Sunday, May 28, 2023

Day Codes - May 28, 2023: Blue Spectral Eagle: 258

5/28/2023: Blue Spectral Eagle: 115

5:10:7 = 13 = 4

Blue Spectral Eagle: 115 = 7

4 + 7 = 11  

11 = Master Number: Gateway!

Today is ALSO the 10th day of the Alpha Run of 10 GAP days, extremely powerful day of manifestations! 

ADDITIONALLY, Today is the 11th day of the Red Serpent 13 day wavespell...

We have ourselves an official 11:11 gateway - and it's wide open with new beginnings folks! 

11:10:11 = 5 

5: change, curiosity, freedom adventure, experimenting, possibilities, adaptable, social, flexible, movement, exploring, unpredictable, outgoing, energetic, independent

4: strength, hard work, foundation, stability, efficiency, discipline, practicality, dependable, dedicated, tried and true methods, wise, rational security, consistency, loyal, service oriented, patient

4 in tarot is associated with the Emperor

7: wise, questioning, researching, listening, sensing, powerful intuition, spirituality, curious, drive for truth, perceptive, intellectual, mysterious, introspective

7 in tarot is associated with the Chariot

The Emperor arrives on the wings of the Chariot to deliver you insights, messages, aha moments and clarity. You may have sudden shifts in your perspectives about what's really and ultimately important in your life and begin to see at a deeper level how this effects your life on a daily basis. Taking ownership of staying exactly where you have your power, in the moment of the still point in the center, will benefit you today and always. You find your balance when pondering in non-ordinary ways. You heart know the way.

1 = independent, ambitious, proactive, pioneering, motivated, freedom-loving, powerful, driven to succeed, stops at nothing in the direction of dreams

10: perfection, new beginnings, goal oriented, innovative and all the qualities of 1 but bigger, wider, stronger, more intense

11: gateway, cooperation, intuition, spiritual, influence, instinct, psychic, relationships, teamwork

I love you ALL! 

I AM right here with you! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Thank you to all those who have served their country, In gratitude forever! 

I AM Lynda Light