Monday, October 23, 2017

The M-Word

How many times have you either heard or felt like meditation was your next step?

Perhaps you already have a practice and are not as regular as you think you ought to be, or perhaps you have a regular everyday practice and find complete joy in every new understanding that awaits your open heart with a blissful inner knowing of right flow.

In any case, meditation during ascension is the most proficient way to handle all these energies pouring in, assimilate them, infuse and integrate them... and then allow that to be your key towards opening the new earth dimension right here on earth, in your physical bodies.

If you haven't given much thought to meditation, perhaps now would be a good time. You know where to go and how to get started, but you may have put it off for whatever reason.

Consider this: there's a force of light that you're trying to integrate into your physical bodies pouring in from the Galactic Center of our Universe. These photon energies are very powerful, intelligent and oscillate to the frequency of unconditional love.


Love is an energy force, not to be confused with that emotional feeling or when lust clouds your every thought, no... I'm talking about the pure, intelligent force that is the foundation of all creation. Yes, that is love.

You may already understand love is the mother of all powers of all existence, but did you also know that you can tune in to that frequency during regular meditation? Yes, it's also true that a practice of being mindful can help you get control over your emotions and knee-jerk reactions - and yes, you can learn how to respond, not react, since responding is a choice.

Sometimes not responding is still your response... that's another explanation for another article perhaps.

If you allow unconditional love into your life, everything flows much easier. If you choose to allow a few minutes to have a date with yourself, then you are in fact saying "I AM WORTHY to receive..." and if you consider yourself worthy, then why wouldn't you gift yourself a few moments every morning (at the very least...) to say hello to your true self, your Higher Self, your Christ self, your Christed self, your true nature, your Spirit?

I don't care what labels you put on your highest self, that doesn't matter. You should not feel separate from that part of your SELF. The same part you don't see directly in front of your physical eyes - you know what I'm talking about - and if you don't, then try meditation!

You seem to already know that living isn't just surviving. Going to work so you can pay your bills, so you can have a little time, then watch TV then go to bed so you can wake up and do it all over NOT LIVING! Surviving is NOT why you came to this planet. Do you want to wake up? Do you want to remember why you're here? Do you want to live a truly enriching life? Do you want to help others?

Overflowing Tea Cups

If you want to help others, I will remind you that you first must help yourself. You can try to pour from your tea cup but if you meditate enough, you begin to remember it's better for everyone involved if you pour from your saucer only AFTER your tea cup has overflowed. Makes sense, right?

If none of this makes sense, then I suggest you meditate more. If it does make sense, then I suggest you meditate more. The more people who shine the light back on and within themselves, the quicker we can get out of the prison of just surviving.

Take 100% responsibility for all your thoughts, actions and energy - call all your energy back to yourself with love and compassion for those who (probably unknowingly) stole it, or those with whom you gave it to, not realizing you weren't truly helping them, until everyone learns to help themselves and take full responsibility for their own personal lives first.

Tend to your own garden and watch it grow like you've never imagined before

Call ALL of your energy back with unconditional love and feel yourself begin to heal. Feel yourself want to know more... feel yourself start to truly know without any doubts that you ARE worthy of unconditional love and start showing that love to yourself!

Then, proclaim that you are releasing every one's energy attached to you (in whatever form) positive and negative - all of it - send it back to it's rightful being. Send it back with unconditional love and gratitude and thank the energy for being there with you for whatever time period it has... and send it with the biggest blessing you can intend in your own heart!

Imagine everyone all over the planet releasing everyone else of their holds on each other: their judgments, their blame, their hurts, their obsessions, their unforgivenesses, and all that negative energy being released from one another as a united decision to live as sovereign beings in the world - and it can all be transmuted in an instant - but it all starts with you and me - making our own decision to take care of our own self, thoughts, actions, words, deeds - first.

Picture courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens