Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dreamers Unite!

Keeping a Journal

I've been keeping a dream journal since I was about 20, give or take a year. I have many journals and have had awesome experiences in my dreams that could never have all been lived out in this one single lifetime that I call 'Lynda'. For that I am grateful. My dream life is enriching and empowering but that was't always the case. Keeping a journal helps me keep track of other realities and my own personal growth.

After years and years of dreaming multiple dreams in one night, exploring, journeying, and sometimes recalling living through multiple days and even weeks in a single night of 'Lynda reality' dreams, one can imagine how many experiences in many various and magical places this could lead to - and how confusing it can be, which is why a lot of people simply dismiss dreams.

There are those who believe dreams are nothing but mish-mash or your brain firing off what it's seen throughout the day, or what's on your mind if you're worried about something; perhaps some of that could be slightly true and I'm not here to convince anyone of my truth. If it resonates with you, then great! If not, great! I am only here to share what I've lived through so far, and the direction it's going... because it's pretty exciting!

Could This Reality Actually be The Dream?

Most recently, I've been having a pure experience of knowing THIS reality is a dream. I remember things from this current dimensional experience and life (Lynda reality), and while I'm dreaming now, I recall in those realities that it's 'only a dream' here. 

When I awake in this Lynda body suit every morning, I see that the world we now perceive as 'only a dream' is actually far more real than this one. I've had visits from loved ones who has left their physical vessels and other dreams which have all pointed to this truth, for me. How exciting!

Lucid Dreaming

The ability to 'wake up' or become aware that you are dreaming whilst still in the actual dream state is known as lucid dreaming. The first time it happens for most people, you tend to wake up rather fast because of the pure excitement and electrical awareness. Its both joyful and very interesting to re-discover that you do in fact, have a very real body that would challenge the belief systems imposed upon you since you incarnated into a body.

I consider it a type of consciousness blend and you as the dreamer, then seem to jump into the body of your own self, experiencing another aspect of you that exists in a circular time space. The same rules of 'science 'absolutely do not apply, including gravity! More on all this in another article.

We think the experience of lucid dreaming is a goal and perhaps it is for those who have yet to start remembering their nightly travels; however, waking up in the perceived dream to realize these human bodies are perceiving the dream as reality because of a little thing called "linear (versus circular) time" is quite comical, at least, while you are in circular time or the so-called dream reality.

Remembering is Part of the Game

It was slightly confusing at first but I find it all rather funny now because we take things so seriously. Is pain and suffering funny? That would be a big no! But when you see we're here to play a role much like an actress or actor in a play, you start to change your perspective about peoples reactions instead of constantly wondering why everything! The emotional attachment of yourself can start to become humorous especially when you view yourself in action.

Knowing the truth is a calm feeling that enables you to not get caught up in the drama and emotions of it all. Yes, we feel emotions but to use those emotions for directing loving thoughts that are healing and creative is what we're remembering to do - but all the way down in density in the human form.

When the game dings done and the lights flash and the veils finally lift for everyone, what's behind the curtain will be the true multidimensional reality. The humor behind playing a trick on someone can be funny, when they actually realize it's a trick. Sometimes people get mad when a trick is played on them. That is true. How then, can anyone think this entire trick on humanity is funny?

Well, lets just start with not taking ourselves so seriously, at least to the point of making ourselves sick from the perceived stress and we can all grow from that point. This information may or may not resonate with you and that is fine. I am only here to allow the free-flow if information as I receive it from my higher self.

Dreaming and Healing

What I can also tell you is this: there have been so many countless times in my experiences that I felt abandoned, alone, defeated, rejected, betrayed...etc. YOU NAME IT! They are core wounds that most humans get to have at some point in their experiences as well. Those who claim they don't have any of those wounds are liars - perhaps only to themselves, but never-the-less, they are telling themselves a lie and denial is something that also must be healed at some point.

It's easier when any wound is self-identified for healing rather than it being pointed out by some major mistake you judge yourself as making and a forced mirror is shoved in your face.

So then we have the question: if this life is actually a dream, how and when can I wake up from it, and stay in my body? It's called ascension and when you allow a merging of experiences, you then allow the free flow of information from your higher self and you will feel the understanding with trust like you've never experienced it before in this body. Your life will be lifted to levels of understandings that you can't explain to others through mere words, although you may try.

New Ways of Getting Your Energy From Source Directly

When you see someone crying, you won't immediately 'feel their pain' unless you choose... you won't be in sympathy with them but you may choose to be empathetic and compassionate towards them - that is your choice - true free will.You may not want to spend any energy and yet, completely understand they are feeling the pain of wanting someone else to make it better for them.

I will also tell you the old ways of people getting energy from others will not work anymore - but to understand this is to use it's basic principle. If you are aware that these new levels of operating have just been installed, then when you hear someone saying 'something is missing' it's safe to assume they are not getting their energy from their normal sources - other people.

This all may sound a bit harsh for those who have yet to understand where their energy comes from and how they go about getting it. Up until this past week in October 2017,  those who are not actively practicing a spiritual path (not to be confused with religion) but a self-directed spiritual path, or are not directly connecting with Creator Source for their 'daily bread', those beings will still try to take it from others...and wow, have we learned all kinds of ways to take it from others. That in and of itself is another very long explanation.

Picture this...two humans walk up to each other and begin to talk. Now, lets pretend you can 'see' the energy exchange going on, if you're not already seeing energy. Perhaps you would imagine you would see a beautiful golden infinity going on between the two - and yes, this may be an ideal exchange of give and take.

But we have become such a 'power over others' society that programmed and learned behavior of 'getting all we can' has lead to that infinity circle now becoming more like a suction chord and tentacles that latches directly into each others chakras - which is when an offense and defense game ensues.

It's sad and gruesome truly, when a conversation with a friend or loved one becomes more like a power-up (or down) in some game instead of a healthy exchange of equal value.

Vertical Infinity versus Broken Horizontal Exchanges 

Now picture this: you discover your inner infinity symbol, because now you are aware of it, and you see it golden liquid light energy circling around and around. Now you see that infinity standing upright, no longer horizontal, but rather, vertical! It most definitely snaps into its new upright and proper position.

You also see how a pillar of light flows down from Source into the top of your head and all the way down through you to the enter of Earth, Mother Gaia. It's all one great big infinity symbol!
So now your energy is being drawn from source and grounded into Gaia, so you are aligned 'right' and now you no longer steal from other people.

You no longer need to take their energy and you will no longer have your energy taken either - unless you allow it.

How does all this information help you with waking up to the real world? Well, perhaps if you've never given such things your thoughts before and perhaps now you will, if this resonates.

Perhaps you've been on the path for a bit and needed that little extra push to ignite your passion for remembering deep soul truths again, if this resonates.

Perhaps you've been on the path a very long time and you feel tired, beat up, wishing this was all over or that you would just see some physical manifestation of what is all occurring.

Perhaps this article can and will give you some hope because if others haven't given up, then maybe you can dig deeper also.

It's not how many times you get knocked down but rather, how many times you get back up! 

It does become easier and the more light you consciously bring in to your human body, the more you can ground and the more you will have to distribute as you decide, as a human with free will.

Not everyone deserves your energy right now because they decide they want it. Everyone can decide to remember how to get their own abundance and unlimited supply, just like you! And they can choose at any time to increase their own light quotient and live in a world where nobody steals anything, especially energy, because that truly is ALL there is.

Peace  Always