Monday, March 14, 2022

What IS This World?

Does anyone have a definitive answer to that question? There may come a time when we feel as though 'all is lost' and that threshold will be different for everyone; yet there is a distinct pressure cooker for the collective to experience the next moment after all seems lost, as a whole, together as One Species

This will be the tipping point we have all been moving towards with individual, as-well-as collective hopes, dreams and therefore, deep desires to be a little better today than we were yesterday. Because with the deep desire to live in peace comes a desire to be better while establishing the new constructs that will govern our world moving forward.  

First, you must start with a clean and solid foundation, which is why it's taking so long... clean up jobs across the planet to remove pure evil have been underway for some time now. If you aren't aware, you can always uncensor yourself from the platforms that openly do this. You know which ones. 

Continuing refusal of truth has a different expiration timer for every experiencer in a body. Your time to align and receive truth of light from within is perfectly on time. Stop worrying. Your internal timer is also integrated within a larger cycle and long-ago established plan that will not only liberate, but also escort humanity from the grips of an evil force so unbelievable, if you knew the entire iceberg you wouldn't be able to sleep at night! Be grateful you don't know everything, yet. 

Soon enough. 

Soon enough the world will know and how do we measure time now? It will come to be known as: before and after this event that nobody will miss. It will become such an historic moment in time, that time itself will seen to stop and nothing else will matter. 

I always talk about the one thing that would unify everyone would be the children. Saving children from the atrocities that is yet to be made fully public; because of the propaganda machine that is mainstream media's refusal to cover it. And leaving trails of body bags and lives in ruin for those brave enough to speak out early on, is something we have all witnessed whether or not we recognize it has to do with our internal timer. 

Has you're timer gone off yet? Are you paying attention? 

Being complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity by not covering truthful news or pushing known, false, harmful and fatal disinformation gets you tried for Treason in this Country!  Just because we haven't seen this yet in our lifetime doesn't mean it won't happen.

There absolutely are and will be Military Tribunals. Wait for it. In fact, when it does become 'public' the entire world will be watching...

However, if you are unplugged and truly awakened you know there is a plethora of information, documentation, links, sources, evidence and plenty of memes (to help keep it light with some humor) in the uncensored world.  Perhaps find yourself where you are free to talk without fear of censorship or worse.  

Everyone is learning how to do their own deep dives when they are ready to learn truth. 

You can take that to the mountains! (Instead of the bank... you know, cause the banks are gonna be having a really hard time this year while being fully off the SWIFT Banking system now;)  So let's talk about the banks for a hot minute:

All banking institutions management and upper levels are now on NDAs. Which basically means they can't talk about the new Quantum Financial System or they could loose their job or even stronger penalties. 

Why the big secret? 

Well, that's a loaded question but let's try to look at this reasonably. We are transitioning from one system to another. Do we want to totally destroy the old system to start all over from scratch or do we want to clean out all the corruption and build upon a remaining foundation; a better, stronger and less corruptible system that's transparent on the blockchain? Not a difficult choice when you're being realistic... 

If people knew the amount of corruption and what the old banking system was truly intended for, there would be a run on the banks immediately and the economic system would crash in a way that only the globalists and corrupt bankers and politicians would appreciate, but not necessarily feel. 

The IMPACT of such a run now, would effect everyone below only the very top of the pyramid and would have lasting effects the likes of which we have never experienced. The globalists have been trying to force the Great Reset they control. Their 16 year plan included a lot worse then our world is right now. 

The truth of the matter is: if you are not on an uncensored site then you probably don't know what's really going on. Or perhaps you heard about these things, but when your communistic and totally censored social media platform throws a so-called fact-checker at you, you just believe it because they say so...

Have you ever checked a fact-checker? I have. They are not good sources from my experience.  

Every hear about that prophesy that said we would live through a time in the United States of America with two Presidents? Well now... 

If these concepts are new to you, then I highly suggest you get yourself uncensored information. The TRUTH will not be stopped. Nothing can stop what is coming and WOW is it coming in full gear this year! 

Better buckle up if you haven't already! 

With unconditional Love in my heart, I wish all of you reading this a very fine day and I wish you all Peace during the upcoming transition into TRUTH!