Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Cells of the New Reality

You are projecting your realities right now. When you don’t see with your spiritual eyes this can be confusing because you want to believe you are creating; but without actually seeing the multiple dimensions with your physical eyes, how can you possibly be 100% certain? 

This is exactly what will change for everyone very soon. After the event occurs and every being on this planet has opened eyes to see the real world in truth, your certainty will enable you to quickly adjust your gifts, powers of creation and manifestation.
The white-out wave (which is more translucent with sparks of rainbow colors) will wash over absolutely everyone and everything. This will immediately kick start your DNA to activate your heart center portals, from which you will project your new realities
Yes, there will be people creating from a place of fear and this is what is meant when we speak of helping those who need it during the great cleanup. True, the planet will need some assistance but that is the easy part. Healing the waters and the land will be as simple as your desire from love to assist Gaia. You will be creating from a place of love all around you, projected out from your heart centers - which can be thought of as your ‘cell of reality’ forming the new Earth.
Your cell will be your multidimensional reality that is all around you, everywhere you go. Your very own self-generated field projected from your inner portal located in the heart center. You can expand that cell to whatever you’re capable of creating. You will see all of the layers in the truest sense. There is no limit to what you create.
This is what you have been working towards and waiting for. This is when your memories will come flooding into your consciousness, your joyful reunions will happen with your full awareness, and celebrations will be ongoing.
The great cleanup begins after the adjustment period takes place which will include choosing to help those who are in such confusion that they simply cannot control their creations. You will have the power to bring a protective bubble around their creations so they do not harm any innocent ones.
This will all come from a place of love and understanding that everyone has the right to create what they will. However, since you are creating the new Earth together, this must come to pass that such lower vibrations will simply not be allowed to pollute this new Earth reality.
Any creations coming from a lower vibration will not be able to penetrate your field or any field create from love. They simply will not be able to enter the new Earth cells or realities, unless you choose to allow them in your personal field in order to teach or give examples to help heal during the great cleanup. This sadly, may not even be enough to help some unless they truly want healing.
Try to think of a bubble that cannot burst. If someone of a lower frequency comes near you, you may feel your bubble push in from their projection of reality, but they simply can not burst your new cell and enter your field without your conscious decision to help raise them up in vibration.
Although you will all co-exist for an undisclosed time, true bifurcation of realities will happen gradually and not instantly.   
You have experienced all you have ever needed (and more) to know this is what you desire and now choose of your own free will. You have been through enough and your time is here. You are all ready. When the great cleanup begins - after some short adjustments, healings and some playtime - every cell with a new Earth reality projection is calling out to other cells of this same vibration and will attract to each other like magnets. Cells of the new Earth reality will combine to expand.  
You will see everything very clear as you are first playing, celebrating and enjoying this new reality. You will see the field around you and the lightness and beauty of it all. You will see where these other cells (or bubbles) of joy and bliss are located around other people. You will want to come together because your cells will combine and then expand greatly. This is how the new Earth will manifest in your very real, reality.
You will also see where the rate of vibration is lower and although you want to help others during the great cleanup, it will also be very tempting to just keep connecting with other cells that contain the new Earth frequency. You want to shake off all the dense energy once and for all, but you have compassion for those you can still assist. You will find balance when the truth is apparent.  
Understand that nothing can harm you or change your rate of vibration and projection except you. You can wear your field everywhere like armor and accessories. You will be able to encompass others in your field simply by being around them and only if you choose. Those who have a desire to learn and grow will want to be around you and you can place a temporary protective field around them - another type of cell - so they can practice their own powers and use their gifts accordingly without needing to be with you all the time.
Everyone needs to learn for themselves at some point. That field you generate for others will automatically dissipate when they are ready to project their own new Earth cell without fear. This protocol was set in place by you ensuring no being would be energy dependent on another, ever again. You also wanted to be sure nobody was left behind if they show a true desire to learn and grow by making the effort of their own free will after the truth is revealed. You are truly compassionate.
You will see the confusion and fear in what was the old template (or 3D field) still being projected by those who haven’t done the work or were still sleeping and show no desire to do the work. There will be various times you can try to help but ultimately, they will need to make a final decision when all is revealed and actions will speak about all true intentions. Those who refuse to change self-serving interests will never be able to project the new Earth cells around themselves.
After some time of the great cleanup, more and more new Earth cells will be combining until the entire planet is encompassed with this new field. You are actively creating this field now, but you will see it and become an active participant when all is revealed. This is your time of disclosure. This is your time of vindication. This is your time to stand up and be counted. This is why you incarnated and this is the time to celebrate the way you’ve always known you would. This is your victory.
Here are your gentle reminders. Practice your projections now with light and love. Detach from all people, places and things that no longer serve your highest good. Watch your knee-jerk emotional reactions to see what else you need to clear out of your being and out of your personal space. Clean out your space. Listen to your body. Simplify your life now, as much as possible. Focus on only that which brings you joy. You are at the finish line and you will remember everything you once forgot.  
Enjoy the last part of your very long journey in forgetfulness.  Blessings, Peace Love, Light and Joy to you always.