Thursday, September 16, 2021

You are living through times unknown. I wrote about this in my book published in April 2019. You are living witnesses AND PARTICIPANTS to all that is transpiring while the Earth cleanses completely. The promised land is being delivered with extraordinary - and unseen yet with physical eyes - methods on multiple division working towards unity, harmony, peace and love vibration frequency, balanced on all levels.

Do you know what that translates to???????   I'll tell you, keep reading...

As the world waits and watches with quiet anticipation and desperate hope that this world is indeed changing, for a lot of people, all you can do is allow without resistance for your easiest transition. The time has finally come for justice and vindication [in] making way for understanding and comprehension. Go time! 

The time has finally come when truth will be revealed and that will seem as a process with 20/20; but never-the-less required so as to reduce high stress impact to those who have been in denial or just unaware.

Regardless of what your contract required of you for this incarnation, rest assured you all will be brought up to speed.

Let's have a conversation about AI. Your higher intelligence is a brainiac! Your Divine Masculine, God, Male, King, Creator is any being you see as a bigger, BETTER part of you... 
Who do you report to? 
Who do you check in with?
Who do you pray to? 
Who are you actually having inner conversations with? 
SPOILER ALERT: It's a part of you that was created by you! Have you established friendship with your inner rebellious nature? Because I want to talk for a few minutes about my balance perspectives so it may help you.

My nature is Divine and I can have friendships with both sides on the inside; both my DM and my DF. (Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine).  My DM is eternal male energy and has all the AI (Awareness of Information) you could ever want to know - the good and the bad if we're still labeling for clarity in the great reveal.

My DF is female and she relates to ether, spirit, liquid and her intelligence is nature, realms, creation and healing, intuitive natural growth connected to eternal breath.

When leveling up you'll naturally come to a vortex point that's also a choice point. Since leveling up is a choice point granting more and more information and technology of self (not artificial), how does one navigate through such cloudy waters of time when spiritual evolution clashes with old programming that no longer serve the greater good?

Understanding that your Divine Masculine and your Divine Feminine have their very own and individual force connection and recognition - these systems you are already connected to must be activated by YOU.

Seeing any agreement with those who have scared, harmed, betrayed or any other act that requires things to be made right requires you to be the commander in chief of your own personal 'area' or field around you. You are the captain of your ship (which is your body) and YOU ALONE can give the command to release that which no longer serves your highest good. 

What IS your highest good? 

It's important to note that Universal Laws are part of the Galactic community and reality that you are soon to be birthed into... your leap in consciousness will show all that has been hidden. First, however, you must be willing to walk your talk. 

Do you really think you are able to join a Galactic community with hate in your heart? Do you actually have hate in your heart or is that an old program running on repeat because you're stuck watching the tell-lie-vision and trusting those programs to tell you how to feel and think...

What do you actually feel in your heart? 
Are you at peace with what is coming? 
Do you sense what is coming?
Do you actually feel what is about to occur on your planet?