Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Can We Stop Hurting Each Other?

There is a growing trend in the spiritual communities to discredit people. 

It was easy to spread among those just waking up. People who are searching for answers. People who have questions. People who are reaching out in desperate need of assistance. All it took was for a few questions to be raised, judgmental as they may have been... for fear and doubt to take on it's own thought form of darkness. 

I'm talking about notions of who may or may not be false leaders of light. 

The rumors started with statements like this: "If they actually say they're a healer, then they must not be. A true healer would never self-identify themselves." Or this: "A true Master or teacher would never call themselves that." etc. 

Those who are not healers, teachers or master healers have no way of understanding what those who are, have gone through. And a lot of us have just remained silent about it. Myself included. 

But it' continues and it's hurting newly awakened people. So I'm breaking my silence.   
I pose this question for your consideration: When someone goes to medical school and pays thousands of dollars for their education, training and experience, do you tell them they should not identify themselves as such? Or, a therapist. Or, a Chiropractor...

How about this question: If someone just starts to wake up and they're looking for a Reiki practitioner who is at the Master level (because perhaps they are thinking about training in Reiki), are you saying the Reiki Master should not identify as such? How would anyone be able to find such healers then? 

Don't you think it's kinda of ridiculous to say that someone who has spent time and money to learn a trade, profession or career shouldn't advertise or identify their specialty or level of expertise? 

Of course that's ridiculous! 

The establishment uses initials after names to show levels of credentials and it's a sign of prestige and honor.   

There is one big, screamingly obvious difference in this argument I would like to point out. 

If a person goes through the establishment for their career, meaning college, etc. it is often assumed when they get their Masters or Doctorate degree, they are competent and capable of establishing a practice where they often charge quite a lot of money. Not all do, but it is expected. 

However, when a person chooses to train as a healer, they are doing what their spirit is guiding them to do. A lot of them have to keep regular jobs because clients don't often have enough money to pay for services that would enable the healer, teacher or practitioner to run a full time business. 

Most often, healers don't follow this calling for money. It's more of a service-to-humanity-thing.  

When they reach a certain point that I liken to a crisis, they have a choice to go ALL IN, and try to make a living doing what they perceive is what they are here to do. They are following their inner guidance and they are being of service to humanity and the planet.  

This witch hunt and crowd gang mentality must stop. 

It you think about it for just a few minutes you can see that no person in their reasonable mind, (without being brainwashed or conditioned by others) would expect healers to not identify themselves. 

Many have been on a very dark and lonely path. It hasn't been easy trying to break down these old constructs and help flip this planet, while being of service to others and still pay the bills. 

Many have gone through a lot of years taking only small donations or not charging at all and questioning if they even should charge for their services - because they have beautiful bright souls who just want to share their gifts. 

But are you going to walk into your doctors office and say, "Hey Doc, you became a doctor so you could help people heal, right? I think you shouldn't actually say your a doctor. No doctor who is a real doctor would identify themselves. Therefore, you must be a false doctor." 

See the flawed logic? You can see how ridiculous that sounds... I hope. 

In any case, I needed to get this short bit out because I listened to a rant yesterday on YouTube on one of my favorite channels. They had a list of things that should help people identify false light beings. And believe it or not, people who call themselves master healers or teachers was on the list. I. Kid. You. Not.

I'm not going to judge because that is exactly what I heard coming from others. Not just the person on the video acting like an expert in knowing who is real light and who is false light, but the commenters were band-wagon jumpers. There were some valid points of things to watch out for, but I wasn't resonating with this person at all. 

Listen, we are all here together and we all have to work this out, together. If you are stuck in duality then you probably feel like you have to have an opinion on this for whatever reason. Perhaps your opinion has even changed about this topic. 

Staying in the middle is the best place to be. I got triggered, so I'm writing about my experience hoping to shed a little light from my vantage point. I've been a Master Healer since 1998, so this is not just a recent thing.

I have a decent perspective and have a mostly clear view - I was triggered, so not completely clear I suppose, lol - But I've been there and I've done that... all of it. 

I paid my dues and I've given more sessions and trainings away than I can count. I've also dealt with the guilt of charging and I've dealt with learning how to honor myself and my gifts. And I never stop learning. 

None of this has been a quick or easy path for any of us and it's never been about the money. I suspect most people who are healers at whatever level, feel the same way - at least, most that I have encountered over the years do.  

It is very important that we all learn how to use our own discernment and not get swayed by something someone else says. Try to use you critical thinking skills before you jump on any band wagon that may be going down a dark road to harsh and cruel judgments of others. 

It's also probably not a good idea to put everyone in a box just because they self-identify what they do based on their education; or identify themselves at a certain level of expertise which they have attained...in any field

Energy work takes time, money and practice, just like any other profession. Try to remember to be kind and compassionate when making comments about all people in any particular field. 

What is right for you may not be right for someone else. 

If you really want to know if someone is (so-called) true or false, try this to remember: We all have both light and dark within. We're learning how to balance in the sacred neutral middle. Listen with your heart and if you don't resonate with someone's energy, you know to move on. Why you don't resonate is not important.

Just move on. 

Also, listen to their speech. The sound of someone's speech should give you a clue about whether or not you resonate with them. 

That is how you can tell if someone is right for you to engage with, or not. Otherwise, leave them alone and let them be. They will find their way, or not. 

So can we all please please stop throwing stones at others? 

I love you all and wish you the best on your journey! Teach Peace Everyone! 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

What is Real?

Lets take a dive into non-ordinary reality! A very deep dive. 

Ordinary reality is being defined here as the constructs (we, as a collective) agree is the physical world. Non-ordinary reality is being defined here, as everything else.  

People have been taking their consciousness to places where our physical bodies can't go  for as long as you can imagine. 

If you don't understand this or actually, if it triggers you to hear that people can leave their bodies, travel to very real places and remember their journeys (with or without the help of any particular substances), then I'm advising you to stop reading right now. Why get yourself triggered or upset with insights that could possibly challenge your entire belief structures, if you're not willing to suspend disbeliefs? If you choose to continue reading whether or not you believe the content you are requested to be respectful while processing the information below.  

If people travel and they don't take their bodies, does this mean they didn't really go anywhere but rather, the brain is playing a trick? Absolutely not. 

Is Astral travel what you're taking about? That is one way. 

Can everyone everyone astral project? Some people have this happen spontaneously, others can learn by practicing. But this is not the subject of importance today. Astral projection is not what you are here do do at this time. 

Can you travel when you are meditating? Absolutely. This is the way shamans, healers and others traverse on their journeys. 

Do you need some sort of psychedelic drug or a substance to alter you brain so you can travel? I will say this: you do not need anything to travel. Just the act of sleeping at night takes you out of your body and you travel to non-ordinary realities. Some have better recall of their nightly travels for various reasons. When a being begins to wake up and consciously decides to start the discipline needed to recall accurate memories from their travels, they may also choose to experiment with different substances in order to shift their perspective and push their consciousness to an altered reality while they are awake and aware. It's simply easier for them to remember the experience. Not everyone does this. Dream work takes a long time to develop and master and typically needs a additional dedication to writing - these pair well together. Although recording technology can also be used. The major benefit to dream travel is that you actually project into what you're calling non-ordinary reality and experience 'you' in your other very real bodies and realities.   

So it's true, you do travel in your dream state? You know this is absolutely true. 

Ha-ha. I was asking for my readers. This is the first time we've formatted like this - as a question and answer type of way. Normally, you will just stream through me while I write. I'm wondering why this is different now. Can you shed any light? I am not the only being who streams through you while you write. You had a dream you awoke from this morning and you had questions. You wrote all the details down and you had an excellent recall from your travels. There is important information about your travels and you are stepping out of your inhibitions about sharing your experiences. This format works for the messages we want to convey. 

OK, wow, thank you. How do you want me to share this?  Write out the full dream and ask your most important questions. 

Here goes... as written in my dream journal and only edited for clarity.  

I was at some facility. It was a resting place for people that have probably just crossed over and there was a vast variety of issues. There were a lot of evaluations taking place and I didn't like being observed. It felt, off. 

I remember being there a little while, like I had the memory of being there for at least a few weeks, maybe longer. I was saying something about not arranging things anymore for everyone (like in an OCD kind of way). Apparently I was arranging things to be used as grids. 

I was telling one of the observers that I wasn't going to do that anymore because this was not my home. Although I was starting to feel more comfortable in my room and was still making grids there. 

There was a group observation of a young girl and they were inspecting her private parts under a sheet. I felt uncomfortable because I thought they were making porn, until they showed everyone she had male parts. Then I could see she was actually supposed to be in a girl body, but was not. I left and went to her private room where she was now in a boys body and her mother was there. Her mother told me, "She knew she was supposed to be a girl. From the time she could talk she told us, she was a girl" 

The mother showed me a memory of how they said it. It was basically some of their first verbal sentences, "I'm girl"!! The mother was showing me how this was done on purpose. I immediately understood who the group was, that was doing these things at that facility. And they have been very, very naughty!

I went back to my room and this was one of the reasons why I was so upset and knew I didn't belong there. A female observer was in my room trying to get me to talk about it and I started to explain energy layers. I was describing it as basic as I could. I asked her and others that were listening, to imagine a square room. 

I started describing how energy moves in layered waves. One right on top of the other. I also told them they weren't necessarily the same distance apart from each other. As I was about to make some serious points, my sister decided it was time to go. Right now! 

She was apparently also in this place or a being who looked like her. When I went to get ready, I had also been having a conversation about orbs with the female observer, she had a few experiences also. I was prevented from showing my videos and was told I had to leave right at that moment. 

I heard the male and female observers going back and forth about something. I heard the male become demeaning to the female. I heard nothing back from the female. I decided this was not OK and spoke up. 

He sort of mocked me at first, until I told him that I didn't care how old his was, I was married (and divorced) twice and I knew... this was wrong - they way he was talking to the female. I woke up shortly after. 

My questions are direct. Was I at a place where people go when they die, some sort of facility? Yes. But the one you visited was being dismantled. 

Why was it being dismantled? Because it was for the sole purpose of falsely conditioning beings between incarnations and putting them into the wrong bodies.They were debriefing and reconditioning beings with false karma and false gender identification. 

What do you mean by that? Can you explain a little more please? Yes. In between your lifetimes you are debriefed and prepared for your next. You are shown what karma needs to be resolved and a blueprint or plan is presented. Included in that plan is a gender choice that would best benefit you to resolve said karma. These plans are supposed to be handled over much longer rest and integration periods and done in conjunction with a much higher aspect of yourself, in the least traumatic way possible. 
This particular facility was a very dark place with the appearance of the helping type of  afterlife facilities. Many beings were tricked into going there upon death falling victim to their agenda. They pushed you through as fast as possible, showed you false information thereby tricking you into thinking you have karma which was in fact, not yours. And finally, they were putting people into the wrong bodies after all the contracts were signed and they were on their way to be incarnated. This had to stop. This is why it is being dismantled. It was all done with black magic. There is a HUGE control force on your planet disguised as a very large church, which is also being dismantled. I can not give any more information about this except to say it is all part of disclosure and the world will watch in both joy and disbelief at what is being revealed. 

I understand the disbelief, but why joy? Because those who have been working towards disclosing truth and ushering in the Golden Age will understand and know it's really happening and feel a huge joy sweep through their hearts. 

So are you telling me I should publish all this on my blog? Yes. Humanity needs to allow the seeds to germinate before the full exposure traumatizes a lot of beings. If they never think outside their beliefs from childhood and conditioning, when this church falls they will not understand and not want to believe they were fooled.They will blame it on the work of "the devil" because they have been conditioned to believe everything they were told is truth. And most have never even tried to go within for their own truths. Some beings are just not able to question their beliefs because they are either young souls or just too traumatized. This is about beings with an actual soul. This will also create a lot of anger. 
With additional information now, some beings will hear the truth in their hearts. They are awakening en mass and have the ability to FEEL the truth. In general, people have a way of hanging on to their beliefs so tightly and we are trying to help as many as possible loosen their grips and awaken to truths they might not have thought about prior. When everything changes in your ordinary reality and people see the truth of the connection with non-ordinary reality, they might be better able to think outside the box they've been in for so long without as much fear.   

I have many more questions but I think that is enough for now. Thank you for all of this. You gave us plenty to think about. This is so much more than I thought I would be writing about. I felt your nudge earlier and knew STRONGLY I needed to write about dream travels. I didn't think I was going to write about my dream specifically.
I AM always here for you.

For my readers, I would like to add that if this doesn't resonate with you, no worries. If you were triggered at all by the content please just give it time to sink in without judging it. We are all entitled to our perspectives, right? If nothing apparent happens on the world stage right now, then great! We can all have our perspectives and continue cleaning up this planet together as we all go through these very interesting times together. I personally believe all is being revealed and will continue to surprise people at incredible speeds as the dominoes fall - especially over the next few months and more. 


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Attacks, Karma and Forgiveness

As a conscious being, how do you handle the karmic-related attacks of others and move into forgiveness and healing?

First, let me explain that I personally keep 2 blogs. One is personal and the other one I recently started for my business. Some topics may overlap. I'm sharing my experiences as I live, change and upgrade my multidimensional being. 

Everyone is going through this ascension whether they are awakened or not. I am conscious of what is happening and therefore, have an obligation to share. It is what I signed up for in this lifetime. I know this. I am no better than anyone else. We are all part of it. 

Karma is a real thing good and bad - if that is how you choose to see it. But is is VERY real.

When you have resolved most of your karma it is mostly likely because you are actively trying to do and be, better in general.

Are we perfect? No. Not on the human level. We have all hurt others. We are paying for that and that should be more obvious, to say the least. 

This time, more than any other time, is critical. We are graduating. Yes, we are graduating this third density. Whether or not you understand these words, your soul knows the truth. These words are also encoded with higher light frequencies with which your soul resonates, or doesn't.  

When you choose to take full responsibility for all your actions, words, deeds (and thoughts - most importantly - thoughts create), you become committed to living a sovereign life. 

There are times of upgrades in light when your body feels horrible. It is purging - what purge ever felt pleasant? You are changing, we are changing as biological beings. 

There is no escape

When a baby starts to grow they must learn how to crawl first, right? Some learn faster than others. They are no better or worse off because all will learn to walk and then run...

(This is an analogy, I'm not talking about humans with disabilities that prevent them from using their legs properly.)

When you start your awakening you learn about possibilities of things you may have poo-pooed in the past...or most likely, even things you never thought possible. 

There is always more to learn so get used to it! 

When you get towards the finish line of integrating important lessons you WILL find certain tests, if you want to call it that. There are protocols in place to ensure you have truly learned your lesson. 

Karma is a universal law. 

This include the truth that lessons will repeat until they are learned. Consider this some good practice time. Everyone has a different life with different lessons to learn. 

You will find some of your hardest lessons hitting you in the face during this time. 

We are so close to some truly wonderful things happening. The harder lessons will hurt the most but if you learn that karma is real, you will stop blaming everyone and everything outside of you and making excuses for the reasons things happen in your life.

YOU are the creator of your life experiences. 

Everything you magnetize to yourself has been created by you, your higher self, your soul, and/or the highest part of you for reasons you can not fathom nor can remember. This is when that leap of faith comes in. 

Do you trust?

It's easier to trust when you are fully awakened but how do you trust when you know you aren't there yet? Easy. You just do... that's your leap of faith. Dark nights of the soul (so to speak) can be very, very dark indeed. You do feel totally alone and question everything you once knew. 

That is very, VERY good. 

Without accepting everything you were told or conditioned to believe as a child - and through mass media or all the social constructs shoving down your throat what you "should" believe or what you ought to do - things start to change. Your perspective of all constructs comes into questions and with those questions, come answers. 

Synchronicity begins. 

You start to notice the answers coming more quick but they may not be in the form you expected. You are most definitely NOT going to be handed all the answers because how would you even grow if you were spoon fed everything?

If you expect it to be handed to you, get back to some basic introspection. There is plenty of information and techniques. Meditation is one way to get to really know yourself. There are plenty of other ways to go within and seek to listen, instead of just asking for everything.

Prayer is amazing, but try to think of it as speaking... most people use the sacred art of prayer for only asking. Meditation is listening. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Start by trying to listen twice as much as you speak. 

If you are not yet aligned right with your SELF, (higher spiritual versions of yourself) then what you ask for isn't going to be manifested. You can not ask for something with the wrong intentions and expect to see results. If you have not yet gotten yourself right and just ask for everything to be handed to you, then you will not be able to handle manifesting what you ask. 

Trusting yourself to follow that whisper - instead of the loud knee-jerk reaction - is a major step forward. How do you hear the whisper? You just know and you do. That is for everyone to find for themselves on their journey upwards. However, there are plenty of beings lighting the way to share and assist others. This doesn't mean they are going to do any of your heavy lifting, so stop expecting this from others.  

We ALL have to clean up our own garbage.

When you think you have resolved most of your karma you will most likely have a huge, out of nowhere, challenge or lesson. You can choose to engage at that point because you have learned the lessons of identifying what is yours and what is not. People will try to throw their lessons on you by blaming you for something. If you did something wrong then own up to it and take full responsibility for you actions. 

If, on the other hand, you have an attack and you know you did nothing wrong, it's much easier to spot that it's someone else's karma and they alone must deal with it. They are feeling something very uncomfortable and don't know how to deal with it. It it NOT your responsibility to take it on for them. You may be very tempted, because the person may present with a very good "side" of their story, but if you take a moment or two and just check in with yourself you can then choose whether or not to engage. 

I'll share a personal situation to expand the example of choosing to engage and creating instant karma for yourself. 

I recently had a situation where a family member sent a nasty text blaming me for a lack of communication. It was short but littered with passive-aggressive innuendos that I somehow failed them with a lack of communication in this particular situation. This was false. I was told how this person didn't sleep and was actually disgusted at my lack of communication. I was told this person, was done! 

It hit me hard and out of nowhere, because I actually did communicate swiftly and multiple times, as the situation progressed. This person didn't know the details so I chose to engage and write a response, thinking this would help them better process their karma. 

My response was written as objectively as possible. I did include a few things that allowed this other person to see I didn't have it easy - big mistake - and my day as completely interrupted when I handled this particular situation.  

It was to no avail. 

I received a horrible and accusatory voice mail after I sent my very long, explanation. And they did, in fact, receive communications as the situation progressed. 

Seemed reasonable to me... I was helping them see everything with the detailed information they claimed they never received. BIG mistake! I chose wrong!

The voice mail turned the entire 'created' situation onto me. I was told I clearly had issues with the other person. I was attacked on a higher level now. This person didn't want to deal with their karma because it was in their face, uncomfortable and trying to force them to deal with it. 

They couldn't handle it. 

The other texts were passive-aggressive and said they tried to call after I wrote my reply and "of course I didn't answer". It also said that I "win" and I must be "100% right". I almost always answer calls unless I'm unavailable. That may be changing moving forward, we shall see. 

There was no right or wrong or winning. This person was hurt from not having information. I gave information and they took offense because there was nobody else to blame. 

I was told that I was being aggressive with my long and detailed text reply. The only take-away this person received was that I must have issues with them! 

Trying to create an argument or drama is not always in peoples active awareness and it doesn't work anymore. I was thinking I had no issues with this person. I texted that back. 

The voice mail also indicated that I was obnoxious, upset with them, and other triggering passive-aggressive comments including that this was MY issue and they were going to take the high road and let it all go. At the end, they couldn't resist a quick, failed attempt at slapping me in the face about my decision to not get a 9 to 5 job, with a smug comment about letting me get back to working on my website.

I asked this person to stop texting today and when they got themselves together, we would talk. 

I share these details not for the sake of drama sharing. I share as an example of how you might be getting attacked these days and to move forward with care and compassion, even when it hits you hard. 

There is no right or wrong, when it comes to how people feel, remember that. It's all about how people feel. But we don't have to sit by and allow others to dump on us either. Not. Any. More. 

The passive-aggressive technique used to work on me and I previously had to deal with all kinds of guilt. I used to get suckered into arguments when I was younger and I used to play into the hand of blame being thrown my way via these techniques. 

I no longer allow that in my life. There was no "argument". There is no "side"... only perspectives. 
However, I refuse to be a punching bag for anyone who can't handle their own karma. 

When people are busy and say they are left out, the solution is simple: take charge of your own actions. If someone feels left out, then get involved. If you are blaming others for a lack of communication, then make sure you are actually communicating your needs and feelings. It is completely under your sovereign right to change the way you behave and stop blaming everyone else. 

Have people suffered because they feel left out? Yes. Can this change? Yes. 

Every family is dealing with karma in the most intense ways. 

Some people are choosing not to deal with their personal karma and their family karma. Family members are here to resolve their karma and to help each other resolve some of our most intense karma. And some are handling karma for ancestors not even incarnated. Ponder that one. 

When you choose to engage in drama that often times comes in the form of attacks, the best thing you can do is take a time-out before choosing to engage. You can also choose not to engage or you can choose to engage from an emotionally detached way. 

Even when you choose to engage from an emotionally detached way, you may get hit with an even stronger attack (or perceived attack). It's not really an attack when it's someone else not dealing with their karma... It's more like nasty energy flying around and hitting your energy field.

Do you let that energy in? 

That is for you to decide. Most times I would suggest to not let that in until you're strong and confident enough to engage from an emotionally detached perspective. 

When I chose to engage, I was coming from that point of view. But I also chose to include a few select "frustrations" so as to be heard. I was choosing to hold up a mirror to this person. That mirror cracked and I failed. I created instant karma for myself that I had to resolve and I knew it. This lesson could come again, grrrreat!

But perhaps not, if I can heal from a lesson learned. I got most of it right, but also made a few mistakes when engaging. And I know exactly where I made my mistakes. 

When I got hit again, those few select frustrations I included were the ONLY take-aways this other person threw back at me. It's (almost) funny how that works. 

I will be talking to this person when they decided is good later today. They want to be heard. I chose to engage earlier and now I have to finish it. I will hear them out. They need to vent. I will allow it, this time. However, I will not allow anything that is not mine to be thrown at me without confronting it. 

There very well may be a healing if I can handle this the right way. This is a huge responsibility. I never intended for anyone to get hurt. They feel hurt. 

I saw the higher perspective which is, that this is their karma. I chose to engage, created instant karma for myself and now I must finish this with all the compassion, love and boundaries that I have learned to keep in place.

This is a huge thing on a higher level, but here in the third dimensional earth reality, it's just drama. 

Avoiding drama is easy when it's not people you love and care about. It's easier to say just avoid it at all costs and walk away, but I ask you this... 

1. Are you in fact, simply avoiding drama? Or are you avoiding karma? 

2. Is there a way to handle the karma you agreed to help with, (without just avoiding it) thereby, truly helping others? 
3. Is it too soon in your awakening or do you consider yourself an advanced being who is conscious? 

UPDATE: I spoke with this person on the phone and we worked it out. I was able to plant seeds of compassion, responsibility and love. Which seeds will grow, I have no idea. That part is not my responsibility. I eventually apologized for my part because this is what that person needed to hear, when I listened with my heart. And I truly was sorry they felt hurt. 
Even if it was self-created. 

Perhaps moving forward they can learn something from the boundaries I firmly set, not allowing myself to be their punching bag - which is very different then being there listening to someone vent. 

The difference is: when someone is venting, they are venting. However, if they are venting and say subtle judgmental comments that have nothing to do with the issue and it feels like a judgement or an attack, then they are using you as their punching bag and not handling their own karma. BIG DIFFERENCE. 

Stay firm this week everyone. If you're not strong enough, then don't engage with drama, especially family drama. This ride has already started and it's going to get a little nuts. Try to enjoy all of it knowing that we're changing for the better.  

In Love, Light, Peace and Unity... Blessings to you!     

Friday, August 10, 2018

Moving Forward In Times Unknown

Moving forward can feel like the most challenging thing to do when you're in the middle of being stuck to your feelings. Those feelings could be considered attachments, but we'll take a peek at attachments later. For now, ask yourself, "do your feelings control you, or do you actively use them as a tool?"

What do I mean when I say, "...use them as a tool"? For starters, do you consider your feelings to be annoying, startling, scary, hard to handle, too much or even, overwhelming?  Or do you have a handle on reading your feelings as they come in, like a personal guidance system? 

If you don't see beyond the physical 3D material world yet, try to imagine the energy as constantly moving, like a body of water. Now put yourself in this body of water and you have life in your body, here on Earth. If you don't know how to swim, you will probably swallow some water and cough a bit when a wave passes, most likely. 

Learning how to swim is part of the waking up process

Floating is a skill you develop along the way after you can see and accept the water you are in. Once you can keep your head above the water, you can learn how to float with the waves. You use less energy when you are able to float and it actually becomes more enjoyable as you learn how to relax into it. 

While floating, you can begin to sense when larger waves are coming from the currents and pulls of the water. The really large ones are obvious and most people - even those still sleeping - can feel when something really big is approaching. 

As you realize you are part of the eternal body of ocean/energy/life, you start to reach out to test your skills. You may let your ears dip into the water and you notice you can hear better. You may drop your head in entirely and even dare to open your eyes! Perhaps you have a pair of goggles so you have no fear of stinging your eyes. 

Along the way, you may have something float across your path like a life vest or something to hang on to. You also have been clinging to this the entire time because you were always told you could drown in deep water. You were also told to fear what you can't see. 

You have never put your head in the water because this flotation device has stopped you and given you a false sense of being safe. Therefore, you haven't developed any extra senses that you can call upon at will. 

Your muscles have become weak because of your clinging. 

You have also become lazy from your lack of strengthening your muscles by swimming every day. You failed to learn how to bob up and down because you feared going down under to far. You fear going down under because you listened to the programming and other people that said it wasn't safe, instead of listening to your heart and internal guidance. 

You feel scared and alone. Like nobody understands how tired you have become. 

All you want is for that rescue boat to come and get you. Other times, when you float really high over a very enjoyable wave, you feel elated and can't help but wonder what else could be waiting for you in this great big body of water.

How did you even get here? Why are you there? 

You have questions and you want answers. Not much else really matters except the truth. Along the way you have met many other beings in the water. Some look like you and others look very different. Some can swim better than others and some even can hold their breath for a very, very long time. 

You have made many friends along the way but ultimately, you always wind up  by yourself. Even after you make some promises that you will travel to the end of the journey with others, sometimes you wake up after sleeping and they are gone. Often times they just drift away when a wave passes through. 

You have become accustomed to all of it and you start to feel like the journey will never end.  

It will End. It always does so something new and different can be explored. 

A really large wave passes by and you see something from the very top. You're not sure what it is but you remember a homeland and it starts to jolt your memories. 

You make a decision to master the skills needed to keep swimming. You no longer want to wait for a rescue. You decide it's up to you you to get in the line with waves so you can begin to actually ride them to your destination. 

You want to learn how to surf! 

You want to feel everything there is to feel. You want to hear all the sounds in the water. You want to see the truth of everything there is to see beyond the veil of where the water meets the air. You know there is more because you not only trust, but you have memories of when you've had a taste of it before and you long for it again. 

The process of waking up occurs with ALL. Everyone will wake up one way or another. It's easier to do it (here) when you are aware of 'deciding to' do it. There may come a time soon when a huge wave beyond all waves pulses us into a new vibration and cannot be denied by any still blind and deaf in the heart... but before that event takes place there is much work to be done. 

People are NOW currently awake, aware and living in multidimensional reality while in their bodies. And more are making the connection with their Source Creator everyday! No longer can people lie, for it can be seen and felt by those awakened already. The world is changing rapidly. 

When you feel overwhelmed by your feelings, just remember this: You are learning how to use them as your personal guidance system. No longer is it viable to deny feelings or let them control you. Let go, move forward bravely and trust you are Divinely guided.

The tools are VERY SIMPLE: As soon as you start to feel overwhelmed...

1) Breath deep and deliberately.
2) Imagine LIGHT and breath that into the top of your head. Bring it down through your body - especially through your heart and out your feet into Earth.  
3) Bring light (by breathing) to the source of your discomfort.
4) Exhale negative energy.

YOU GOT THIS! We're all in this together <3 


Friday, March 16, 2018

Make Your SELF Happy

Completing Yourself

Over the last month or so, I've heard from a number of people who are struggling with relationships. Why struggle? If it isn't working out, then why stay? Why do we try to force a relationship if it is bringing us so much pain? If there is a lesson to learn, why can't the other person see how much pain they cause?

We all know relationships are sticky business when it comes to fighting, pain and residual battle scars. It also seems simple to just say, 'walk away'. Most of us know it's not that simple to just walk away from certain relationships, especially ones that we have built our lives around or with the expectation of doing so. 

I will tell you right up front in full disclosure and full honesty, that I do not consider myself a romantic relationship advice-giver; nor do I see myself as an expert. With that being said, I can tell you without a doubt, what has most definitely not worked in my life and from my spiritual perspective, why this was the case.  

If you see male and female as strictly opposites and gender based only, there in lies the problem. 

Most people understand the concept of opposing but complimentary forces such as yin and yang, um and yang, night and light and so on. When one is learning about such concepts, it is typical to also see male and female lumped in to the equation. This could be confusing serving to only reinforce constructs that enforce separation with inequality at the root.

However if you are speaking as male and female energies that are opposing but complimentary and with the eventual merge concept, then there is no problem and you must grasp this concept well. 

I challenge you to see further. I challenge you to see beyond the typical descriptions of what you've been conditioned to perceive in a limited way only. I challenge you to see the male and female both, within yourself; for you truly have both energies as part of your signature. 

Think of your energetic signature as your unique blueprint. An energetic signature is to your spirit, as a thumbprint is to your physical body. Your energy is Universal Life Force which is androgynous as your rate of vibration increases - as your density lightens

The beautiful part is that higher frequency energetic signatures are made up of both divine male and divine female whole and complete packages. The wholeness for which we've longed for in our relationships and the completeness for which we have been searching for our entire lives has been tucked away safely in our hearts all along. 

We are searching for ourselves.

We are on this journey to find ourselves and we never had to look any farther than our own hearts. If we keep looking for someone else to complete us - or make us happy - and we keep looking on the outside for someone or something else to fill our void, then we can never truly find the happiness for which we are seeking.   

Our longing comes from an innate desire to finish our own personal completeness. When we unite the inner male and the inner female we become complete. We feel whole and our cup is then full. We don't need to take it or steal it from others by trying to fix them (because we know better) or trying to tell them what they should or shouldn't be doing (because we know better). 

We know within our hearts that we have to do our own inner work to complete ourselves and this requires us to actually do the work, ourselves. There is no other way. You cannot pay someone else to do it for you and you cannot pay someone else to tell you what to do or magically remove and heal all your stuff. 

Only YOU can do this work for yourself!

You can pay someone to remove blocks, read from your records, heal something, attune something, tell you about your past lives or even connect with your deceased loved ones. They will probably have some good and generally loving messages for you too. There are many skilled ones here helping others. But times are changing. People are waking up to the fact that everyone has gifts and abilities. There is no exclusion to your birthrights. If you do the work you will reconnect to your Source. 

When you start to trust your own inner power your internal guidance gets stronger - like a muscle - and with some discipline and practice - you will be able to start navigating with your spirit in charge again. Your memory will come back online as you begin to trust the male and the female within YOU! Both have an equal half to your Divine wholeness. Your true Divine Twin is actually you!  

If you are holding your light strong people come to your field and healing will occur naturally. I'm definitely not saying that you should or shouldn't go to see someone and pay them for their expertise. On the contrary. We need to discern the difference between when to ask for help and when we are just being lazy with entitlement drama.  

There are people who can help get stagnant energy moving so you can remove issues for good. But when someone does energy work for you of any kind and gets it moving, unless you do the inner work and stop allowing old records to keep playing on broken mode, the issues will not completely resolve and will repeat until you fix yourselves. Remember that lessons are repeated until they are learned and denial is a very long river. 

I know this sounds harsh for the newly awakened ones. I promise you this is not as it seems. When you make a decision to take full responsibility for everything in your life, things start changing and your understanding grows to catch up to your wisdom. You cannot have access to wisdom you do not understand. 

You must first decide with your intention to change and grow and then what happens is absolutely amazing....you change and you grow and you understand the wisdom that your heart is guarding very carefully, until you are ready. 

Your mission right now is to complete yourself

Spiritually complete energetic signatures - with male and female combined - are able to bring transformed human consciousness into multidimensional planes of existence. The realms for which we traverse during dream time (only to forget our nightly travels) will become the reality for which you soon discover is the true baseline of your existence. 

You remember to live every moment finding joy in anything and everything. When there seems to be no joy around you, it is then that you remain neutral and do not get sucked into the drama all around. You plant your seeds of light by just shining it. You do not hide. You share what you have because your cup is full, not because you are told that makes you a good person. You choose interaction or no- action, versus reaction. 

You become the living example for everyone around you and all those who come into your field just because this is your Universe. Everyone has the ability to create and live in their very own Universe centered and grounded within their human hearts. 

As you ascend, find the joy in as many moments as you choose to let your heart smile. When your heart smiles, the light is recognized by all other lights, just as your darkness is also recognized. Choose to take your personal responsibility, stop blaming and complaining and do the inner work. You are ascending! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Revelations From 24-Year-Old Cassette Tapes

Treasures From the Past

I recently rearranged my furniture, as I often do when I feel certain shifts and the energy needs to reflect the upgrades. This most recent act of 'feng shui'ing' or better stated, 'going with the flow' and clearing, revealed a small file cabinet that I've avoided going through.  

When I moved back in May 2017, it seemed easier to just place some pretty material over the black piece and use it as a corner table - since I thought it only contained old paperwork and other items I needed to purge during a future rainy or snowy day. Well, yesterday was neither...

I felt a strong urge to get to it and I listened.  

My blog would have to wait. YouTube would have to wait. Netflix would have to wait. I began going through the files one by one and was surprised that it wasn't that long ago, I had indeed purged the paperwork and what remained was not as old or as cluttered as I thought. 

Obviously, it didn't take nearly as long as I expected and so, I decided to clean out the two top drawers as well. I found an old hand-held tape recorder and about a half dozen micro cassette tapes. Immediately, I tried to play them and with only two new double A batteries and a few bangs of my hand, it worked! 

Divine Timing is Always on Time! 

Much to my delight, I was listening to my younger, 22, 23 and 24 year old self - over those 6 cassettes.  I also noticed as the listener and the observer, my current operating system was coming from the roots of my 5D system. 

There was absolutely no self-judgments - only reflections, love and gratitude for all the  experiences, especially ones with struggles and pain. Particularly, the deep-rooted pain of not belonging here that I could feel to my core back then. An attempt to take my own life resulted from the complete and utter isolation I felt of being so misunderstood, from which I now understand, many can relate.  

Although I remembered exactly how emotionally painful life can be - triggered by my own words - last night I only felt a deep love and appreciation for myself and my chosen path. 

It has all served me well and my perspective was refreshed with waves of joy and gratitude. I suppose One could say the emotional pain has finally been healed.  

My first husband and I purchased that hand-held recorder when I finally got diagnosed with third-stage Lymes disease. I was getting instructions from a nurse about self-administering the IV medications I would be taking for some months, and my husband wanted to make sure to get it recorded. 

I could hear how young I sounded, I remembered how scared I was. I also remembered how horrible I felt battling these physical symptoms with no diagnoses for several years with  barely any support from the medical community, until I got diagnosed. 

Lymes disease just started hitting mainstream in the early nineties and I apparently, had one of the more chronic and long-term cases since it went so long without being diagnosed. Maybe I'll share the details of that entire experience another time, if it will help anyone. Otherwise, its good to just shed and transform that entire experience. 

On these cassette tapes, I also listened to myself going through my first divorce and the beginning stages of self empowerment. I had a therapist named Kate F. who helped me so much. She helped me learn self respect and set healthy boundaries. She taught me it was ok to say 'no' to other people. That was a very big lesson for me while going through a messy divorce with children. 

Out of My Own Lips

It is no surprise that Divine timing is always on time... and I'm finding joy in being pleasantly surprised when I see it unfolding in very special ways, such as these tapes. 

I heard myself talking to this little recorder, as if I was speaking to a future self I did not yet know. I was saying things that I needed to do, or work on, or do more of... as if I was checking in with myself - even though I did not know this is what I was doing or that one day I would listen to myself with such joy and happiness for all that has come to pass. 

I was saying that I needed to stop caring so much about what other people think about me. 

I heard myself saying that I was proud of myself when I set a boundary and didn't bend. I was enjoying the process of blooming after I realized I was indeed, much stronger than I had been told, by forces of people that (no longer) could control me. 

I was allowing myself the gift of self-respect and the birth of my own self-empowerment.  

That was 24 years ago when I was 24 years old. How is that for Divine Timing? 

24 years ago, I started a journey to conscious self respect and self empowerment. I didn't always get it right and often had to repeat lessons until they were learned. However, I am so thankful for the experiences. 

How else could I ever teach empowerment until I had truly learned it for myself? It has taken me 24 years to mature in that empowerment after 24 years of listening to a broken record inside my head while struggling to following my heart through all the conditioning and expected rules of social norms imposed on most people.  

I still chose them. I believe I chose them in order to break free from them. 

Balancing karma and balancing yourself is a journey, as is healing ancestral karma. If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, what would you say? Do you keep journals? Did you record yourself? What if you could go forward to speak to your future self? Would you want to tell them anything? Maybe write yourself a letter, seal it and tuck it away.

If someone had told me when I was 24 that I could and would be speaking to my 48 year old self when I made those recordings, I would not have believed them. However, this is exactly what happened last night and it wasn't any kind of supernatural event. 

It was from a micro cassette recorder long since forgotten. I heard my 24 year old self speak to me on a multitude of levels and our heart was at the center of it all. How beautiful is that?

Last night, my younger self spoke very clearly to me! She told me she was ready for the journey. She may not have known what was ahead but she was willing to get back up, dust herself off and keep going. She had courage even through her fear of the unknown, and she was willing to keep following her heart - as she so often did for her first 24 years.  

I could not have felt more love for her, as I did last night. The circle of life felt complete, at least with these particular experiences.

It was like closing a book, not just turning to a new chapter. 

The Ascension is amazing when you allow the nuances to delight you and bring joy. 
Find joy in the smallest encounters and you will find yourself laughing out loud with happiness and truly feeling a sense of readiness for whatever comes next. You are ready. Stay open to the messages all around you and follow the flow.One step at a time. 

Life is indeed good! 

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my joy with you. Be well everyone! Love and Light Always, Lynda