Saturday, May 27, 2023

Day Codes - May 27, 2023: White Planetary Wizard: 114

Day Codes 

5:27:2023 = 5:9:7 = 21 = 3

White Planetary Wizard: 114 = 6 

Gematria: White Planetary Wizard = 258 = 15 = 6

TODAY is the 9th day of the 10-day Alpha Run of GAP (Galactic Activation Portal) days. 

3-6-9 Nicola Tesla codes

TODAY is also the 10th day of the Red Serpent 13-day wavespell. 

10 = perfection, new beginnings, goal oriented, innovative, 1 = independent, ambitious, proactive, pioneering, motivated, freedom-loving, powerful, driven to succeed, stops at nothing in the direction of dreams

Number codes:

3: Trinity, communication, connection, creativity, unique thinking, creative expression, joyful, naïve, optimistic, youthful, charming

6: Unconditional love, ability to support, nurture and heal, compassion, empathy, beacon of hope, embodiment of heart and soul, service to others, supportive, protective, romantic, caring, harmonious

9: 9: completion, endings, cycles, potential, transition, transformation, humanitarian, wisdom, wise, understanding, supportive, awakening, tolerant, respect, accepting, experienced, spiritual, sacrificial, compassionate, aware, source of comfort and healing for others

Today, allow yourself to get lost in letting Spirit guide the way. Surrender to the child within and say yes, show up and have fun in the moment of not knowing what may come next. Be present for others and that is your present, your presence. Allow others to drink from your fountain only if you have an overflow, otherwise, put your own mask on first and protect your energy only once by commanding it by your own authority and then forget it for the rest of today, until you express your gratitude to the Universe, your team and your higher power before heading off for your nightly journeys. 

Anything can happen on a day like today so enjoy every precious second and try to get out in nature and be around other people if possible. Perhaps take a walk at a local park to encourage your earthly connections. 

Remember: Your lessons are the reason for the choice! 

In Full Honor, 

I AM Lynda Light

Blue Self Existing Hand 147

5:10:1969 5:07 AM EST 

147 = 12 = 3

5:1:25:5:7 = 5:1:7:5:7 = 25 = 7

37 = 10 = 1