Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Why is 'Time' So Confusing?

For a non-thinker/feeler, time is just a linear way to measure 'when' you are, simply put. However, time is not so simple. For those experiencing the ascension or evolving of their own selves or even just absorbing higher photon frequencies into their physical vessels, time has become much more then a simple measurement for the logical mind. In fact, it often hurts your mind to ponder what time truly is and how it actually only exists in a linear experience in the 3D reality.  

How can time not exist? I'ts been said that everything is happening at once (or in the 'now' moment), but we don't experience everything happening at the same time in the 3D matrix. We are experiencing time in a linear way, but in truth, time is circular and you are at the center. 

According to the so-called 'rules' of this game (aka life) yes... 3D is a reality - perhaps a false one but never-the-less we experience it and therefore, the one in which you were born into a human vessel. But it's still only one reality and one that could be called a dream, upon awakening to other realities. Have you had that experience yet? Being in a dream and knowing that this so-called reality is nothing but another dream. It's a great way to actually experience that truth about multiple realities and dimensions. 

A lot of beings experiencing 3D reality would also refer to THIS existence as hell, a true hell...well, minus the fire and the burning for eternity and all that stuff, but rather, one that conditions and encourages you to believe you are not a prisoner; and uses higher forces and technology to trick all your unconnected senses into believing this is all there is - if you don't see/hear/smell/taste/touch it, why believe it? 

A perpetuated lie that's spiraled out of control - our own consciousness has been used as the major weapon against ourselves and tricked us into co-creating this matrix of false sensory perceptions - and like all lies, eventually, the TRUTH MUST COME OUT! 

CHEERS for feeling (not thinking) that's VERY soon... Cheers to those brave enough to keep speaking their truth. We are many now, we have the power and we have already won the game. 

Time to wake up everyone else and keep moving forward. There's an old saying that if you're in hell and you want to get out, then keep going! "TIME" has changed and we are in the light. We are feeling the true power of love as an energy force and we are re-membering who we are! No-thing can stop us now.