Friday, February 2, 2018

Ascension is Ongoing

Ignorance is Not an Excuse Anymore

The Ascension is occurring everywhere. Whether this is the first time you've heard about it or if you've been on the path for some time, you are experiencing this process because you chose to be here when you volunteered pre-birth in a human body - remember or not - and you were granted this incredible opportunity. 

As we continue down the path of awakening, there are many blogs, websites and YouTube videos that share Ascension stories complete with the signs, symptoms and synchronicities  that go along with awakening. As I have watched, listened to, and read about different types of people's experiences, I recall various experiences of my own throughout my life.

My awakening was a little slower and more spread out over many years in contrast to those who chose a much quicker wake-up path during this time period. There were several important junction points or 'dates with destiny' that helped trigger a more comprehensive experience allowing me to fully understand I was receiving transmissions, healings, upgrades and downloads. 

At the time, those experiences seem to have occurred to me while I was by myself but I know I was never alone. Expecting some big shifts to occur while attending group events never seemed to happen as expected or anticipated. 

The hype of opening and connecting that was implied or flat-out promised in promotional literature for any such workshop or event was still very convincing and did provide me with enough to keep me curious and questioning everything, learning from many, many different sources. When you're on the path and hungry, you will not stop actively learning by choice. 

My Body, My Brain...I Choose My Belief Systems

I never felt right about someone else telling me what to believe or what to have faith in; or what to trust or not to trust. To me, that seemed like the ultimate form of brainwashing. Someone else creating a belief system for you is in fact, a form of brainwashing. I much prefer to have free will over my own brain, thank you very much. I will decide what I believe in or if I want to suspend my belief systems until I have more information. 

Since everything is fluid and subject to change, why wouldn't my beliefs change as well? If I am so stuck in my belief systems that I am unwilling or unable to allow for them to evolve, then I am only hurting myself remaining in a state where I am unwilling or unable to grow. 

I choose growth. Personally, that is the best choice I can make for myself. If I don't choose growth then I remain stubborn in not allowing new information to flow and come to light. If I believe in something that turns out to be a lie, then why wouldn't I change my mind and adjust that particular belief system?  Would I then call the truth, a lie? Seems quite silly, doesn't it? 

Disclosure is Happening Even if You Don't Believe it

The problem we are facing at this time is that corruption is being exposed and people are learning some ugly truths they would rather not hear. If you are not hearing these disclosures then you are either:  1) not listening, or you are:  2) still stuck watching mainstream TV news programs - that are classified properly as 'ENTERTAINMENT'.  If this is news to you (pun intended) and you feel you may be stuck in either category, I highly you dig in and *DYOR immediately. 
There is more than enough information out there for you to sink your teeth into. (*DYOR = Do Your Own Research)

 The Train's Leaving the Station!

We are in the midst of much disclosure occurring on this planet and those who are so rigid in their beliefs seem to be unwilling or unable to suspend beliefs (or disbeliefs), and are having quite a difficult time while grasping for the old systems that have been shoved upon them from their birth in human bodies. And yet, they can feel something is wrong and they may be missing the boat. 

People do think that if they ignore some of these disclosures that it will simply disappear, perhaps also thinking things will go back to the way they used to be at the height of ignorance. This is most definitely not the case. Truth will always come out and it is already setting people free, but you can never go backwards on this journey. 

Denial is similar to a festering disease. It will eat away at you, shaming you into feeling so bad about yourself for not feeling worthy enough to know the truth that when you actually hear it, you will be so numb to discernment and so disconnected from your highest self, that allowing the truth to be felt instead of just heard will just not happen. 

Triggering people to respond with denial is an ongoing effort. This was the plan. You can change that plan. You can use your free will and decide to get on the train because it's leaving the station. DYOR

You can choose the red pill instead of staying in ignorance. You can free yourself. Truth can be offered but only you can choose it. One of our greatest gifts is free will and it's only valuable if we choose to use it. 

Life may not be exactly like the Matrix, I mean, come on, that was a movie, right? However, you may find the more you learn on your Ascension journey inward, that references to the Matrix can help make sense of the truth as you rediscover it within yourself.