Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Transmissions - Sunday, October 15, 2017

Road Trip to NYC

Today I was supposed to go to New York City to an event that promised to be really spiritually awesome. I was both a little scared and slightly worried about driving up there by myself and wasn't fully committed until (mostly) last night after speaking to my youngest son Steven, who gave the last push I needed to go - instead of visiting him again. He must have sensed how important this was for me to see these children saints, as they were being called, from India and receive all the blessings that would surely come.

They were to demonstrate their shatkis or the spiritual powers of an open third eye, fully open and activated. We were to sit in front of them one by one and they would read from the Akasha and do body scans, which would naturally allow for healing to occur within each of us.

Anyway, I haven't told anyone about this trip except for my oldest son James yesterday, after we had a brief conversation about life and death during which he revealed that he's been having some crazy dreams. And he reminded me that when he was younger, he could actually see with his eyes shut, but it scared him and he said he supposed he just wasn't ready for it at that time.

I arrived home exhausted yesterday and decided not to go see the family band but rather, I went to bed early so as to be ready for my trip today. I had a dream that I went to NYC to the event (fully documented in my dream journal) and realized the children who were supposed to be there, were not the same people who showed up. These people were frauds. I was very disappointed - a feeling not unfamiliar to me in my many, many years on the path. I wrote the dream down, not paying too much mind to it and prepared to get ready for my trip.

Higher Self Connection

As I sat on my porch sipping a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette (full disclosure here) which would hopefully be my last day (again - but this time, hopefully the last time), I noticed my energy starting to expand. I sat up straighter and felt very peaceful. I had a deep sense I was connecting to my higher self more fully than I have yet, and I felt my heart chakra expanding with a cooler sensation around the rim of the center.

The inner information poured in and I knew I had a soul connection to Hiawatha. The birds, trees, wind and physical sensations all confirmed my inner knowing and the peace that I am here to continue to bring in - peace that I have long sought to plant in the minds and hearts of those who would be fertile soil with which to germinate for thousands of years.

Peace that would only come to all who have now returned at this time, when the Great Cosmos have opened the Gates to pour in the love/light energy which we are to ground in these human vessels now. It's beyond the Great Awakening - it's the resurrection of the ego with Spirit - the way it is...

Radio Silence

I knew trust was a major component and many have struggled seeing such peaceful ones destroyed in human form. Although never destroyed at their true Source; for which now is the time when all who are brave and incarnated will express their true nature in spirit for everyone to light their fires and shine bright, their own connection and source light within.

Nay-saying will quickly become a thing of the past and how-to, will become the norm. It's like all the things you've ever dreamed about as a child that are finally coming to this moment.

So, I left, ready for the event in NYC and stopped at Wawa to gas up and grab some necessities. When I got back in my car ready to go, I reached for my phone to turn on GPS but my phone was radio silent! It was completely shut down and unresponsive - as if it was out of charge.

I was on alert immediately - Does this mean I shouldn't go? I asked. Nothing. Does this mean I should wait a few minutes, like, to avoid some accident? I asked. Nothing. What does this mean - surely I couldn't navigate my way without GPS, I thought. Should I be visiting my son Steven instead? I asked. Nothing. Still, my phone wasn't responding.

Ok, maybe I missed something and my phone didn't charge last night, I thought. So I took out my charger and plugged it in. Nothing. Dammit! Ok, so I'll wait, remembering the heart (physically feeling the energy in a newly expanded way just this morning). I'm not upset, I'm not emotional, I'm just curious and not sure what to do here.

Maybe my heart had something to say since my phone was unresponsive to my many, many out loud questions while pleading for some sign of what I should be doing. My heart said wait. OK. Now I have something. I decided to open the sandwich I was planning to bring with me on the trip and proceeded to eat it slowly while settling into my calm center again. I was regaining my trust, balance and peace within while feasting on a mostly dry Reuben. It wasn't that bad though.

I thanked the spirits of all living things that gave their life so this sandwich could be made to feed me, remembering how Hiawatha spoke of these ways for giving thanks every time you ate something... and so I did. When I finished, I checked the phone again. Still nothing. The radio silence was deafening. Should I just go home and give up the event? Perhaps. If I did, I would probably just go and visit Steven.

Trust is Key

Something then came to mind, that perhaps the many times I checked GPS in planning the trip, including just this morning to determine how much money I would need for tolls, perhaps I could get their without a phone. HA, I would need a lot of trust for that! What if something went wrong? How would I call anyone? What could happen to me? All of these protests my ego presented to me seemed very reasonable - but something told me to take stock - so I did.

Newly inspected car, fully legal and new tire, check. Enough money, check. A very good general idea of where I was going (even though I didn't recall the road numbers, exactly), check. Could I pull it off just following my memory from maps and, trust? Good question. Ok, so what's the worst that could happen if I head up there? I have a good car, enough money and a decent idea where to go - so why not?

I'll tell you why not... because I was scared. I was very scared. I detest driving in the (any) city and gosh, I've never driven in NYC before... I was truly scared. Then I bargain: Ok, so I'll start driving towards 476 on Rt 3 and see how I feel as I get closer about going all the way. Hell, I drove across the country just last summer (practically), didn't I?

Buck up Lynda - we're going! And I left. I reminded myself multiple times I was safe, protected and felt like I passed some cosmic test when deciding to trust. I felt more and more confident and felt better already. I was going to do this. I was ok. Everything was ok and I needed to be there.

Show Me a Sign, Please

I'm now in Broomall nearing 476, maybe a few miles away and I decide to make one last statement to the Universe. Please show me a sign if I'm not supposed to go today but please make it really obvious like (I start to think about an accident between where I was and 476) No! No! Not that! Cancel that thought. Perhaps a sign that hits me right in the (I begin to think about a bird crashing into my windshield) omg...No! No! Definitely not that! Why on earth would that even come to mind?

How about something as a sign that's really really obvious and nothing had to get hurt or die but so I don't miss it please? Nothing happens and nothing is an obvious sign to stop me from getting on 476. I enter believing I was on the right path in full trust that I would make it to the event in NYC and back without a working phone. I was fully confident this was happening.

I get to the end of 476 and enter 276. I cruise almost all the way down and I'm starting to look for Jersey Turnpike signs. Next I would be looking for Lincoln Tunnel signs and then things would get really interesting. All the sudden, my low air tire light screams at me destroying any sense of safety I was fully immersing myself in. What? Why?

No, please no, not my tire. How would I call anyone? My phone still wasn't working. Omg, how could this happen? I just got a new tire less than 2 weeks ago and I was very familiar with the low air light signal. Please don't let this be happening, not here, not now...the protests continued. Please just keep me safe so I'm not just sitting on the side of the road without help.

I promised I would get off at the next exit if my higher self, guides, angels, light team and anyone helping would get me there safe. I suppose you could say I reached a panic level rather quickly. I probably called in the entire cosmos to help me at one point and suddenly, like a gentle quiet whisper I could feel, I suddenly remembered that I asked for an obvious sign.

Then I remembered how my low tire light came one night right after a left my daughters place in West Philadelphia and I made it all the way back to West Chester with the light on. Why was I so quick to panic? I did ask for that sign and here it was, right in my face. The Universe has quite a sense of humor.

So I don't have to get off at the next exit and find a gas station. I needed to get off at the next exit and turn around and head home. And that is exactly what I did. The thought occurred to me that it still could be any one of the other three tires, but instead, I chose to trust. I got what I asked for and I was not supposed to be in NYC - I got my answer in an obvious sign.

Internal Answers are Soft

On the way home, I was planning to go the the Wawa near me but remembered how the air machine was broken last time I tried to use it. Just then, a gas station I never use flashed across my inner screen, the Mobile near the Acme in Newtown Square. I stopped there and sure enough, they offered free air for their customers. I asked and a young man checked my tires for me. Not one tire was in need of air. I tipped the young man and he was very grateful.

No tire issue, but my low tire light was still on and my phone still not working. I arrive home and sat on my bed a little tired. I tried placing my phone on the home charger and still nothing. It was completely dead. Something was definitely up. I decide to check email real quick because I would need to let my loved ones know I was having issues with my phone and how to get in touch if they needed anything.

You Will Always be in the Right Place at the Right Time for your Downloads

Before I sent any emails, I noticed the Sunday Unity meditations starting at 2:11 EST. It was 2:12 and so I closed the iPad and took a few deep, cleansing breaths to recenter....then joined in the meditation. Actually, my higher self did and I was fortunate enough to observe. Certain flowers are given as a light package to all who need it. It almost feels like good karma coming to you or something.

After the meditation, I started writing and having visions and writing some more. I was sitting out on my porch and going back and forth between writing and receiving. Deals were being made and entire groups of souls were being righted. It felt like middle-level minions were given this last chance to conduct business right or be taken out. They were put on alert that no more is tolerated and once banned, they are gone for good. 25% of right daily or weekly flow to its rightful owners from all business dealings moving forward that have been robbed of their fair share previously is now underway.

There is a seal with sacred geometry that is a code. The inner diamond is: The Diamond Code, as above, so below. The inner circle is the Circle of Understanding. The pyramid is of Light Body Travel. The vertical infinity is the infinity of Right Flow. The horizontal infinity is the infinity of this vessel in physicality. The square is the square of Right Action. The next circle out, is the Unity of Law. The eight circles are of individuality and the outside circle is the Unity of One. There was some time doodling these to put them together as they came flowing in.

The Law of One has a circle of Truth that adheres to strict Principles and Higher Understandings (uniting One). It is a Force that is impenetrable at it's Source - and so Above, Now Below!
Seals are Brotherhood and Sisterhood that now unites us all! And so it is <3!

Upgrades, Healings and Purging

After transmissions, I lay down in bed, due to sudden exhaustion. I knew the physical body needed to 'catch up' so to speak. But this was very different. I was getting an upgrade in addition to a healing - and total body too! It was unnerving at first, even nauseating and I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up! As I settled into what was happening, I also calmed my systems by intending to sleep through it.

I had an enormous amount of physical sensations going on all together, and the visions occurred as I barely slept and went back and forth, in and out of waking consciousness. During one experience I recall, I met my twin flame and we both realized it at the same time. We had this instant telepathic connection that was beyond cool, as we both could hear each others next words to finish a sentence, and would say it for the other, taking turns to further confirm the connection for both of us. It seemed like we were taking turns driving a vehicle over and over through these fake doors.

Not sure if we got into an accident, but something happened and when we arrived somewhere else, they noticed I had a nose bleed. I felt the blood and immediately realized it wasn't your normal blood. It was a thick, straw-like dark colored chord that I pulled on, a lot, and it kept coming out. At one point I was holding a pinkish colored blob in my hand and asked if I was pulling out part of my brain. It was a little concerning at this point. They wanted to take me in for further testing or treatment or evaluations, upgrades, clearing, cleansing...whatever, not totally sure. 

I drifted back into my 3D body consciousness, and understood what was happening, and that I was assisting in the clearing of my own body, while my brain was getting a much needed clearing and upgrade. Some time later, I had a night mask over my eyes so as to keep everything darkened, and I felt the waves pulsing from deep in my brain, my pineal gland was coming back on line - or at least, it starting pulsing and these waves of dark purple tinged with light that was almost black were triggered and I could see it even though my eyes were completely blacked out.

I was fully conscious in my physical body. I think the entire process took between 5-6 hours. Not sure how long the upgrades took and how long I was just sleeping when it was over... I can't imagine if I was driving and this happened. I was barely able to move during this process. I woke up several times to go pee and one of those times I knew not to take off my night mask, so I found everything as if I was blind.

The Journey Continues to Awakening Everyone

That was an incredible experience and when I understood, it was much easier to handle. Not knowing is what made the initial part unsettling, unnerving and uncomfortable. Do I believe people would choose to go through this experience if they knew these things in advance? Yes, I most definitely do!

When people are ready for consciously chosen upgrades, they will do it. There are far more horrible purges people go through seeking spiritual enlightenment and this was a fantastic upgrade that required a little understanding for it to be acceptable.

When the understanding happened, feeling the body sensations of my throat, stomach, gall bladder, lungs, kidneys, shoulders, head, legs, heart, and more I'm sure, felt like different beings working on me at the same time but definitely felt the physical sensations that I will not soon forget.

I only hope to be able to get myself in a more steady online state and use this new machine to tap into the knowledge and memories that are escaping me at the moment, from various realities, incarnations and such. Additionally, I'm excited to see how this all comes together to co-create these miracles we're here to experience together. I am here, now.