Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Little Diddy about Recalling Dreams

Dreams Coming Fast!

Anyone else having very vivid dreams? I know you are because a LOT of people are experiencing excellent recall of their nightly travels these last few months. It's only getting stronger. Expect more and more recall of realities and worlds that feel far more real than this 3D reality. Memories will also become very clear following your excellent recall. 

People are receiving communications during their dream time that otherwise may not be able to reach them in human form, yet. Having a notebook next to your bed may help in triggering and recovering memories, if that is what you choose right now. Being willing to make the effort to write down your dreams is definitely a way to train yourself to have better recall of your nightly journeys. 

I've heard all kinds of excuses about why people don't recall their dreams. The biggest one is when people actually think they don't dream. That is a common misconception among those who actually just don't' recall their dreams. 

Blackouts at Bedtime

Let me just say right off the bat, if you take something to help get you to sleep, then you're probably going to have a more challenging time remembering anything at all.  How can you remember where you've been if you're all doped up? And I don't intend this to be harsh or judgmental in any way, it's just kind of common sense.

I'm trying to get a point across that if you're asking for help every night to remember your dreams and then you pop multiple pills to sleep, how exactly, are you helping yourself? Expecting something or some other being outside of you, to 'give you your memories' isn't going to happen. 

On the other hand, if you take some steps to actively get yourself into a normal circadian sleep state, (instead of a drug-induced comma) perhaps this will help set the stage for better recall and eventually, full-on memories to surface... naturally. 

Tips for getting a good and natural nights sleep: 

Get into a nightly routine. This can include making yourself a cup of non-caffeinated tea, getting into your PJ's and retiring to your sanctuary (bedroom) a set amount of time before you want to actually lay down to sleep. This will serve as  a signal to yourself that you're ready for a good night sleep. 

Try meditating. Meditation has so many benefits I can' even begin to list them here. DYOR and find all the benefits for yourself. Google has a wealth of information and YouTube has tons of guided ones if you're not ready to just sit with yourself and breath. But do trust that meditating for even as little as 5 minutes before bed can help get you ready for a great night sleep.  

Play some quiet music. Classical, soft, inspiring, binaural beats, ASMR, signing bowls, and more are all kinds of soft background music you can play to set the mood for sleep. You want to send signals to mind and body that sleep time is coming and to get ready

Soften your area. If your bedroom is filled with clutter, so too will that clutter fill your mind when you sleep. If you want to give yourself a winning advantage, then de-clutter your space you'll feel like it's your private and sacred place. 

Treat your body like the Temple it is. Your body is the vehicle for your spirit to be in this 3D reality. When you sleep, you get to travel to the other realities and dimensions that you can't go to when in your 3D body. If you treat your body like a sacred space, your body will take care of you when you travel. After all, they're all connected. Find a ritual like washing your face or putting on lotion to sooth and respect yourself nightly.

Read a positive book. If you like to read, it can be an awesome time to flip open the pages and learn something. Perhaps trashy novels are what you've read in the past and so it might be slightly challenging for you to read a self-help or spiritual book. Then perhaps try a book about lucid dreaming and you'll be ready for better recall in no time. Accept the challenge! 

Leave your journal out next to your bed. You want that to be the first thing you reach for upon awakening. If you have the journal out and ready with a pen, you are sending the signal that you are ready to do the work necessary to start the recall process, which leads to a lot more memories. 
You don't have to write a book but just be willing to write a few important things down that can serve to trigger memories. 

Tips on what NOT to do

Turn OFF the Electronics. You most definitely do not want to be on your computer, watching TV or any other electronic devices including games, right before you want to sleep. In fact, if you can get those devices out of your bedroom all together, you're well on your way. I know this feels nearly impossible for some people and I have to listen to my own advice here also. I actually charge my IPad and phone in my bedroom... but I have learned to turn on the Do Not Disturb for an earlier time so I don't get any notifications after my specified time. 

Absolutely NO drama. Do NOT expect to go right to sleep after being involved in drama. If you just got into a heated debate with someone or off the phone with someone who drained your life force, please do not expect to get right to sleep and have wonderful dreams. If you are truly serious about having wonderful memories and recalling your nightly travels, then try to stay away from dramas and heated debates just before going to sleep. 

Do not fool yourself. If you think that taking sleep pills, medications, or even natural substances to help you sleep better is going to give you an edge, you're only fooling yourself. Altering your mind will not get you clear into the other dimensions with recall and memories. 

Do not think others will do it for you. If you've been asking for some other being, (whether an angel or another type), to give you your memories, or allow you to dream, or to help you to recall.... I can't say this enough: you are giving your own power away and it will not work. If you truly think some other being can do the work for you and that you don't have to do any training of your own mind, then you are sadly mistaken.  

Can Our Dream Recall and Memories be Taken From us?

Yes, it most certainly can. There are certain rules that apply to being in a human body and there are certain rules to not interfering with our free will that apply to all other species. For example, if you take a ride on a space vehicle that would otherwise not be known to your waking 3D self, you will not be permitted to remember any details that could otherwise interfere with your belief systems and free will within this particular 3D reality.  There are plenty of situations when your higher self decides what is best for you to remember. 

Try to imaging that you are like a child growing up (even if you are 40, 50, 60 or 75+). However, time is a little different. You can not compare yourself to anyone else and what perceived amount of time it may take them to grow. What you decided pre-birth, you will not remember until you have your full connection activated. When that time will be for you, is only for you to discover. Your highest self is waiting for you to reach out by your actions, not your words. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If you have a hunger to learn, to grow, to suspend all beliefs so that you may discover what the real truth is... then you will take the actions to make sure your nightly travels are unimpeded by anything and anyone. 

If your place is noisy and you frequently get angered by neighbors, you will invest in a great pair of headphones or ear plugs and listen to music that assists a deep and relaxing sleep. 
If you previously used drugs to get to sleep (natural or not), you will stop taking drugs and go through whatever withdraw needed to detoxify your holy temple. 
If you used to watch TV (or play games on the computer) and then go right to bed, you will stop earlier and allowing time to signal yourself that it's time to sleep. 
If you don't know anything about lucid dreaming, then you will buy a book about it and learn.
If you don't currently honor yourself going to bed at a decent bedtime, then you will change your schedule to allow for proper circadian cycles.
If you think someone else will do the work for you, wake up - not going to happen! 
If you are serious about recall and re-membering dreams, then invest in a notebook and start writing your dreams down...make the effort. 
If you don't know how to meditate or think you can't do it (for whatever excuse)... start a small meditation practice every morning and every night before bed, even for just 5 minutes. 

There are definitely ways to recall your dream and pull back your memories. You have to take 100% responsibility of the work to get it done. You absolutely can do it, if you want it bad enough. 
The question now becomes: Do you really want it?