Friday, August 10, 2018

Moving Forward In Times Unknown

Moving forward can feel like the most challenging thing to do when you're in the middle of being stuck to your feelings. Those feelings could be considered attachments, but we'll take a peek at attachments later. For now, ask yourself, "do your feelings control you, or do you actively use them as a tool?"

What do I mean when I say, "...use them as a tool"? For starters, do you consider your feelings to be annoying, startling, scary, hard to handle, too much or even, overwhelming?  Or do you have a handle on reading your feelings as they come in, like a personal guidance system? 

If you don't see beyond the physical 3D material world yet, try to imagine the energy as constantly moving, like a body of water. Now put yourself in this body of water and you have life in your body, here on Earth. If you don't know how to swim, you will probably swallow some water and cough a bit when a wave passes, most likely. 

Learning how to swim is part of the waking up process

Floating is a skill you develop along the way after you can see and accept the water you are in. Once you can keep your head above the water, you can learn how to float with the waves. You use less energy when you are able to float and it actually becomes more enjoyable as you learn how to relax into it. 

While floating, you can begin to sense when larger waves are coming from the currents and pulls of the water. The really large ones are obvious and most people - even those still sleeping - can feel when something really big is approaching. 

As you realize you are part of the eternal body of ocean/energy/life, you start to reach out to test your skills. You may let your ears dip into the water and you notice you can hear better. You may drop your head in entirely and even dare to open your eyes! Perhaps you have a pair of goggles so you have no fear of stinging your eyes. 

Along the way, you may have something float across your path like a life vest or something to hang on to. You also have been clinging to this the entire time because you were always told you could drown in deep water. You were also told to fear what you can't see. 

You have never put your head in the water because this flotation device has stopped you and given you a false sense of being safe. Therefore, you haven't developed any extra senses that you can call upon at will. 

Your muscles have become weak because of your clinging. 

You have also become lazy from your lack of strengthening your muscles by swimming every day. You failed to learn how to bob up and down because you feared going down under to far. You fear going down under because you listened to the programming and other people that said it wasn't safe, instead of listening to your heart and internal guidance. 

You feel scared and alone. Like nobody understands how tired you have become. 

All you want is for that rescue boat to come and get you. Other times, when you float really high over a very enjoyable wave, you feel elated and can't help but wonder what else could be waiting for you in this great big body of water.

How did you even get here? Why are you there? 

You have questions and you want answers. Not much else really matters except the truth. Along the way you have met many other beings in the water. Some look like you and others look very different. Some can swim better than others and some even can hold their breath for a very, very long time. 

You have made many friends along the way but ultimately, you always wind up  by yourself. Even after you make some promises that you will travel to the end of the journey with others, sometimes you wake up after sleeping and they are gone. Often times they just drift away when a wave passes through. 

You have become accustomed to all of it and you start to feel like the journey will never end.  

It will End. It always does so something new and different can be explored. 

A really large wave passes by and you see something from the very top. You're not sure what it is but you remember a homeland and it starts to jolt your memories. 

You make a decision to master the skills needed to keep swimming. You no longer want to wait for a rescue. You decide it's up to you you to get in the line with waves so you can begin to actually ride them to your destination. 

You want to learn how to surf! 

You want to feel everything there is to feel. You want to hear all the sounds in the water. You want to see the truth of everything there is to see beyond the veil of where the water meets the air. You know there is more because you not only trust, but you have memories of when you've had a taste of it before and you long for it again. 

The process of waking up occurs with ALL. Everyone will wake up one way or another. It's easier to do it (here) when you are aware of 'deciding to' do it. There may come a time soon when a huge wave beyond all waves pulses us into a new vibration and cannot be denied by any still blind and deaf in the heart... but before that event takes place there is much work to be done. 

People are NOW currently awake, aware and living in multidimensional reality while in their bodies. And more are making the connection with their Source Creator everyday! No longer can people lie, for it can be seen and felt by those awakened already. The world is changing rapidly. 

When you feel overwhelmed by your feelings, just remember this: You are learning how to use them as your personal guidance system. No longer is it viable to deny feelings or let them control you. Let go, move forward bravely and trust you are Divinely guided.

The tools are VERY SIMPLE: As soon as you start to feel overwhelmed...

1) Breath deep and deliberately.
2) Imagine LIGHT and breath that into the top of your head. Bring it down through your body - especially through your heart and out your feet into Earth.  
3) Bring light (by breathing) to the source of your discomfort.
4) Exhale negative energy.

YOU GOT THIS! We're all in this together <3