Tuesday, October 12, 2021

LET'S PRETEND!! Remember that game when you were young? Oh what fun!!
What’s that you say? You could use a little positivity, fun and magic in your life again???
AWESOME… cause I’ve got a super fun game to play: Lets pretend that we remember our spirits before coming into this body.
Let’s pretend we remember for a few minutes, that we can create with our minds again…. Don’t worry: this won’t take long to read and promises we'll part with you having received a gift, blessing, insight or bonus… however you choose to see it.  

Let’s begin!
Close your eyes, just kidding, you have to read this first haha!

Read this:
Imagine you were to suddenly be able to communicate - and comprehend - a conversation within your mind that was taking place as you engage.
You go thru all the formalities of vetting this communication without fears but with full confidence you are in control and you are recognizing the spirit part of you, some call it the Higher Self, some call it Christ, some say the Holy Spirit or maybe even your soul: there are plenty of names. You begin to allow your ego personality to learn from your inner guidance: you also remember clearly that you’ve always listened to your inner voice because when you haven’t, you found yourself wishing you had… and now you start to know exactly when you’re in denial and avoiding something about yourself or making excuses.

Now, it’s time to create!

The training wheels are off baby, and you are Master of your own energy fields. That is your personal free space. And, wherever you go, there you are - as a wise man once said.

Your free space in the universe that is also your energetic field - within the radius YOU determine and maintain around you, is something you remember to Master.
~It was part of your life mission here~ Which is ok by the collective to disclose here; the rest is for your personal alignments as your own master builders within. 

Your heart locations (heart chakra and high heart) anchors your fields to the grids within and around you, and around the earth - your choice to allow the grids to flow thru you is part of your self recognition while your empowerment is strengthened - as you are part of the light, it is everywhere! You stand in the collective, individuated, as a conscious light being and anchor. 

You are connected to all light grids around and within the earth!! Standing consciously in your light makes it a lot brighter on the grid, and a lot hotter too! The force of vortexes contained within every human potential is ginormous!!! Wait till humanity finds out they are the generators of the free energy - FIRE THE GRID everyone! 

Truly awakening is not, nor will it ever be, political. It is personal and collective for not only the species of humanity, but for every thing and every one, literally. 

Below is a communications received not meant for you if you don't comprehend and no worries, just skip on through for the rest...


Imagine you can generate energy from within yourself by using your breath, vision and imagination to generate motion... How would you encode that motion you created? How long can you play with it and keep it in your focus before sending it out? What would you encode it with, as-far-as your intentions are concerned? What purpose will it serve? Will it be for the Greater Good? Will it Teach Peace? Will it teach Love? Will it heal? Will it help contribute towards a better society that we want our children and their children and direct lineage to inherit?
There's a lot to think about...
But it's also one of those common sense, no resistance feelings you get inside (and physically) called your gut instincts or some such nick name. At a certain point in time, you become aware of your multidimensional condition: and your translations of energy into English; and light into codes becomes highly valued when a cross stream reference point intersects with data point streams bundled for mass distribution on the network across all grids below and above; accessing features of space streams for recognition points and granting certain procedures permissions for Operation 144.
All systems ready: all commands go !

ahh Introspection, gotta love it! Introspection can be very refreshing, you know...

Back to the game.... Imagine you can see the energy, as you intend it, but first...
Allow it to be revealed to you in your visions…
Allow yourself to see the visions as images float across your awareness...
Do not judge or react to any picture or image you see in your mind systems.

Begin to remember how you interpret light and how you are able to translate this from your awareness to your inner wisdom and then share it with people.
Keep visualizing what you want to see instead of what you don’t want to see and remember you know how to do this!!!

It’s fun to pretend so why not make a game for yourself to see and visualize what YOU want in the world and that includes all your supper human abilities and magic too!!

Creating miracles in healing and health advancements with quantum leaps; and more truthful science - like quantum theories of all kinds and truths that are currently being revealed!! How you can connect with the quantum computing systems which are overlaying all our communications, just at faster frequencies.

Wow indeed, things are going to move so fast it will be an explosions of incredible breakthroughs for the entire planet and worlds populations!! The human brain can create structures in 11 dimensions!! Go to the Duck or Google if you must, and check it out! 
​So much more to come...

Are we keeping up and do we need to? Short answer: Yes
Long answer: we have our inner teachers with us at all times!
Remembering how to use our consciousness creates fun and brings magic back into your life, but it also reveals a true authenticity in your life that engages your most personal inner knowings… at a core and basic cellular level… for your spirits mission in this lifetime!

Are you ready to engage your spirit??
Let’s pretend you are: ready set go… see you on the grids and at location points!! 

If you want to learn more about how to connect to your higher self and how to do energetic work on the grids, or just need some spiritual guidance, visit TeachPeaceDesigns.com or visit Lynda Light on her YouTube channel HERE