Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Energetic Manipulations of Golden Rule

Is the Golden Rule Incomplete? 

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Simple, right? One could say this is a wonderful philosophy and way to live. It is claimed that if everyone adopted this mindset, this way of life would change our world perhaps solving a lot of problems. 

I would not argue those points. In fact, I am optimistic that these statements have a meaningful basis of truth. However, if you peel back those layers to look deeper, you find an intricate system which inevitably leads you right back home. 

Is the Golden Rule incomplete or has it been used to manipulate good intentioned people? 

I feel this statement needs further digging. There is nothing wrong with treating others well and One should always strive for that, but do you start with others first? 

How can you pour from an empty cup? We have learned that the conditioning from dogma tells us to always serve other first. However, I ask again, how can you pour from an empty cup? Should our own cup not runeth over first?

If you are living by this rule as it stands then you would never give yourself the care and love you truly deserve because you would always have fear lurking deep inside that you were somehow being selfish when taking good care of yourself. 

It's a trick that we played on ourselves so we can dig deeper and transmute all fear at the root of why we don't take better care of ourselves. 

Recognizing self-care is of the utmost importance comes when you realize that you only can truly share yourself when you are complete, or rather, when your cup is full first. 

How do you want to be treated? 

Often people claim they live by the Golden Rule, without a doubt. I would call some of you out. I do this because I've heard it all before and it's not always true. Yes, you may very well be treating others with respect and basic kindness when it's convenient or when others are watching. That's EASY! 

Some of you often brag about what you did as a random act of kindness and then post it on social media. I gently suggest you are still seeking approval from others. I will tell you this: the only approval you need comes from within.  

When you are in a good mood and things are going your way, you seem to be in a flow and life is a little easier. You are not being bombarded with what seems like either chance, karma or tests from the Universe or situations that you have generated so you can rise above. 

Life is good. 

When the Universe seems to be unfolding in your favor, its not hard to think of other people and do right by them. Perhaps you are more generous when you tip a server. Perhaps you held the door a little longer for that person a few more feet away. Your thinking and way of being spirals in a positive way.

The same can be said when your life may not be so good and your thinking, as-well-as actions including your speech, spirals in the other direction.  

But now, I am challenging you... You have been called out! 

It is not when you're feeling great but rather, when your day, week or month isn't going so well or when you don't want to even get out of bed, that calls for your attention. It's when you got a bad phone call or feel drained. It's when you are tired or even exhausted and still have to keep going. 

It's also when someone seems to be undermining your work or when someone disrespects you. It's when someone takes credit for something you did or ignores sound advice you may offer. 

It's when you feel trapped, taken advantage of, or otherwise controlled and like you have no power to change your life. It's when you are feeling depressed or someone you loves messes up their life. Its when someone you love gets hurt or dies by accident, injury,  illness or even, choice. 

It's the times when you feel you are at your lowest of lows that matter the most for what type of ripples you are responsible for sending. And yes, you are responsible for whatever ripples you create no matter what is going on in your universe. Remember we are ALL a universe. 

It's not how many times you are down but how many times you get back up! 

Ultimately, you are the one who decides what energy leaves your body, center, universe within, from your very own portal you call a human body. It is that realization that is when you take charge of shifting the energy flow coming through and from you.

Everything that leaves your body both through and around you is your responsibility. You know this or you have heard this before. I'm not just taking about physical actions. I am talking about your words, sounds, utterances, and most importantly, thoughts. Yes, thoughts. 

Your Thoughts are Energy!  

Whether you created a thought or if it is just passing through you, the beautiful part is: when you begin to observe thoughts in general, you can quickly learn not to attach to them. Some are yours and some are not. I wrote a book back in the late 90's about thoughts being energy. Perhaps it's time for me to revisit my work since I never published it. 

When you actively start doing inner work, you also learn that you can transmute thoughts, if you choose. As you increase your vibrations, you will not have as many dense and unbearably negative thoughts cross your energy field and you will decide what you choose to let in or pay attention to.  

If you are reacting to fear, you will most likely be generating more thoughts that trigger lower densities. Some lower densities just like to play with you and will keep playing as long as you are at the table saying, "give me more". 

Lessons are repeated until they are learned. 

You can claim you don't want this or that in your life. You can claim you are tired of this or that in your life. But One would then ask, what are you focused on and thinking about most of your time? Is it everything you don't want? If you claim you don't know, then do the work and you will figure it out. 

Journals and alarms might help if you are One who constantly says they don't know what they are thinking about at any given time. Forgive yourself and allow the time it takes to do the work. Stop complaining and comparing yourselves to others even if you are in the same household or work environment. Take the drivers seat of thoughts that come from and through your mind.  

Getting back to the Golden Rule. 

If you are treating others the way you want to be treated as often as you are around others, it becomes more than a habit. It becomes a way of life. But there is a deeper meaning. I am absolutely sure you are all aware of this on some level. If you are reading these words then you already know... if you are treating others the way you want to be treated, then you must be treating yourself in a similar way as well  - are you not 

Are you doing enough for yourself? 

We often place others before ourselves because we have been conditioned to think that somehow makes us a 'better person'. If you are here to be of service then allowing others to go before you, so to speak, will not get you where you need to be and you will always find yourself in a lesser role and playing small. 

Perhaps you are afraid of being seen for what and who you are. Acts of kindness will become a natural byproduct as you continue progressing upwards in your light quotient. But it's time to play big with yourself now and receive all the energy, healing, grace and abundance all around you. 

When you start to examine your deep rooted feelings and relationship with yourself, you may start to uncover the unworthy, undeserving and unresolved issues that have been within ourselves since 'who knows' how long. 

It's part of the inner work to discover what you previously buried deep inside. Do the work and don't expect others to do it for you. 

Try taking one day for yourself without talking - at all! Your only method of communication is discovering your inner self and working on that relationship. Talk to yourself with your inner voice and discover what you truly need. 

Which roles have you been playing?

Have we been acting the 'good person' roles out of conditioning? Perhaps we have. There is a saying to 'fake it until you make it'. There is nothing wrong with that, until there is. If you always place others well-being before your own then you are in fact, saying that other people matter more than you. 

You may have a self-worth issue that needs some attention.

The Golden Rule is implying on the most basic level, that when you take care of yourself, you are in fact, taking care of others as well. It may sound backwards, but I promise it is not. There is just one addition that can be added for the most discerning spiritual critic. 

Treat others the way you want to be treated and ARE treating yourself. 

Recognition of what you truly want to see in your life means actually living by Gandhi's famous words of being the change you want to see in the world. 

Lip service is old school. 
Actions speak louder than words... actions to ourselves and to others. 

Where you are right now is exactly where you need to be.  

When you understand that we are all One, you understand that what you do to others, you do to your Self. And what you do to your Self, you do to others. It has been stated many, many times. 

This is not new.  

Do not confuse this message and limit your understanding to perceive what is being said. It is not meant to justify selfishness. Do not mix up these words. The message is simple: fill your cup so that you have plenty to share. Cups come in many sizes and shapes. The amount you share does not matter ultimately. What matters most is when your cup runs over, that you do share.  

Complete yourself so that you get your energy from Source and not from others. 

Do not create karma by putting people in a position that requires them to owe you... for this absolutely does happen more than you think. 

Do the work. 

If you need to make some changes and you are not sure how, then I suggest you start with self-forgiveness. This will enable you to step up your self-worth so that you can receive what is needed next.  We can all receive. Trust.  

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In Peace, Light, Service, Love and Blessings Always My Friends, Lynda