Saturday, March 4, 2023

Abundance Codes for Humanity: Released on February 25, 2023

 The Halls of Abundance are now OPEN! The Halls of Abundance open after passing through 'the passage of tests' after the Halls of Amenti open; and after passing all tests. Just one human needs to pass from the holy bloodline. 

The cave-like tunnel area is wide enough for several people to walk side-by-side, and long enough that you can see both ends clearly and the light is so bright, it’s warm and hot almost….

It would probably take you around 12 long paces to reach the other end. Two steps in on your left is an opening, doorway, passage… about two more steps on your right (was) another passage, doorway, opening; but it disappeared and reappeared at the 7 paces mark and to the right and up a ramp (this was the true passage point for the next destination, at 7 paces in, and UP after turning right). A little farther on your left and just before the main gateway, is another door, passage, tunnel to the left. 

You can hear the echoes. It’s familiar. It’s built with gold and other precious metals, but mostly gold. The light seems to come from within and I would call it more
illumination rather than light. 
* Now what you go through to get there and what you go through to get out, one would most definitely call, light. 

The abundance codes are now being released to all of humanity. The abundance codes are initially activated quantumly by an individual who doesn’t even know what they are doing, until it’s time for the release to humanity. Once it happens, it cannot be stopped nor would you ever wish for this to be so. 

When you go through the passage and the Halls of Amenti open; humanity goes through a test. The multidimensional tests are massive. It’s always better for the ‘human’ not to know there is a test because when they have known in the past, it has only created much anxiety about 'all of humanity' on their shoulders. Additionally, it provides a more accurate barometer for base-level readings which cannot be faked or falsified in any way. 

One might call this a light quotient reading, more than a situational test. One can be good in 'situations' but maintaining a particular level of light (their light quotient) after absorption from the influx, is a much more accurate reading for longevity of probabilities for various timelines. Which have already been accumulated, reviewed, decided on and stored. 

An example would be your base level of light. Then you have a flux level of light which contain the highest levels of spikes; then you have a high peak (suspended or sustained for some time) level; then receding peaks and eventually back down to your base level - which, if absorption is a co-joined conscious event (ie someone breathing in light while they’re sungazing, lets say, or consciously grounding the incoming energies…) then the base level would always rise or level up, after the receding peak formations. In the quantum graphs. Think holographic...

Previous nose dives in flux, (and even base) levels comes from sudden traumatic or fearful situations and fluctuate greatly: including the stress from knowing in advance what the tests actually are used for: mainly: determination of humanitys’ evolution into divinity consciousness; and were prevalent in fully becoming aware of ones’ own demise - which ultimately co-created the extinction level events.  

Becoming the deciders of allowing humanity to undergo this long, arduous and tremendously empowering time in space, would ensure that when the Creator focused on humanities' situation, the delivery of codes were placed in the hands of those who are in the field directly for the Creator at their decision; and they knew not of this in advance. 
Everyone agreed to the rules for the changing of the guard, the procession of time, the promised time when the pendulum swings the other way and wow, has humanity earned that swing… it’s been held up at the other end by traitors in your own race, who were deceived by those not in your race; but who dangled earthly riches and power in front of them… and they were enticed, entranced and empowered in the created matrix which overlaid the original template of earth and all her inhabitants; this then spread to disempower every one. 

Knowing in advance became too much to absorb by only a few, who couldn’t even be told they were being tested in the most severest of ways. The path chosen did NOT always include information and informed consent of these tests before incarnation - and yet it’s a feeling that somehow your soul would know this kind of major thing, would it not? One would have to agree to take on a life including so much pain, trauma, torture and everything in-between; and in so agreeing, not be coerced by nature of no-choice in order to protect another innocent. 
There is no law that states the free will of humanity can be coerced without knowledge and consent prior to incarnation in a way that violates their free will of duality choices not subjected to coercion of needing to make a choice to protect another innocent; if that innocent was placed in danger by the coercers in order to force a life path that included karma to be resolved by the coercers; thereby projecting their karma onto the pure souls: In NO WAY is that allowed or acceptable; THIS is CHEATING and violates Universal Laws; specifically laws 5 and 6 and MUST be rectified in accordance with BOTH Universal Laws, IMMEDIATELY! 144:147:33:44:4 These are punishable offenses within and without and THIS is called out for immediate recompense so that healing and balance can begin.  
The protective cocoon and amnesiatic state of consciousness for the entirety of humanity would have prevented such disastrous power grabs; if the coercers were not using beings to cheat for them seeing beyond the veils and other methods. That CHEATING is also called out, NOW!  
Whenin these many countless cases of abuse and Crimes Against Humanity, the coercers are hereby now ordered to stand down and not act on any souls who are, or were previously categorized as innocents or pure souls - including by not limited to: the ancient ones and any other star being, or intergalactic races whom have made so much sacrifice in the rescue missions for humanity against the power beings who infiltrated and tried to destroy earth and her inhabitants. 
Experimentation is concluded on the non-informed/non-consent basis. Rectifications are immediately demanded and ordered to begin: 144:147:33:44:4

Blessings for all of HUMANITY and all beings of Light participating in her birth into the 5th dimension! It’s time to share what you know, behave and get along because the party is just getting started! AH’O! WWG1WGA We ARE One!

Massive GRID Overlay - NEW TEMPLATE Installed!

 If you follow along with any of my works and teachings (through articles, podcasts, books, courses, videos etc.) then you know I'm a grid worker (among other planetary missions in this life). I don't post every time there is a shift; HOWEVER, last night something happened that I've never felt before quite in this way. Let me explain…

Last night (3/2/2023) around 10:10 pm Eastern United States time (EDT), I felt, witnessed and experienced the overlay of the new grid system! I'm very tuned in to happenings on the grids and have done much work to be able to say that. 

While I traveled across the country two years ago, I did a lot of work where my physical body needed to be on location for several reasons. One reason was that I could receive the energetic downloads needed for my work on the grids; and the second reason was so that I could anchor in certain points of the grids where it was needed and do repairs and cleanups in multiple dimensions, on location. 

A few places just needed me physically present to complete my mission. 

Now if you ask me if I did it because someone else didn't do their part or because we were short people to complete the jobs... I actually have no idea. I never asked. I was guided to do the work I did and that is all there is to it, as far as I'm concerned.  

I believe we are all here to accomplish certain tasks or missions. Some have more work to do than others. Some signed up for more work simply because they can handle it or they know how the job needs to be done. Some get certain jobs because they can't be compromised and others are being tested: on the job training, so-to-speak. 

Sometimes the job can be arduous and other times, quite joyful and rewarding. Oftentimes it's just 'becoming the job' - or becoming the mission. That's what matters. 

So back to last night.

I was feeling the weight of density come down on (and through) me, not unlike other times when densities shift; and I felt the typical equilibrium shifts and stirs, I knew I was becoming more light within and just figured it was my light quotient increasing again with all the incoming solar flashes and flares carrying the light from our Grand Central Sun through our local sun. Some label these episodes as initiations; until you have a recognition that it's you and your light body's integrating more in your human physical body. 

I could feel it heat up in my hand first. I've felt this many times before, and quite often recently. This time was different because I knew at a deep level that it wasn't soul family, or ancestors or any other being outside of me... it was me on the inside! I was lighting up on the inside... wow!

You can't light up on the inside without the structural support for those energies. It's like playing a game and you can't level up until that level is actually created... make sense? We are creating the next level for humanity and so many have no idea of this happening right now!  

So I had to take a beat and step into the bathroom, knowing the cold water splash on my face wouldn't be enough this time. I needed to lay down and integrate all this. As I lay in my bed hoping to not throw up from the unstable, heavy and whirling feeling, (that's not unfamiliar) I received a download about the grid systems. 

Typically when I have physical experiences like this, it's usually my personal ascension and upgrades in the light of my Soul. [Becoming one with all that is... is NOT for the weak]

This time was different. 

The download I got didn't need to get integrated and unpacked, as it typically would in the past when I would get HUGE downloads at once. This time, I knew instantly after asking, "what's this?" that it was the overall grid systems.

When I took a look at the grids (while laying still on my bed in a way that settles any nausea attached to the whirling of incoming energies) I saw the new template of grid networks overlaying the old systems!!! It was the grids that were settling within me... and the others who anchor the grids consciously. I created a course on the grids after returning from my journey. If you're interested in learning about the grids, you can find it HERE.


I'm surprised to have witnessed this and yet, my Soul reminds me that I'm not only a grid worker who has done much work, but that I'm able to tap in and see the templates on the new system by using my quantum sight. 

I've been teaching people how to open their quantum sight for the last year and a half. I've taught many people various things with their energy. I teach true self-empowerment and that includes how you are connected to the grids through your chakras. I don't withhold my wisdom in hopes for a payday or 'steady income'. (One of the many reasons why I left Patreon and did my trust fall with the Universe.)

I learn something every time I teach

It has also come to my attention recently that a fair amount of spiritual teachers are trying to bypass their personal lessons hoping to avoid the karma they've created. It wont' work. They are often aware of what they need to heal but it's too icky for them so they continue to try to heal the same thing over, and over and over... instead of taking the full deep dive journey within. Oh they say things that sound great; but have yet to hold up that proverbial mirror...

This is empowering information, if you're not aware! 

As I mentioned, I recently decided to do a trust fall with Spirit. I ended all contracts, memberships and obligations from my Patreon site. Everyone, including myself, have been set free. This move was in response to Spirit reminding me that we come from a place where there is no money and we share and have everything we possibly need or want. 

I won't go into that too much, because a lot of people have a hard time remembering and it causes cognitive dissonance often. People don't understand why I do the things I do when it comes to following Spirit. All I can say to that is we are quickly moving into a time on this planet where abundance for everyone will become the living breathing reality. I did my trust fall because Spirit needed to test me, I suppose. We shall see. 

I've also been creating a love gift for humanity, as part of my lifes' work. It's going to be considered a free quantum resource that anyone can journey through, regardless of their financial situation. I suppose I needed to live with so many financial constraints in this life so that I could fully know what it's all about with a super fresh experience leading right up to the abundance for humanity.

When you want to take a course, or go to a workshop (I'm only talking about spiritual classes but I suppose this applies to all classes and courses and workshops)... and don't have the money to do it, it's crushing! It's also the same Soul crushing feeling when you want to eat and don't have money; or you lose your job during the plandemic, or can't make your rent and get asked to leave your home (during the plandemic)... been there, done all that... and more! 

I took command of my homelessness by taking to travel. I met some wonderful soul family since creating my YouTube channel 4 years ago and several key soul tribe family let me couch surf my way all the way across the country! Without that assistance, I would have never made it to Shasta - that was my third time trying to get there. One time I even had an all-expense paid trip to California to accept an award I received for my volunteer time as an Alumni at my local community college. I was IN and fully planning to go, except someone very close to me was being released from a hospital for their mental health struggles and I needed to be home for that person instead. I made the choice to stay and did have the support to go anyway; but I knew who needed me the most and I chose to stay. 

If you're feeling like the Universe doesn't have your back, you're wrong. OH SO WRONG. You are so much more than this little human ego wants you to believe. The ego personality wants to be in charge of everything. When you surrender to your higher self and begin your journey within, you find that you are so much more than just your human. YOU are NOT your body. You are only taking it for a spin this life. 

Can you take it with you when we ascend? I don't know. I've thought no, then I thought yes, then I realized it's ok to NOT KNOW! The reward for patience is patience... so let's be ok with not knowing everything right now while all these incredible changes are taking place. New systems are being put into place and everything will change very soon.

When is soon?  I hear you ask... soon enough!

How about you ask your Soul directly what messages or advice they want to give you? If you haven't started your journey to reunite with your Soul, I invite you to go to and begin your FREE quantum and fully interactive journey within.

Sharing is caring. PEACE!