Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A New Cycle Has Begun: The Evolutionary Leap In Human Consciousness

We are living in truly unprecedented times. There is a large group of my readers who also have the life experience of living before the Internet was considered a daily necessity or even an extension of ourselves. This has enabled the planet to become a much smaller place with huge potentials. 

The debates regarding whether or not we have used technology well is still ongoing. However, I would like to shine a light on a more multidimensional perspective and how this affects our physical bodies. This reflects how humans are currently taking the leap in evolution of their consciousness and reclaiming personal power that dwarfs the currently available technology. 

There are many humans waking up to their true selves. That is a bold statement, but I am also part of that community and can speak from my experience. I have written in previous articles about developing your senses and what that truly means. Today I wish to convey a larger point for the entire collective of people who may not understand what is currently happening. 

Everything Is Made Of Energy 

Most people understand this very basic truth. Instead of trying to explain String Theory here, I will try use my words to paint the picture of what is happening to your bodies at this very moment. I may present some points that challenge your very core belief structures but I ask you to suspend your disbeliefs and use your discernment.

The basic concept of energy in the physical world is that all solid matter vibrates at a certain frequency along a spectrum. On one end, you have dense matter that vibrates slow. The other end would be invisible to your physical eyes because it would vibrate fast. 

When we begin to understand these concepts you can approach healing your physical body with a brand new perspective. The ancient Art of Energy Healing goes back as long as humans. Finally, energy healing is rightfully becoming more mainstream - because it works at a fundamental level and has proven to be effective. There are many sources for you to do your own research about energy healing. If you are reading this article, you probably already have experience or knowledge with some type of energetic healing modality.

There are many new types of healing technologies based on frequency alone.  

Not everyone is aware that electronic frequencies have been considered a viable option for treating various diseases (including cancer) for a very long time.  If this interests you, research Dr. Royal Rife.  The more disclosure we receive - as a collective - the more we can demand these technologies be released. The good news is that times are definitely changing and the technology that can help us (and not poison us) is finally going to become mainstream. But it's still a process.

Self-Generated BioEnergy

I've been involved in energy healing since 1998 and I've seen a lot happen over the years. The type of frequency a person self generates comes from the portal vortex of energy in the center of your chest - also-known-as your heart center - or as a lot of people call it, your heart chakra. 

Humans are currently going through a grand awakening all across this planet. They are becoming more aware of the truth about their multidimensional being. The leap in human consciousness is happening right now while we are in the midst of unprecedented times when our bodies are taking that leap as well.  

As our planet continues to traverse through the plasma light rings, that light will continue to increase the baseline frequency of not only our planet but our bodies as well. The baseline frequency of our planet has just increased again within the last week. This will surely bring up the more dense physical issues in people who are still sleeping or just hitting the snooze button with their personal awakening. 

People tend to cling to things that are familiar. Change is difficult for those who have no concept of living a multidimensional life. Their conditioning has solidified belief structures and it's not easy to let go of core beliefs that were handed to you from childhood. I talk in detail about all of this in my new book, Down To Earth: Common Sense Spirituality and Self-Empowerment just released and available now on Amazon. 

Self-Empowerment Is The First Step 

A lot of people are waking up fast with no prior understanding of this ascension process and evolutionary leap in consciousness.  There are many beings incarnated as humans who are here to help. One of the main reasons I wrote my book to to help people understand what is happening in a common sense, basic and practical way. In addition, I wanted to help dispel the myths surrounding what the ascension process is all about. 

The search for your soul continues...

As you awaken to your true inner connection to all that is, you find your energy source that is always available. You find that you can make an actual connection to this eternal source and begin to use your senses in a multidimensional way. Once you discover what you really are, you can ignite your gifts enabling you to heal, create, manifest and live an intentional life that is in alignment with your true purpose. You no longer look out into the physical reality for information or validation about who you are and why you are here; you walk in your authentic nature with the full capacity of your entire multidimensional self.

I understand self-empowerment is the key to moving forward and this is why I share what I know. As long as people are looking into the physical world for their energy source and their validation, they are dependent on the energy of others instead of themselves. I am here to help people rediscover what they already know but have forgotten and there are many others just like me who are of service helping in this way. 

You Are A Multidimensional Being

Time, as you know and understand it, is a false construct. Meaning that linear time is for the purpose of your experience in matter (a physical body) along a continuous timeline.  You live your life along a certain timeline that you are plugged into, so it appears to be one continuous experience - and you only seem to perceive what is happening along this particular timeline that your physical body can perceive. Brilliant, right? 

Actual time is circular. Meaning, everything is happening at once. This is where people will scratch their heads and say they don't get it and it gives them a headache to think about for too long. I would grant you this time to hit the pause button, but let's keep moving along anyway, shall we

Logically speaking, you are not supposed to understand. You are currently made to forget your true nature -  which is multidimensional. Your true power has been stolen so to speak. You are conditioned to believe against your true inner power for reasons we won't get into here. You are conditioned from the time you are born and bombarded continuously against anything perceived beyond this reality. You are operating in a dense reality that is more like a video game that you are plugged into. You have also forgotten you agreed to play in this grand game. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

We have all heard or known of somebody who can see, hear, taste, smell or feel beyond ordinary reality. Think of a medium or clairvoyant who can see, hear and speak to deceased loved ones for your reference. The other senses we don't hear about as often but they absolutely do exist. These abilities are considered gifts but would be more accurately described as facets of your multidimensional being as you start your journey to rediscovering your soul. 

Your physical body is an amazing biofeedback machine and is capable of so much more than we have ever been told. When you begin the journey inward, this process of reconnection and rediscovery typically takes time and practice. Although not as much time as in the past and many are waking up and re-establishing inner connection at rapid speeds. Your experience is unique so go easy on yourself and remember, it's a process. 

Journey Inward For Reconnection

When you begin your journey inward through the practice of meditation (and there are many ways to do this), you can re-establish your connection again and begin to express more of your true nature. Remember the most important thing is to listen to your body. Your body will be your best friend in telling you what it wants and needs through this reconnection process. Your main job is to listen!

Everyone is different and their ability to hold more light (which will increase your personal frequency rate) will depend on various things. You may need: more sleep, less sleep, more water, less sugar, less food, more food, different kinds of food, less alcohol, less exercise, more exercise, and the list goes on.

If you find other sources telling you exactly what you should be doing, please by all means learn, but use your discernment because everyone is different and our body is the best source of information for what it needs, if we will only listen to it. You probably already know that things like processed foods are not going to help your body. 

The more you listen, the more you will learn.

Learning the language of our physical bodies with reactions to what we put in it (like food) and learning the language of physical sensations to energy around you will then lead you to learning the language of your soul, which is light. Being able to understand light means you are able to interpret information (light is information) and translate it for logical brains. The way that I am able to communicate through writing (physical communication that can be seen and read by your eyes) is a good example. 

Once you are capable of translating the light codes you are receiving - and you are receiving codes all the time now - you are better able to understand the true nature of your being, a spirit having a human experience, as more than a concept but your true reality... your multidimensional reality.  

Nobody can do the inner work for you. Only you can make the decision to choose inner work. These times are truly incredible and we are fortunate enough to be living in a human body... right now.