Friday, May 19, 2023

The Next 52 Days...

We're in a new Castle for the next 52 days: A Blue Castle of Transformation!

We also happen to be in a new 13 day wavespell called Red Serpent Wavespell that started yesterday. Today is a new moon and with Jupiter now in Taurus which began only 3 days ago on 5/16, 2023 well, it's magnified! 

Whew! That's a LOT! What does this all mean, you may ask?

For those who read my work regularly, the first day of a new wavespell every 13 days is all all about attraction. Magnetic attraction for all you need to fulfill your goals: people, places, things, resources, etc.  

Be careful what you are attracting!! ESPECIALLY over the next 10 days!

When you're aware of the cycles, you can work directly with them. Such as today beginning the new 52 day Blue Castle that's right in the middle of the 5 castles within a 364 plus 1, day period. 

This castle contains both the Alpha and the Omega runs of GAP (G=galactic A=activation P=portal) days - which are basically, two (Alpha and Omega), ten day runs. Or 10 days IN A ROW back-to-back, of these GAP days. 


This doesn't even include the astrology happening right now with a Grand Fixed Cross right now, and so many other planets at or near 0 degrees all heralding a new beginnings for our planet and all the species inhabiting her. 

So the Alpha run of 10 GAP days in a row begins today! 

We have a chance to really pay attention to all that we need to change or let go of that which no longer serve our purpose, our missions, or our personal and collective good. 

This is such a new time that humanity hasn't experienced these energetic assists before and so much promise for better days. One can't help but get excited and dream about all the potential the new times will bring; especially with an evolutionary jump in consciousness from all the DNA upgrades we are receiving... the likes of which humanity has never experienced before. 

Miracles are all around and soon to be told by every mouth able to speak! 

With all the hopes, wishes and dreams right before us, it's no wonder humanity cried for Divine intervention. You were allowed to look, but not touch. This was all manifested for the 'haves' and not the 'have nots' paraded all around and all over for YOU to covet as you glamorized these false gods and their massive riches of materiality. It was a club you aren't part of (and glad not to be imho). 

The time for this false matrix of lies and experiments needs to conclude and it is, under Divine Command and Decree. 

DCD = Divine Command Decree... inverted = CDC... who tired to usurp the Divine Plan because they coveted the Divines' ultimate power. They tried to make manifest a global governance of their self-appointed positions by commanding the entire world with lies and deceit while they enriched themselves even further. 

Their New World Order has failed miserably! 

They ARE being exposed and will be dealt with according to their Crimes Against Humanity. DO NOT DOUBT THIS! It IS happening and will be revealed for every being to see; although many will look away when that time comes and that's ok because they will always remember the TRUTH. 

There are many who played their roles from behind the scenes but always remember the Butterfly Effect when you're wondering how this all came to be... 

In the words of Mary Margaret Meade, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." 

Always remember that small changes created larger outcomes. Sometimes all you need is one person following their mission and path, trusting in the Divine Plan and following the whispers of their Soul for guidance - even when it doesn't always make sense. 

One person has the capacity to effect so much more than you can possibly imagine, Dear Ones. 

I'll leave you with this for today: Ponder THIS...
- What do you want to change in your life?
- What small changes can you make to allow the whisperings of your own Soul come through more clear
- If you KNEW every time your Soul said something, wouldn't you always listen
Ahh and THAT is exactly why we were gifted with free will... 

"Your Lesson is the Reason for Your Choice" - Lynda Light

Are you following your inner Divine Plan? 
Do you know when your Soul is speaking to you? 

If you answered no to either question above, then I highly suggest you go to and begin your free soul journey for more answers. You will remember what you forgot you already knew and maybe you'll pass this Gift To Humanity on to someone whom may be in need right now. 

I love you allways and I am right here with you! 
Lynda Light