Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Living In ALL Worlds NOW... Accessing Your Soul-U-Lar Memories and Skills. Personal Responsibility Without Judgement

    You may not want to hear or read this... but our new world isn't just for the goodie-two-shoes or some 'fluff and stuff' propaganda meant to distract you from the 'real' world... But I ask you this: What is the Real World? What is your definition; and does that make you more right than anyone else?... 

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    The first day of the 11/1 portal gateway day is one that has been celebrated as a new year across many cultures. I will leave you to do your own research about whatever calls to you such as Samhain or Sauin, which is 'a Gaelic festival on 1 November marking the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter or "darker half" of the year. It is also the Irish language name for November.'  (pronounced SAH WIN). Wikipedia.

It's also a celebration of when the veils between the Worlds are thinnest... a time of birth and death. Pay close attention to your dreams now...

    There are many such celebrations of a new year beginning today and no coincidence with humanities synchronicities in general, we just started a new Tzolkin Galactic spin of 260 days, 12 days ago (we're still in the first of 20, 13-days wavespells in case you're wanting to follow along this time;) 

    The Numerology and direct significance is what I'm here to talk about because this portal is the most important right now, for new energies accessible for the many on these days forward and upward.

How? Personal Responsibility.... (Still here? ... Keep going...)

    You will and probably are, seeing both sides of literally everything heightening

This is when it's important to stay in balance because you truly ARE 'all of that'. You're in charge of all your thoughts, behaviors, decisions, actions, speech, harmonics and transmissions of energies, etc... ALL OF IT! 

It's time to become that.

    Time to become the Master within... your Soul living in your body, your own special Divinity, etc. This is time for the Masters to step forward in their own expressions of Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony... doing what you love to do and just be-ing that, at all times. Being in control of yourself also implies that you get to choose how and when to engage, or not...  especially your emotional and mental bodies. 

This next part may very well bake your noodle so here it is anyway: 

     You are in charge of how you feel; you get to choose the 'channel' and whether or not to engage. Ever hear the phrase, 'Choose your battles wisely'?  Eventually, we learn how to end the battle of Armageddon within us... and lay down all weapons choosing peace. Your time will be your time and nobody else gets to say when that is for you - that's a matter between you and Creator.  

     Same principle applies after you've (successfully) located your personal remote controller. Some people have never been told (or programmed) that they are in charge and they get to choose how (and when) to master their emotions. Rather, we are programmed to be (and stay) a victim of circumstances frequently repeating things ad nauseum that reinforce the victim mentality, such as, "I can't control how I feel" or "It's not my fault I feel this way..."  

   When you're doing something you'd rather not be doing, such as: cleaning toilets, taking out the trash or other chores like keeping your space clean of garbage... sing a song in your head and see your energy body, your light body, dancing and enjoying the song you're playing in your head. Take that trash out LIKE A BOSS knowing you'll feel like you accomplished something and thereby, feeling a certain better way, then if you don't do the chore well. 

Only you own your personal actions and nobody else. You get to choose how you feel when you do anything and everything. 

    See all the parasites in your life leaving in that trash bag and dissolving in an alchemical process that you created with your personal power (perhaps maybe instead of an anger or whatever rage or betrayal or whatever nasty thing you may be feeling....). 

     Your creations can include not only healings, gratitude and such but can also be blessings via your transmissions created by you. You have that power within. You ARE THE BALANCE of all you feel. 

Have you forgotten> Have you forgotten?

More to come. Perhaps on YouTube or Rumble, we shall see

    Spirit is one with me all the time. New adventures, culminations and expressions of the divine light within me, whatever I do, it is done with care, reverence, integrity and focus of my personal energy which is priceless.

    I can be in 3d with you while working in multidimensional states. Those who do not yet recognize this type of 'work' are spiritual children... some even, babies! I never justify my beliefs anymore, for anyones' lack of self wisdom or even knowledge. I speak this truth with love.  

See not with your eyes and you shall truly see. 

    My journey back to wholeness recently lead me to integrate more memories from significant artistic lifetimes. The memories about the lifetimes and the 3D labels of status are not as important as the remembrance of skills perhaps not yet acquired in this life. 

Does anyone really need to waste time re-learning something they already know? 

I ask you, "If you already know how to 'do' something; then why would you spend more time and energy that could be used for more important things (right now) re-learning? Why not just access those memories? 

    And how do you 'know' if you already know something such as, from a different lifetime? And how do you access specific Soul skills?

Great Question: I tell you to just try something you are called to try. You will know. You will be watching videos of whatever art expressions you Soul wants to experience... either for the first time or perhaps, something you've already done and you Soul wants you to dust yourself off and remember.

    You won't know until you try and you can't use the excuse that you trade your 'time for money' (working a 'job') and therefore, don't 'have time'... that excuse doesn't apply anymore and is no longer a valid argument for reasons why anyone isn't taking personal responsibility. Time IS Art! 

People ALWAYS make time for the things they want to do. PERIOD. Ask yourself, do you watch TV everyday? You have time. 

    I make myself available to assist my mother whenever she needs me. I am her caretaker. I am lucky to be able to spend good time with her and have enough free or spare time to explore my Soul's desires. Such as art in it's various forms. Everyone who has a soul has an inner artist: I don't care what you say, it's true. 

A job is only one way to work. Your time in exchange for money. 

Let me say this: The Artist isn't here to fit into the definition of what a 'job' is... they are here for a 'job' that's a Mission. When you begin to innerstand that then you are in alignment with your own personal Soul, your Divinity within. Then you will stop judging others for their choices for experiences. 

    If someone chooses to be in an experience that creates harm to their inner self that is not only their choice, but it is also their 'job' to learn how to empower themselves (through the experience) to then remove themselves from such harm.

Everyone is capable of making a choice. 

    Sometimes that choice is asking for help. Sometimes that choice is leaving someone you love who's hurting you. Sometimes that choice is telling your boss to stick it! Sometimes that choice is feeling the disappointments all around you because people in your life just don't get it and live by way of a Spirit-led life. 

Once you're comfortable with letting Spirit lead your life completely, you never doubt again. You. Just. Don't. You are all of THAT... and a bag of chips ;) 

I Love you ALL. Follow my Instagram: @TeachPeaceDesigns to see my latest woodworking Soul remembrances and skills. I'm working on what one supporter dubbed: My Masterpiece and she's right! 

Here's a pic of the progress so far and check out my Insta (link above) for more details. 

I Am Lynda Light

Thursday, July 13, 2023

My Father Crossed Over on Fathers Day. Here's His Special Eulogy

I AM sharing the eulogy I wrote and delivered for my Dad. My Sister, Mother and other family members all helped inspired my writings of this special Eulogy. I only hope he's proud!  He is one of the Kings from the Emerald Ray. 

For: June 29, 2023 Intro: (adlib) Words about Dad wondering about his own eulogy after attending a funeral for another family member; and why these words and lessons are important, for us. 

Dad, affectionately known by others as: Jim, Jimmy, James, Pop Pop, Mr Alfe, Alf, The Alf man, Uncle Jim, The Unk, and others I'm sure, was a Man of Honor. 

He instilled a lot of great qualities in those who knew him… Dad and I used to butt heads, a LOT, when I was growing up; but I'm so grateful we had time to heal from the lessons we both learned, before his disease overtook his ability to communicate through mere words alone… which he considered very important, especially considering his career. 

His life was one of many experiences, not the least of which included raising a family - which for him, was a pillar and healthy dose of pride - something I didn’t fully understand, about how he felt about me, until we made our peace. 

Dad was born in Philadelphia on August 12, 1945, (77 years, 10 months and 17 days ago). He grew up in Havertown with his parents, Pasquale and Marie; and his two older sisters, Connie and Pat. 

Whenever Dad would talk about memories from growing up, he always spoke about his two sisters with such great pride and admiration; we all knew how much he loved them and their families. In fact, they were both Queens in his eyes and always remained that way; including when he would jump out from behind a couch or hide in a closet to scare them! 

He also used to talk about his Mother with such great admiration and never once uttered a bad word about her, or his sisters - and he remained deeply connected to them and their growing families, whom he loved dearly. He shared the happy memories often, of how his Mother would have Sunday family dinners; and it didn’t matter what time the aunts and uncles or others surprise guests would come in… the door was always open and your were always welcome… and she would always feed you; even if she just finished putting away her 7 course meals (he would remember fondly). 

Dads Mother passed away before I was even two, but she got to see the house Dad and Mom eventually bought at 23 Mulberry Lane, prior to us moving in. The way my Dad spoke about her always made a very early impression on me that instilled the raw need to embody at least some of these qualities. Or at the very least, to try. 

My Dad had an interesting relationship with his Father. Later in life, I got to see how he was there for his aging Father in every way he could, despite any differences: as he would for anyone. My grandfather would come over often and dad would play cards with him at the table before dinner, pinochle was their favorite. There are many memories of my dad being there for my grandfather when he needed him the most. 

They shared a love for numbers, whether just seeing the most meaningful ones, or actually playing them… Whenever dad would win anything from the lottery, the slots or the races, he always made sure to share with his family. He was the definition of a generous man. 

He loved horses, especially the ones that raced, lol, and enjoyed the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

My dad attended Sacred Heart Grade School in Havertown and made some seriously great, life-long friends, who also held loyalty, honesty and hard work as core principles. He went to Monsignor Bonner High School and met even more friends, who held the same core values and whom most remained friends for the rest of his time here. 

Dad knew he was lucky to have found these guys early in life, with such an incredible group of rare and genuine friends, including a full-on blood brother! Dad didn’t have best friends per say, but rather, he had many close and loyal friends in his tribe. There’s so many stories to tell and I hope you’ll get to hear some later today; and that goes for everyone.. 

Dad’s oldest sister Connie married Vince, a court reporter and Dad loved and looked up to him greatly. Uncle Vince took him under his wings and Dad followed in his footsteps to become a Court Reporter, which became his life-long career. He has a supreme work ethic and instilled that quality in both myself and my sister by his example. 

Mom and Dad met at a burger joint named Scotties, which was across from the now, Cardinal O'hara High School. I understand they fell for each other rather quickly. And then early in his career, Dad was drafted into the United States Army and proudly served his Country during the Vietnam war. He was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and there were many miles traveled back and forth from there to Pennsylvania so he could see mom… and many letters too, including a couple poems written back-and-forth teasing each other about who’s Chevy was better… and why, lol. 

Mom eventually moved down there with Dad after they got married in April 1967, until Dads time actively serving his Country was done. They didn’t waste any time starting a family. My sister was born just 10 months later and then I came rushing in 15 months after her. 

Dad’s Mother crossed over very suddenly, after getting to see the house our family (and eventually mine) grew up in. It rocked his world. Something many of you know, and we all get to experience at some point; Dad now knew what it meant to experience the loss of a parent…but he held his head high and continued on the best he could; and then, along came my brother just a few short years after. (breath…) 

Despite Dads best efforts to continue on in the face of loss, God had it in his plan to take my brother, his son, back to Him, a little early. And we all know that’s not in the natural order of things; a similar challenge I faced as well with my oldest son, James. This is one of those life challenges that nobody wants! (be strong!!) 

Dad not only lost a son, but now, a 30-year-old grandson in 2018, whom he adored. Sorry to say, this is when Dads decline really sped up… but he continued to carry his cross until it was his time to meet his Maker and reunite with his two Namesakes, his son and grandson - along with all his ancestors in The 7th Heaven. 

Dad and Mom opened their home to me, my 4 children and our 3 pets when I needed them the most. It wasn’t always easy and I'm not going to stand here and tell you that he was always right, or that he was a perfect man. In fact, he would be disappointed with me if I did, because he wasn’t. 

He definitely could have a temper at times and after many years to reflect on this, I see he held that righteous rage inside, after such a tragedy as losing your son - something nobody can judge until you go through it yourself. He kept it all inside and tried so hard to protect his family from the terrible grief that overshadowed them all. 

Dad was a full-blown Protector and he would want me to speak my truth and that is one of the many things he taught me, very well. To speak my truth. I can only hope he would be proud of how I'm speaking about him today because in my eyes, he truly is one of the King Warriors of Peace, Love and Healing from The Emerald Ray; and he is now wearing his crown once again. 

He is a born Leader and he took care of his tribe. Dad made friends wherever he went. He was friendly, helpful, compassionate and fiercely loyal and he thoroughly enjoyed Family time. He believed in God and faithfully attended church here weekly. 

When Maria and I were growing up, Dad would take our family to the Nice and Sweet shop for ice cream after church on Sundays, if we behaved - which clearly we didn’t get to go every week, lol. 

He made sure we took a family vacation every summer to either Virginia Beach to visit his sister Patty and her family and/or the Jersey Shore. We also got to go to Disney World, Lake George, Host Farms, Hershey Park and other places to visit friends out of state, like New York, Ohio and Massachusetts. He taught us how to body surf and loved, Loved, LOVED swimming in the ocean and catching a wave. 

He drove us wherever we needed to go and was always there for every game or activity we were involved in. Except for one year, Dad was making a very loud point to my sister and I… and he didn’t show up to a few softball games… You just don't know and appreciate what you got until it’s not there, right?! (Great Lesson;) 

Dad and Mom were always at every game for both Maria and I, for our countless teams from basketball to softball, through many years of playing; in addition to the many events, activities, celebrations, gatherings, gigs and awards throughout our lives. He would spend time with Maria and I, whether in the backyard playing catch and practicing our skills, playing croquet, badminton, horseshoes and other family friendly games; grading us on our gymnastic antics and even rating our diving skills at mom mom and pop pops pool - or out front shooting hoops… he loved all of that and so did we. 

He was always teaching and supporting us. 

He loved BBQs and cookouts on the grill. He loved being in nature and would frequently take walks or jogs at Ridley Creek State Park; and all through the neighborhood. He loved bowling and was in a weekly league on Wednesday nights for many years. He even got my son James to join and taught him the ways of the bowling leagues. 

He was so proud of his family - all of them - and he was absolutely a social butterfly. 

Even when you made a choice he didn’t agree with, he was still there to support you. When there was disagreement, he may not have always forgiven you right away, he definitely could hold a grudge, but not for too long. His heart was too big to hold on to that and as he got older and wiser, he grew even more in so many ways to round out that heart of gold he has. 

Oh how he loved his food: especially his 2 favorites, crabs and spaghetti and Italian cream cake. We chuckle now, remembering all the funny noises he would make eating (and after)... lol. He would always try to keep your spirits up through the tough times and bring a smile and many belly laughs (to the dinner table and elsewhere). 

He always had a story to share, a movie recommendation, or a clip from TV he recorded to show us. He loved to stay up-to-date on the news and would listen to KYW on his portable radio multiple times a day; as well as Angelo Cataldi for sports and the money guys. (He listened to the original podcasts). Dad used to talk to me about the grids going down from a solar flare or a potential economic collapse, before anyone was ever talking about that. 

He would often treat us to: his singing in the shower in the mornings; and sometimes he would even belt out some opera in there, (I kid you not… Maria said that was her second alarm when she overslept in high school. lol

He enjoyed many genres of music - Especially The Doo Whop era, The Platters, The Supremes, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Fats Domino, The Rolling Stone and The Beatles just to name a few; and we would listen to his old 8-track tapes in that awesome GTO, (the GOAT, we called it) while taking family rides with the top down, out to Dairy Queen. (Dairy Queen, but we can’t go… and it’s open! LOL!

He was always available to help anyone with anything, especially his family and friends. He was a great communicator and if you needed him for anything, he was there, no questions asked - you could count on him - and that’s a very important living example we always strive to achieve. Whether you were moving or if you just needed help (or support) in some other way, he was there for you. 

Dad retired in 2012 when he first started noticing changes due to his illness. He was well-known and highly respected in his career for producing excellent, top-notch work; and for just being a great guy. We have been seriously grieving the loss of my Dad for over 3 years now…

And one last important thing he taught me, is that your actions speak louder than your words, and to believe people when they show you who they are. Dad was a man of honor and he always tried to do what he felt was the right thing, but you knew you could always count on him to keep his word. 

I wanted to keep this under the time allotment and there’s just so much more that can be said and would best come from your mouths directly later today. 

At the end of the day, what else can I say about my dad that you don’t already know for yourselves? He was there for you; as a colleague, a friend, a neighbor, an uncle, a brother, a cousin, a grandfather, a father and a husband and we’re lucky he was in our lives. 

One (more) last thing: Dad had these funny sayings or chants and I’ll leave you with two: 

1) “Whatever you do…. DO IT WELL!” 

2) “YOU are the baby, you will always be the baby and YOU can kiss the baby!


We Love You Forever! 

Friday, June 16, 2023



HELLO EVERYONE!  Here I will show you the decodes that I pieced together today using Numerology, Gematria and the Tzolkin Galactic Kin numbers and messages  [wow]; which ultimately led to: Q Drop:  231 

Decide for yourself! 

Here we go...

TRUMP UNDER ARREST popped up in a meme from an obvious 'orange man bad' actor this morning in my feed on Truth Social. It immediately came to mind to just check the Gematria on that one, just because  ;) 

{I actually had to add it in the Gematria database because it wasn't in there yet}

Moving along...


The 1st code for ANYONE looking:


I received 9 codes total, so let's continue...









IMMEDIATELY upon reading this last message, my phone started blasting an emergency warning signal.... 

 TORNADO WARNING! (But check out that time stamp!)


11:33 = MASTER GATEWAY/MASTER LEADER/MASTER TEACHER (more down below at the bottom.)


Q:1133:   "... Everything they do has been forecasted and prepared for."  (screen share)

Timestamp: 10/31/2017 11:58

10:31:7 = 1:4:7 = [147: see below] =

11:58 = 11:13 = 2:13 or 11:4 [213 and 114 Q posts are also below:66] 

66 = 12 = 3

Q:66: (see pic - numerology further down

Here's a link for anyone wanting to DYOR:   (you're welcome! ;)

Time stamp: 11:58 = 1158  (Q post 1158 shows a pic of a park - looks like Central park in NYC to me and possibly a reference to 'Alice in Wonderland' - HRC - perhaps...?... my speculation only). That 'hole' was exposed many times already. 

Moving along...

Also, 66 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3

Listening to Q in the above post, I started re-reviewing posts from that day, etc. and came across this:


Naturally, the 'Alice in Wonderland' caught my attention (I REALLY didn't want to go back down that rabbit hole (pun DIRECTLY intended). I did some digging and what I came across was the alledged involvement of the Clinton Foundation siphoning about 89% of relief funds that was supposed to go to the Haitian people after a disaster. COME ON! 

The former Haitian government official, Klaus Eberwein, who was scheduled to testify in a week about a case of alleged corruption and malpractice of the Clinton Foundation, was found dead in Miami. Gun shot to the head. All relatives and close friends say he was fearful for his life and was NOT suicidal.


We know her methods and her madness. Next...

I couldn't help but notice in parenthesis, (a single shot). What's my next move? 
That's right! 



Got myself 9 more messages (funny how that works, isn't it?) lol with great respect for the Divine algorithms!
Here are the (Gematria) 129 messages...


Well that was interesting, but it gets way BETTER!

Trump stopped at the restaurant called: Versailles after appearing for his indictment on June 13, 2023, just one day, literally hours, before his 77th Birthday! 

(SIDENOTE: BOTH of my parents happen to be 77 right now!) 

So I looked this up too. Why not? Trust but verify. Since the news was clearly attacking him AGAIN, and attacking unrelentlessly, I had to... (AND WE KNOW THIS IS TO WAKE PEOPLE UP BUT SERIOUSLY NOW... HOW RIDICULUS DOES IT NEED TO GET BEFORE YOU SEE IT? ASKING FOR A FRIEND!)

Since the number 231 was said to be a key, when you do a quick search of it, not much in the way of answers for this journey is there... but search ARTICLE 231 and low and behold...

Turns out the Treaty of Versailles, ARTICLE 231 is the WAR GUILT CLAUSE!


It's the very same clause that caused the good old powers that be in the USA government, to NOT ratify this peace treaty and sign a side deal with Germany!!! 

According to Wikipedia: (I know, I know, but still...) "...Although the armistice of 11 November 1918 ended the actual fighting, it took six months of Allied negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference to conclude the peace treaty. Germany was not allowed to participate in the negotiations—it was forced to sign the final result."  

(But not the USA: we signed a more private 'deal' with them...hmmm)

So this is why you need to do about 5-10 minutes of reading about Article 231 to learn for yourself. 
Basically, it led to the economic collapse and bitter resentment which fueled and powered the rise of the Nazi party in Germany; and then WWII ... and we all know what happens next... or do we??? 
Do we question everything we learned from people who actually experienced this history and just buy into the propaganda saying it was all made up? Was it? 

{Operation Paperclip is one thing I personally think of: OH and the resultant INVASION FROM WITHIN, but that's just my OPIN}

There's still more... (But first, a quick side note: When I'm talking about a country such a Germany, I am referring to the powers that be/were and definitely NOT the general German population and good people there who also, don't want anymore wars... like MOST people with Souls around the WORLD. 
I think ALL OF US SOULS - that aren't sold - AGREE ON THAT AND HAVE FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW.)  Rant done! 

Donald John Trump, CIC, was indicted on Thursday, June 8, 2023 = 6:8:7 = 147 = 111 = 3


Yeah, so that was a good one. 

(OPIN: Trump knows the laws and wants us to learn. You learn by not being lazy and letting everyone tell you what's going on, especially from the TV, black box and BOOB tube-propaganda device everyone is so dependent on... oh my goodness! 
No judgements, but it's definitely time to 'DO SOMETHING' which for most people who haven't yet, some research which includes: re-learning or un-learning (aka: deprogramming) and re-educating yourself: IMHO). 

Now for some Tzolkin numbers, Codes and Galactic messages that you can't ignore...

Trump was indicted on 6/8/2023 [= 3] during the WHITE MIRROR 13-Day Wavespell in the Tzolkin: Kin 126


For those who 'get' the Tzolkin, Trump was literally the '3 between the 11s' ...look above... right between the ALPHA and the OMEGA 10 day GAP (Galactic Portal Days) at the first "day between Alpha and Omega runs" Trump gets INDICTED!  WOW... I missed that earlier, but it's updated now! 

( I am supposing 'they' thought that would be a great day to do it according to basic numerology because it's a 9 in the Tzolkin and a 3 in Numerology, that's the completion of something...  I'm also supposing: because it's during that particular wavespell, they {would have} tried their best to use their black magic and spell casting, black rituals etc... 

But something else...

Remember we just talked about the Treaty of Versailles? 
Guess where it was signed? 

You'll never guess, hehe...

Check this out: 


Can you feel it? 

Do NOT continue on until you see it, clearly and make that connection about why Trump stopped at that particular restaurant and it wasn't just 'Cuba' as lamestream is saying, lol! 
(That's an entirely different deep dive)

CIC Trump turned himself in for this indictment the day before his 77th Birthday on June 13, 2023. Happy Solar Return, Sir! (Salute)
Yes, his Birthday is on Flag Day - another confirmation about his Divine appointment for this job! 

June 13 2023 is the first day of the Blue Monkey Wavespell in the Tzolkin, Kin number: 131 {SIDENOTE: The '3' is walking right between the Master Gateway - wow! }  

June 13, 2023: Kin 131: Blue Magnetic Monkey

It's ALL  "CENTRAL CASTING"  remember? 

Donald John Trump, CIC, has his Birthday on June 14, as mentioned above. 
Day Code: 6:14:7 (6 147 again, lol) = 6:5:7 = (11:7 or 6:12) = 9 
(117 and 612 below)

9: (short version) completion, finishing the task, finishing the cycle: or completing a particular mission. 

Q: 117 

(The Art of War: by Sun Tzu - I believe... Great book btw.  Although I'm NOT a fan of war at ALL or in ANY WAY!) 

This is what FUELED my inspiration (among a few other, more personal reasons) why I started by TEACH PEACE ORIGINAL STORE back in March 2004. After they made such a spectacle of the execution of Sandam Hussein in Dec 2003. I understood then, (OPIN ONLY) he didn't want the Central bank; and then they went after him after previously installing him and propping him up - he may very well have been a war criminal, but you could just feel that we weren't getting the entire story on THAT situation.

Weapons of mass destruction was the battle cry and then all that happened... yes, it did! He had NOTHING to do with the towers or attacks on 911 - we all know that was a preplanned demolition now, especially considering Rumsfeld admitted all those BILLIONS went missing - and the other buildings that somehow went down that same day which had the evidence (or so they say and we WILL find out the TRUTH)... Oh and all that footage without the planes... yeah, we KNOW!


You can see how easy it is to unfold and unpack all this once you get going. When they say, "It's ALL connected" that's 100% TRUE!

The Numerology Basics

11: Master Gateway, (make a wish), cooperation, intuition, instinct, psychic, relationship, teamwork, inspiration, idealism, illumination, enlightenment

33: Master Teacher, Divinity Trinity, the power of 3 multiplied, Holy Trinity, Holy Spirit, communication, connection, creativity, unique thinking, creative expression, joyful, naïve, optimistic, youthful, charming

6: Unconditional love, ability to support, nurture and heal, compassion, empathy, beacon of hope, embodiment of heart and soul, service to others, supportive, protective, romantic, caring, harmonious

66: When you see the number 6 (or any number) there is ALWAYS a higher and lower vibration - we ARE living in duality after all - think of yourself - Yin/Yan spiritually speaking that is... So you can think of the highest octave of the vibration for this number, which is unconditional love frequency of the heart center. Now, DOUBLE THE LOVE. It also open the 6:6 portal gateway which leads up, to and through the Solstice on June 21, 2023 and beyond, now. This signified the opening to higher dimensional frequencies and access to our Galactic star families GATEWAYS OPEN!

I feel like the flood gates are opening and BTW, here's the Q post for the number that is the KEY, according to Gematria: definitely has codes needed for SOMEONE - please share this so it can get around all my timeouts and held back (protected?) algorithms ... someone needs to see this imho.
Thank you.


I love you Always, 

I am right here with you! 

I AM Lynda Light, Kin 147 = 3 


Thursday, June 8, 2023

June 8, 2023 Codes


Teach Peace

DAY CODES for: June 8, 2023

Tzolkin: White Solar World-Bridger, KIN 126 = 9

265 = 211 13 = 4  "Operation Viper Strike, 265"

June 8, 2023 = 6:8:2023 = 687 = 21 = "Her really is Jesus Christ, 265"

943 = 97  = 16 = 7  "Seventeen years to wait, 265"


9: Completion, endings, cycles, potential, transition, transformation, humanitarian, wisdom, wise, understanding, supportive, awakening, tolerant, respect, accepting, experienced, spiritual, sacrificial, compassionate, aware, source of comfort and healing for others

4: Strength, hard work, foundation, stability, efficiency, discipline, practicality, dependable, dedicated, tried and true methods, wise, rational security, consistency, loyal, service oriented, patient

3: Trinity, communication, connection, creativity, unique thinking, creative expression, joyful, naïve, optimistic, youthful, charming

7: wise, questioning, researching, listening, sensing, powerful intuition, spirituality, curious, drive for truth, perceptive, intellectual, mysterious, introspective


12: Growth, success, independence, inspiration, partnership, flexibility, balance, trust, faith, wisdom, strength, sensitivity, magical: 12: also embodies not only the 1, but the 2 and the three as well. The Divine Trinity is embodied with the 12 = 2 plus 1 = 3. Also hidden a little bit deeper is the Master number 11 via the Trinity: The Master Gateway within which your Divine Trinity has access keys to = 111 = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 and so much more…  

13: Manifestation, transitional, transformative, similar to 4 with solid foundations in the physical, tangible outcomes, practicality, dream fulfillment, independent,  independence, self-sufficiency, self-expression, charisma, powerful

* Although some people consider 13 to be unlucky probably due to its association with the 13th card in Tarot, which is the DEATH card, many other people consider it to be VERY lucky and quite powerful!  Those who consider 13 unlucky simply do not understand that the representation of a 'death' card is multidimensional and a death occurs every time just prior to a new cycle beginning. More often than not, the Death card speaks guidance to the transition for the beginning of a new cycle. It absolutely could portend an actual physical death as well; so great care should be taken when you’re reading and interrupting cards for anyone if this card shows up.

37: the mirror to 73 and considered Heaven on Earth codes with the 3rd and 7th dimensions coming together. When you see either of these double delicious digits paired together, you can be assured that your higher dimensional family is watching out for you, you are exactly where you need to be, and you are loved and protected beyond measure! Also, when you see these numbers they will greet you with a BIG warm smile patiently waiting for you to notice, and want to smile back!


White Solar World Bridger, KIN 126 = 9

Solar is the 9th out of 13 Tones (913)

It's Power: Pulse

It's Action: Realize

It's Essence: Intention

World-Bridger is the 6th of 20 Seals (620)

It's Power: Death

It's Action: Equalize

It's Essence: Opportunity

Although this transition could feel VERY personal and; although you may be a sensitive and attuned to higher frequency spaces and locations, these new energies coming in may feel a bit tricky to navigate until you get your perception straightened out. Allow the old ways and systems of control to have their death. They did choose this path, just as you, my Dear Beloved Ones, chose your path. Allow all the grips from the old to release and fall away as they are doing right now. Let it all go!

Divinely Guided CODES:

The Divine Masculine (12) is walking on solid footing now, together with the Divine Feminine (13). They are reunited, grounded and anchored together... which is truly, Heaven on Earth (37).

It's in our face! Can you see it?

3 = 12 and 12 = 3 = Divine Trinity Codes!

33 is the Master Teacher codes.

Who is YOUR Master Teacher?

I love you ALL!

I AM right here with you!

I AM Lynda Light

Lynda Light