Friday, October 20, 2017

What Do You Believe?

What Should You Believe...? 

Should you have strong beliefs? Should your beliefs be borrowed from someone else? Should you believe everything you hear on the mainstream media? Should you believe everything you read online? Should you believe Google? Should you be basing your beliefs on what you learned as a child? 

Should your beliefs be based on an interpretation from only one book? Should your beliefs be based on only the information that you've been told from other people? Should your beliefs be based on what your friends and family have told you? Should your beliefs be rigid? Should your beliefs be set in stone? Should your beliefs be so solid that you immediately doubt new information? Should your beliefs be what your were conditioned to believe? If you don't understand something, should you immediately doubt it?

Well then, that's a LOT of "shoulds" isn't it? As one of my favorite Professors used to say, 'Stop 'should'ing' all over yourself" - I borrowed that saying from him and use it frequently nowadays.

I'll tell you what I'm not going to do... I'm not going to tell you what you 'should be' or 'should not be' doing. What I will tell you is this: when your beliefs are based on information that was conditioned and projected onto you as a child and all throughout your life, you may want to take a step back and suspend all beliefs as-well-as doubts when new information is presented. 

Personal Experience is the Most Reliable 

It just may very well be the case that perhaps any belief is best when understood from personal experience - not someone else's experience, but your own!

Perhaps it would be best to allow for some narrow wiggle room so that the light of truth may in fact, shine in and light up your world with inner truth so that you too may feel the peace of understanding the personal experience that provides your basis for forming any future belief systems. 

Perhaps there is a slight difference between a belief system and the actual experience of truth. Perhaps it's possible this has been kept you, from you. It is a possibility and I won't tell you anything about that... or what you should or shouldn't 'do'... because finding your truth is your mission, and it's a part of your reason for being  here reading these words now, regardless of the date.

You found this and are reading it exactly when you are supposed to. You have an understanding about enough truths that brought you to this point - and may you continue on your path with a fervent need that drives you as the main importance in your life now. There really is no-thing more important than this.

Your Heart is Guiding you Home

Miracles are and will continue to grow in experiences until everyone has been touched by them. Your personal experience allows for you to make that leap of faith in trust that your heart is guiding you home. 

Every experience you have had so far has been orchestrated by you at some level, believe it or not - matters not. We are all One and that is a truth whether or not you were ever taught this or are willing to believe it. Let your heart tell you if this rings back to you in a way that resonates as a truth (for you to confirm with your own personal experience).

You will physically feel the oscillations in your human chest. Pay attention to the physical sensation all over your body. Surprise, the 'chills' are not simply the chills, but you're in a biofeedback mechanism designed so that your body can tell you what you need to know. 

Start listening to your body

Allow yourself to feel that you are not this suit, machine, body that you are NOT your body! When this truth becomes an experience for you, personally, you will start to perceive all the physical sensations that guide you on your mission. 

Take the pre-mission instructions and find it out for your self. Find your truth and let your body be your feedback.

Meditation is a great way for you to get in touch with your body and its signals - so is Yoga, but I personally, need work on that one. I prefer meditation and have dubbed this as a date with myself. 

This is the most empowering way for me to get in touch and stay connected with my higher self and a multitude of dimensions beyond this dream in 3D reality. The path continues...