Friday, March 16, 2018

Make Your SELF Happy

Completing Yourself

Over the last month or so, I've heard from a number of people who are struggling with relationships. Why struggle? If it isn't working out, then why stay? Why do we try to force a relationship if it is bringing us so much pain? If there is a lesson to learn, why can't the other person see how much pain they cause?

We all know relationships are sticky business when it comes to fighting, pain and residual battle scars. It also seems simple to just say, 'walk away'. Most of us know it's not that simple to just walk away from certain relationships, especially ones that we have built our lives around or with the expectation of doing so. 

I will tell you right up front in full disclosure and full honesty, that I do not consider myself a romantic relationship advice-giver; nor do I see myself as an expert. With that being said, I can tell you without a doubt, what has most definitely not worked in my life and from my spiritual perspective, why this was the case.  

If you see male and female as strictly opposites and gender based only, there in lies the problem. 

Most people understand the concept of opposing but complimentary forces such as yin and yang, um and yang, night and light and so on. When one is learning about such concepts, it is typical to also see male and female lumped in to the equation. This could be confusing serving to only reinforce constructs that enforce separation with inequality at the root.

However if you are speaking as male and female energies that are opposing but complimentary and with the eventual merge concept, then there is no problem and you must grasp this concept well. 

I challenge you to see further. I challenge you to see beyond the typical descriptions of what you've been conditioned to perceive in a limited way only. I challenge you to see the male and female both, within yourself; for you truly have both energies as part of your signature. 

Think of your energetic signature as your unique blueprint. An energetic signature is to your spirit, as a thumbprint is to your physical body. Your energy is Universal Life Force which is androgynous as your rate of vibration increases - as your density lightens

The beautiful part is that higher frequency energetic signatures are made up of both divine male and divine female whole and complete packages. The wholeness for which we've longed for in our relationships and the completeness for which we have been searching for our entire lives has been tucked away safely in our hearts all along. 

We are searching for ourselves.

We are on this journey to find ourselves and we never had to look any farther than our own hearts. If we keep looking for someone else to complete us - or make us happy - and we keep looking on the outside for someone or something else to fill our void, then we can never truly find the happiness for which we are seeking.   

Our longing comes from an innate desire to finish our own personal completeness. When we unite the inner male and the inner female we become complete. We feel whole and our cup is then full. We don't need to take it or steal it from others by trying to fix them (because we know better) or trying to tell them what they should or shouldn't be doing (because we know better). 

We know within our hearts that we have to do our own inner work to complete ourselves and this requires us to actually do the work, ourselves. There is no other way. You cannot pay someone else to do it for you and you cannot pay someone else to tell you what to do or magically remove and heal all your stuff. 

Only YOU can do this work for yourself!

You can pay someone to remove blocks, read from your records, heal something, attune something, tell you about your past lives or even connect with your deceased loved ones. They will probably have some good and generally loving messages for you too. There are many skilled ones here helping others. But times are changing. People are waking up to the fact that everyone has gifts and abilities. There is no exclusion to your birthrights. If you do the work you will reconnect to your Source. 

When you start to trust your own inner power your internal guidance gets stronger - like a muscle - and with some discipline and practice - you will be able to start navigating with your spirit in charge again. Your memory will come back online as you begin to trust the male and the female within YOU! Both have an equal half to your Divine wholeness. Your true Divine Twin is actually you!  

If you are holding your light strong people come to your field and healing will occur naturally. I'm definitely not saying that you should or shouldn't go to see someone and pay them for their expertise. On the contrary. We need to discern the difference between when to ask for help and when we are just being lazy with entitlement drama.  

There are people who can help get stagnant energy moving so you can remove issues for good. But when someone does energy work for you of any kind and gets it moving, unless you do the inner work and stop allowing old records to keep playing on broken mode, the issues will not completely resolve and will repeat until you fix yourselves. Remember that lessons are repeated until they are learned and denial is a very long river. 

I know this sounds harsh for the newly awakened ones. I promise you this is not as it seems. When you make a decision to take full responsibility for everything in your life, things start changing and your understanding grows to catch up to your wisdom. You cannot have access to wisdom you do not understand. 

You must first decide with your intention to change and grow and then what happens is absolutely change and you grow and you understand the wisdom that your heart is guarding very carefully, until you are ready. 

Your mission right now is to complete yourself

Spiritually complete energetic signatures - with male and female combined - are able to bring transformed human consciousness into multidimensional planes of existence. The realms for which we traverse during dream time (only to forget our nightly travels) will become the reality for which you soon discover is the true baseline of your existence. 

You remember to live every moment finding joy in anything and everything. When there seems to be no joy around you, it is then that you remain neutral and do not get sucked into the drama all around. You plant your seeds of light by just shining it. You do not hide. You share what you have because your cup is full, not because you are told that makes you a good person. You choose interaction or no- action, versus reaction. 

You become the living example for everyone around you and all those who come into your field just because this is your Universe. Everyone has the ability to create and live in their very own Universe centered and grounded within their human hearts. 

As you ascend, find the joy in as many moments as you choose to let your heart smile. When your heart smiles, the light is recognized by all other lights, just as your darkness is also recognized. Choose to take your personal responsibility, stop blaming and complaining and do the inner work. You are ascending!