Friday, May 26, 2023

Decree For Transformation

It's a Special Day
in a way
That's not been here before
The Truth of  your glory
Is part of the story
And one you can't ignore

Here's a Decree
to say with me
And lift you to eternity - and renew your possibility

In the name of my I AM
My command means that I can
Restore me to my natural state
with Love and light and never hate
Repair all of my DNA
I command this very day
I proclaim my sovereignty
As never before in history
With all my memories, skills and gifts, 
Transforming All so it uplifts
Everything that's in my life
All the pain and all the strife
Any remaining density, and
All of the intensity 
of lower realms still hanging on
I command them LEAVE, and now be gone! 
Alchemize what needs to stay
and make me whole this very day! 
What's good for me is good for all 
so send it out to be installed 
Across the grids in all formations
Opening the transformations
Setting right what has been wrong
Reparations move along
The time has come so we begin
Transforming Self from deep within.

Author: My Soul 
Vessel: Lynda Light