication, connection, creativity, unique thinking, creative expression, joyful, naïve, optimistic, youthful, charming

7: wise, questioning, researching, listening, sensing, powerful intuition, spirituality, curious, drive for truth, perceptive, intellectual, mysterious, introspective


12: Growth, success, independence, inspiration, partnership, flexibility, balance, trust, faith, wisdom, strength, sensitivity, magical: 12: also embodies not only the 1, but the 2 and the three as well. The Divine Trinity is embodied with the 12 = 2 plus 1 = 3. Also hidden a little bit deeper is the Master number 11 via the Trinity: The Master Gateway within which your Divine Trinity has access keys to = 111 = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 and so much more…  

13: Manifestation, transitional, transformative, similar to 4 with solid foundations in the physical, tangible outcomes, practicality, dream fulfillment, independent,  independence, self-sufficiency, self-expression, charisma, powerful

* Although some people consider 13 to be unlucky probably due to its association with the 13th card in Tarot, which is the DEATH card, many other people consider it to be VERY lucky and quite powerful!  Those who consider 13 unlucky simply do not understand that the representation of a 'death' card is multidimensional and a death occurs every time just prior to a new cycle beginning. More often than not, the Death card speaks guidance to the transition for the beginning of a new cycle. It absolutely could portend an actual physical death as well; so great care should be taken when you’re reading and interrupting cards for anyone if this card shows up.

37: the mirror to 73 and considered Heaven on Earth codes with the 3rd and 7th dimensions coming together. When you see either of these double delicious digits paired together, you can be assured that your higher dimensional family is watching out for you, you are exactly where you need to be, and you are loved and protected beyond measure! Also, when you see these numbers they will greet you with a BIG warm smile patiently waiting for you to notice, and want to smile back!


White Solar World Bridger, KIN 126 = 9

Solar is the 9th out of 13 Tones (913)

It's Power: Pulse

It's Action: Realize

It's Essence: Intention

World-Bridger is the 6th of 20 Seals (620)

It's Power: Death

It's Action: Equalize

It's Essence: Opportunity

Although this transition could feel VERY personal and; although you may be a sensitive and attuned to higher frequency spaces and locations, these new energies coming in may feel a bit tricky to navigate until you get your perception straightened out. Allow the old ways and systems of control to have their death. They did choose this path, just as you, my Dear Beloved Ones, chose your path. Allow all the grips from the old to release and fall away as they are doing right now. Let it all go!

Divinely Guided CODES:

The Divine Masculine (12) is walking on solid footing now, together with the Divine Feminine (13). They are reunited, grounded and anchored together... which is truly, Heaven on Earth (37).

It's in our face! Can you see it?

3 = 12 and 12 = 3 = Divine Trinity Codes!

33 is the Master Teacher codes.

Who is YOUR Master Teacher?

I love you ALL!

I AM right here with you!

I AM Lynda Light

Lynda Light