Monday, April 17, 2023


What if you had superpowers? What if the world was different and you could create using your thoughts? Does that sound like a fairy tale or make believe? What does it actually mean to 'make believe'? Think about it... 

We have been told many times that indeed, the key to our creation and manifestation power begins with our imagination. If one were to entertain this idea, taming your thoughts would naturally become top priority. 

What are YOUR priorities? 

Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Creation of Ascension Maps: Documenting This Spiraling Journey Upward


Documenting the Creation Process: Thoughts free-flowed about the actual process and also includes: some commentary from my other aspects and future self in the non-ordinary realms, mixed in.

The Creation of Ascension Maps: The Process for the Logical Brain ;)

I first created a living, evolving website that serves as a quantum station and learning hub... and offers many soul light gifts under the direction of your own Soul. 

The next step in building was to listen... I was receiving the path forward from my internal connection with my own Soul. I felt this would 'spiral up' so I chose to step up, get on and take the ride! I call this my ‘trust fall’ with the Universe. 

I was then guided to build out a template for the third season of Sacred Warrior Space podcast and my Soul communicated the topics which would then become each episode in Cycle 3 of the podcast.

All script writings began in a hand-written journal and was mostly a weekly download while I was out in nature. Each topic I was living  more intensely those weeks, so I could have deep new insights and remember different ways to teach and reach that inner flame of others with pure love.  I would then transcribe on my computer and save as individual documents all backed up; and create the content for each podcast for Friday night drops on my Rumble channel. 

Some of that content will be in the 'extra bonuses' that will be available in the book that's not on the website. 

When the podcast started dropping, I was very surprised how quickly the views began. It was encouraging. It was also encouraging how many times I keep seeing the numbers that are so specific and significant to me, it literally could only have been laid out, by Me... just on a different frequency somewhere..... More on that during Ascension Maps. lol

It wasn't until later, (when I spiraled around the entire project a few 'rungs above')  that it became clear these scripts could be used in many ways, including for my 3rd book!

I then sectioned off and created Sacred Spaces with intention as guided for each topic. I also created an audio/video when I was sipping a glass of red wine in celebration of this project, talking a little more candidly behind the scenes while it was still in the process and happening. (If you don't find this video on your journey through Ascension Maps, get in touch and I will tell you where to find it.)

All of my audios have raw video footage too, including my blooper moments and all that. Perhaps one day, that collection will be interesting to watch. 

Each Sacred Space is identified as numerals I-IX. After each podcast was released weekly between 2/17/23 and 4/14/23,  it triggered the quantum and multidimensional codes successively in each space through the light grid networks, to become available to all other Souls on their journey through these spaces.

It's like a big water fountain and when you get under the water, you see there's more to go in, deeper... and the farther you go, the better you can see and the lighter your load becomes... it just happens naturally and by the guidance and direction of your own Soul.

The information is completely transparent!

This is why I'm documenting the entire process of Creation and how it feels. When the light comes and the Great Spirit within you speaks, you want to listen - and it just keeps getting better and better.

Anyone can look at the Fountain of Inspiration. But to drink the purifying waters, you must fully be aware that true Soul contact will occur. This requires your inner permissions.

Are you brave enough to listen? You can also be 'fed up' enough to listen, that's fine too... many ARE!

The podcast drop is what enabled the codes to begin flowing, if you will...

That's when I actually began to visualize this entire project as 'seeing in circular spirals'. That doesn't need to make sense and won't, to most people, unless you're on this part of your path too.

Remember... every journey is unique! Everything IS connected and it's ALL energy! The Universe is truly mental! 

The entire project is called: Ascension Maps - there's just different phases of it manifesting - and it's all quantum! I've been shown the future possibilities of this simple, yet comprehensive life course, if you want to call it that. It's just so much more than I ever thought it would or could be...

It's so humbling and yet, it's me, I see.

This website is there for anyone who's searching for a deeper inner connection and knowledge about who and what they are. It offers self empowerment like never before, gifting the Foundational and Wisdom teachings released for anyone ready for it. 

It's a direct path for you to meet your Soul. And I offer it completely free of charge! No strings or anything attached... with the exception that if you can't afford to make a financial donation as your energy exchange then just refer or recommend this site (or book) to a friend or family and tribe member. That's it! 

Sharing is caring and this gift is for all of humanity, not just the 'haves' (of materiality) but also, the majority of people on this planet. 

So the podcast is obviously, a stand alone as season 3 called, Cycle 3: Ascension Maps. It can be streamed on the Sacred Warrior Space podcast website. Cycle 3 contains episodes #19 - #27.

Rumble is the host for my podcast because I was seriously shadow banned on YouTube after only 1 year on my channel (and rapid growth).

However, my number has been stuck on my Galactic Kin number for subscriber counts for over 3 years now and I SMILE GREATLY every time I see it and am reminded what path I'm on!  Thank you YouTube, for being a constant reminder when I start to forget why I'm here. Their actions actually fueled my fire to get the TRUTH of who and what we are out to humanity. 

For being on this path consciously since the mid 90's, I was to stand against a tsunami of push back behind the scenes, which intensified this last decade and absolutely did spill into my earth family life at every turn. I even lost a son who was 30 years young.

Thank God I have warrior children and have taught them independence and hopefully instilled enough unconditional love through healing and self empowerment that they will continue ready, willing and able when Divine time unfolds with their missions through self discovery.  My Grandchildren have my blood and therefore, a part of me. Hopefully, that will serve its purpose as well. 

A lot of Truthers fight against the 'machines' on this earth including corporate and governmental corruption, black magic and artificial intelligences, information and more...

But I was to be fighting in the non-ordinary worlds, this life; in the higher frequency/energetic realms. I am here to anchor my codes, assist and create, program and install the new earth grids as-well-as teach people how to remember who and what they are, while still in a physical body. I am also here to remind you to Teach Peace and to BE Peace where ever you go...

My earth family knows I'm here on a spiritual path this life and they support me the best they can.  I'm grateful for all they do, known and unknown, and yet to be revealed. 

Ascension Maps is a culmination of my Lifes' Work and it's coming into fruition quickly. I didn't expect the speed however, it truly makes creating in body very interesting. Sometimes it feels like no-time is passing when you're working. 

I tend to get caught up in my work and need to remind myself oftentimes to take care of the body because when the flow starts, you just don't want to come up for air... it's that good! 

For people who have a hard time sitting with themselves, being alone, or being in a quiet space; for those who really want to learn how to reconnect to their Spirit but fear they can't, or won't or whatever other excuse was created to stop you... please [remember] that we are living in a world 'overlay' that was created to steal and use you for your personal organic energy. IT'S SIMPLE. 

Programs were created to have you play them over and over in your 'head' - your brain {TOAL DISEMPOWERMENT} That's the physical part. It's done through signals. I won't get into all that. Another subject for deep thinkers.

Your mind is controlled by your consciousness: your spirit self: You! Therefore, you, can actually control your brain by installing and uninstalling programs meant to keep your consciousness in prison.

But how do you 'become' that You which I speak of; your Greater Self, your Higher Self, your Spirit within, your I AM presence, your Soul? Go to Ascension Maps and find out. 

Whatever label we want to place on it, IS what makes it complicated: religions, secret societies, anything that controls how you think about who and what you are - or anything that makes you feel less than anyone else is most likely triggering a program within you that was INSTALLED in this reality(program) of 3D Earth Life

You can change any program but it takes willingness to go inside yourself to find yourSelf. If you never spend time alone or time alone in nature (super consciousness really helps still your thinking brain) it's just a program that tries to prevent you from connecting to and igniting something inside yourself that you brought with you, which is the Light of your Soul.

Oh you're not taught that... and you're NOT supposed to know all the deep and ‘higher teachings’ about your light bodies and all that silly stuff about your chakras, meditation and astrology... NO, that's not for you - only 33rd degree masons or the upper levels of secret societies can know of these great Truths... ok. We're way past that now. 

Anyone who has been teaching on these subjects has also been constantly attacked, energetically as well as physically: some more on some planes and others on higher planes. Yes, this was an interdimensional war we are all living through in this time.

ALL warriors needed to wake up and remember how to protect themselves before defending others. It all happened over time, but as time sped up, it seemed to happen instantly. 

Wars within the warriors ‘selves’ became peaceful examples of higher light and conscious living. It became apparent to others by the love light they projected instead of the blame and shame that comes with fear projections. 

Incorporating the Divine principles into living realities became manifest. Healing Blossomed everywhere. Miracles began being reported. The tide shift along with the pole shift, was now felt by most. Some feel and claim they do not feel it, and yet they do: they just need only remember. Fear will all disapade with only love remaining from the chosen lessons for each and every soul incarnate and discarnate.

Planet Earth and Mother Gaia now know PEACE on Earth as a living reality with all beings ascending with her. 

Many family members of these teachers have also been attacked energetically; and they may be aware or unaware of such attacks. Sometimes it's better to not know before your time. These are the people who keep getting knocked down and yet, keep getting back up or just seem to possess that inner resolve to fight for a worthy cause 'till the end'! 

It’s known on the Sacred Warrior Path as: Indomitable Spirit! AHO!

However, all sacred warriors are capable of handling what has come their way. Many feel very alone and isolated at times or previous times in their life. Some may not have made it in a body. All are honored for the work they do and have contributed. Those not in a physical body are most assuredly assisting those in physicality. 

Ascension Maps will continue long after the website - for that could disappear in the blink of an eye. Its contributions will be measured by the quantum coding release of exponential effects; which have already begun... Go codes for all downloads and all creations are continuing to increase the light quotient readings through quantum graphing techniques. Stability reported with a baseline over 94% of Ascending Souls at the time of this transcription.

Report generated and posted. Commands for new algorithms to 'flip the flow' to its new natural position: given: 3:477

The next phase of the Ascension Maps project will be a series of at least 4 books initially, all being released over late spring and summer months in 2023. There’s a smaller learning manual, articles and script collections, bonus writings, as-well-as advanced teachings ranging in the more exciting topics such as spiritual and psychic abilities and Soul skills, etc.

Ascension Maps, the quantum interactive website, is OPEN NOW and free to anyone!

There will also be a digital PDF version offered for both the books as well; for those who prefer to read that way and for affordability. Links will be listed and posted on the main Ascension Maps page when ready to launch.  

For those who have asked or wonder why I give away my work; I'm making the entire website journey FREE to those who have been struggling like myself, in ways that can not be well understood by those not experiencing this.  This is why I make my offerings. And I do have strong opinions about those who charge excessive fees for such Foundational and Wisdom Teachings. 

My Opinion: Healing belongs to everyone - so the proper education about self healing NEEDS to reach everyone. They can choose for themselves whether or not to embark on the spiritual and energy learning paths. But the education SHOULD BE FREE! 

My Opinion: There are no SECRETS only some humans are worthy to receive. WE ARE ALL WORTHY!

My Opinion: Sacred doesn't qualify something for being kept secret anymore. FULL DISCLOSURE IS ASSURED!

My Opinion: So-called Healers who charge excessive fees are perpetuating the same system of control. Only those who can AFFORD the healing can receive…? Power-over-others will FAIL. YOU will FAIL if you do this... Oh and karma's a bitch when you get the other end ;) Choose accordingly and wisely my friends.

My Opinion: The Universe conspires to assist you remember what you always knew, but forgot, when you're ready. 

Divine Time is ALWAYS on time. 

Is this Divine Time for you?  Where will you go next....?