Sunday, February 18, 2018

Big Waves Hitting Shore

The Downloads Unfold.

At this time, self-evidence of unfoldment is in Unity. Everyone breathing within Gaia is individually and collectively receiving, processing and integrating the wave that just hit. It’s propelling us, somewhat like an announcement call, for unity and manifestation in light and love for the healing miracles from Source Creator. 

The Council agreed, the Queen has given her final say and this was a great call to healers everywhere! It was a great call to all for personal healing. The permissions were granted for all healers (without fail) to have the activations with the incoming frequencies. This most recent wave was in preparation for the grand wave which is coming.

As the shift in March is in yet but a moment, these preparatory waves are full of codes to process through your physical transformation.

Keep focused on what you want and if you can truly choose without hesitation, there will most likely be only ONE thing you truly desire.  That is when you, as one unit, choose the leap.

My Experience Yesterday When The Wave Hit.

Yesterday afternoon, my phone went radio silent again. This is a direct communication to me that something big was about to happen, as I have received transmissions in the past after such phone ‘issues’. Again, there is nothing wrong with my phone and after my experiences yesterday, the phone began working again as it typically does when I’ve completed the experience.

I went out to my porch since this is where it normally starts, and I saw the Queen enter the Council meeting just as I connected with her in that frequency. It felt welcoming and also like a, “let’s get this done” kind of feeling.

When I make these types of connections, it’s similar to tuning in a radio station and when you get the exact frequency, you hear the broadcast of the station you are choosing. It almost becomes difficult to NOT listen and perceive what’s happening. Except this time, I was taken to the frequency and did not just choose it. 

This was more of an invitation.  

The Queen seemed so confident but it was a very happy confidence. She allowed my presence so as to witness the events taking place. I felt like my intentions were one in the same with hers and they were strong, clear, happy and confident. I felt submissive and observant on one hand, with a blunt confidence on the other.

It was time for all in Unity to call forth the wave – and that was done! Higher Selves were present even if the human minds were not. Some of the human minds were definitely present, such as myself, and  others were in contact with the human minds they oversee. It felt like some of these beings were more on the oversoul level and represented many human minds.

The Council meeting had been going on for some time before I arrived with the Queen and they were taking care of the business to make the agreements for the incoming wave that hit yesterday, as-well-as the next big shift.

Additional Issues To be Discussed. 

When the orders were given after all agreed, there were a few more issues the Queen wanted to discuss. The first issue was how long this shift in March will be – to be more specific – how exactly long in earth 3D reality linear time would the process seem that requires an initial fear-trigger from A.I. implanted through toxins etc, that would carry such programs affecting people… to the time they would feel there’s something bigger, more beautiful and incredible going on?

This of course, was a question not for lightworkers, starseeds, wayshowers and all those on the active and aware path of the Ascension. This was an issue and a question about humans who have just started waking up and those who are completely unaware, that would tend to react in fear.

When or how long will the massive sweeping changes provoke fear because things like cell towers may be out and perhaps some deliveries stop for a short time? This was something I felt the Queen would not negotiate beyond a certain amount of time. I could feel her deep love for humanity.

First I heard someone say 3 days. Then I hear a little longer, then I hear 1 week… a very solid 1 week and this was coming from a being I felt the Queen trusted very much. I state along with her, perhaps because I was sharing her energy or mind (not exactly sure which to be honest), “NO MORE than one week…, DONE!”

The word will reach who it is supposed to. Healings will be self-evident.

I come inside but not before I hear party music and feel this joyful bliss. I could see the party getting started in Pennsylvania and the gateways for light grids opened all the way. All beings were being invited to connect who were obviously able to in that frequency, and the party started. The gates that opened here for Unity connection haven’t been open for an incomprehensible amount of linear time. Circular time is impossible for human words to describe or explain accurately.

I knew there was more for my physical body and I wasn’t looking forward to the next part, but I was definitely ready and willing to undergo the upgrades and recalibrations heading my way. I checked my phone and it was still completely dead – and wouldn’t accept the charger. Its only use could be for a paperweight.

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes! 

I could feel the downloads pushing to come through, so I quickly got myself in bed, covered up and got as snuggly and comfortable as I could, hoping I could just sleep through it. I was ready. There was no chance of sleeping through this one! I got the spins immediately and no, I was not drinking alcohol. 

The temperature fluctuations also started and I could feel the heat in various locations. I was fully connected to my energy light body. The ideas started flooding my mind and I just surrendered, allowed and received.

The top of my head tingled, my chakras were blowing out through the back and activating and I knew it was recalibration time. As this continued, it was as if I could only feel my light body, and yet my physical body was still going through its integrations. I was connected to several dimensions at the same time. The heat blew out the back of my neck and I was very cold at the same time.

There were streams of waves scaling down my body like pulses of a hula hoop that was a just a little too tight. Although it was very uncomfortable and could have been quite disconcerting, I knew no fear as I have had these types of experiences before. Although it was a really big one this time for sure, I also knew to relax as much as possible and allow, for this is what we’ve been working towards.

Densities Leaving.

The hula hoop energy would stop at certain spots on my body to allow for a greater amount of healing in certain areas such as my lower chakras. As the hoop would hover, the densities I still carried were breaking up, releasing and transmuting. As these densities would release and just before transforming, it became apparent they had a voice that needed to be heard.

I allowed them to speak to me as they left. It was not a bad experience even though we have this preconceived notion that healing should hurt or releasing old things, patterns or whatever, should hurt. It doesn’t have to.

When one density left, its voice was showing a particular program I had chosen to potentially play in this coming lifetime, but currently. It had brilliant ideas and the road map was always going to be shown, as it is for everyone. I saw what I remembered, and it’s all in beautiful synchronicity.

The multiples of numbers are everywhere and if you’re seeing them, then you’re already triggered and you know. Sacred Geometry is a key. Sacred Sound is a key. Observing thoughts is a key. Obviously, your heart is the biggest key. I was shown that the high heart chakra is all we need.

After feeling the healing taking place with all the recalibrations and remembering how my phone not working was a sign, I wondered how many other people experienced an electronic and cell issue yesterday. I wondered how many people had other physical issues yesterday, specifically.

Purge Time.

I started feeling that sick feeling so I went to the bathroom to throw up. I was very dizzy. I felt strange heat at the top of my head. My body heat was all out of whack and at multiple places at once. I got down by the toilet and allowed the feelings to just fire off and do their thing.

I was in a cold sweat and felt so heavy but still hadn’t thrown up. I was not looking forward to being sick, but totally willing to go through whatever was needed so I could transform. I felt so much happening it’s actually hard to describe. I’m trying, so please practice patience with me.

Talking To Fear.

I could hear at heightened levels, I felt sensations in both my light body and my physical body – which was feeling so so heavy, dizzy and weak. I wanted to connect with just my light body because I could see, feel and know how wonderful that body feels – but I had a fear or two pop into my awareness that pointed out the obvious. I was sitting sideways next to the toilet, barely able to hold my heavy dense body up. How could I not fall and hit my head if I fully connected to my light body?

I answered through telepathy, that I’ve heard of many people who have had out-of-body experiences, (including myself) and I would be able to look back on my body still doing its thing, I protested. My fear shut up for a minute because it knew I wanted to fully connect with my light body.

Then, fear decides to step up its dirty little game; its brings back the same point about collapsing and bumping my head only, with the added one-two punch of the other obvious fact – which was, that I received all these downloads and healings and my physical body was obviously weak. So how could I not fall?

I couldn’t disagree with that, but my next response was that I would watch myself; if I fell, got sick or went through anything unpleasant. Fear decided to up the ante so I could no longer protest, and basically induced me to understand just how weak and fragile my physical body is… I then feel this extremely heavy and dense weight literally push my body into no choice but to lay down on the bathroom floor. I knew I should have cleaned it earlier in the week.

Multiple Dimensions at Once.

As I lay so softly down, I felt the body that could not pick itself up, it was lifeless. At the same time, I was a baby child angel laying in the same position before its parents saying, “I’ve had enough! I’m home and I’m so exhausted – utterly and completely! I need your help. I am here and I am ready.” 

I could feel the energy so intensely. I wondered if I might physically pass out while more healing took place.

Wasn’t sure if I still needed to throw up or if it was going to come out the other end. I just knew I was literally frozen on my bathroom floor. The thoughts then go through my head that if any emergency happened, this would be how someone would find me because I still couldn’t move. The connection to my energy light body was undeniable and the integration with the human physical body is where this is going. 

Other Beings.

I do not know how long this entire experience took at the time of the writing, but later found it to be around 4 hours. While on the floor, I had an instant contact with beings I knew to be little greys. They were friendly and I knew them from my childhood. 

They showed me snapshot memories that quickly flashed before my mind. Some I recognized, some I knew but couldn’t put together. The light was so bright my eyes fluttered. I knew to be in the baby child angel body, the light body and the physical body all at the same time.

Some people may have a hard time with the grey species in general. I’m not saying for anyone to blindly trust any species. Some greys have proven to not be benevolent. 

However, I knew this group to be friendly beings who were considerably shorter than average humans and specialized in healings specifically in bones and more dense attributes of the 3D body that brought the light body and the physical body healings together.

Some of the pictures shown to me from childhood were from Fred Flintstone when his little green friend came on the show. I remembered how much I loved that addition. I could perceive these beings helping me as almost cartoon like, even though I knew they weren’t.

They had very long heads down the side. I can’t say if they were green or grey or light black. I felt they were dark grey. I want to say their heads were almost rectangular. I wasn’t trying to get a detailed description because I felt trust as I remembered them. It felt like a long time since we connected.

Also, I noticed another group working on me at the same time, or perhaps immediately after the little greys, and they were Pleiadian. They were balancing and calibrating my energy levels so the density could be perceived by my human suit easier, since it was way off balance.

I recognized this group as my regular light team who helps with my typical energy work. I was more used to this group than the little greys. Although the memories are still coming and integrating. I heard one of the Pleiadians tell me to get up, and so I did... very, very slowly.

Getting Functional.

The light started mingling. I no longer felt sick. I sat on the toilet and no cleansing! I was now able to make it to a standing position, although still very weak and extremely light, I washed my hands and the water felt absolutely amazing! I splashed some on my face again and it felt like I was splashing new life on my skin.

I still needed time to sleep and integrated all that happened. I made it to my bed and very quickly, got snuggled and comfortable. I knew my phone still wasn’t working and that my team had me safe. I was ready for great nap, or so I thought.

I lay for a few minutes pondering the memories and how I would journal all this in some kind of linear way hoping to remember it all, only to hear, “write it now”!  I hesitated briefly to contemplate whether or not I could physically get up, or even just have enough energy to write all this; while at the same time I fully understood if I slept, some memories could be lost.

A Little Bit of Effort Goes a Long Way.

I chose to get up and start writing. I was given enough energy to by-pass the much needed sleep and just write. 14 pages is what came pouring out with another 3 added today. I was truly amazed how much better I felt and was able to write most of this experience down.

I tried my best to get it all but the information came in packets a lot of times. Those packets need to be unpacked, if you will, in order to put them into language.

One of the additional pieces I remembered to add today was that of the animal kingdom, more specifically, dogs. They were given an opportunity to step up and show humanity true unconditional love.

Now a lot of us have seen unconditional love from our pet dogs especially when that is what we show to them; but there are also those who have seen nothing but neglect and abuse from their human owners. These dogs, whether or not they chose it for themselves – which does imply they also have free will – or whether or not their overlords made the agreement, remains to be seen.

I only heard the offer and agreements and understood it to mean that all dogs in the animal kingdom now are to show unconditional love as a direct example to humans who need to be shown this, instead of aggressively responding, as part of this agreement. This one will indeed be interesting to see unfold.

Emergency or Not?

There are many, many people who are feeling sick with these energies. In fact, one of my friends had to go to the ER today for throwing up and detoxifying in a very harsh way. She told me some of the staff mentioned there was an unusually high amount of people at the hospital who were feeling similar symptoms. All tests come back showing nothing wrong. 

There are times when you need your doctor or even the emergency room for such symptoms; and there are times when you’ll realize it’s not a medical condition. Use your discernment when going through all these awakening energies. Get plenty of rest when needed, drink water and listen to your body. There is NO substitute for water.

Your body is an amazing biofeedback suit that you get to wear. Listen to it and you’ll never go wrong. I started getting major heartburn when I would eat something my body didn’t want to process, such as junk and processed food. 

This is an Ongoing Learning Process for ALL of Us. 

Do not beat yourself up but do try to listen if you’re feeling a lot of symptoms and having a hard time with your body. Just remember that nobody is perfect and yes, some things are hard to let go, but we always try to make the extra effort during these times to make it a little easier on ourselves. 

These energies are no joke and I’m writing this to share my experiences because I was guided to. The physical process was so powerful and it may be helpful to someone else going through something similar.

I definitely don’t have all the answers and I can only speak for myself. Every person’s process of Ascension will be unique. If someone wants to think I’m nuts for this experience happening to me, then you definitely don’t know me. I am human. We are all One. You must be nuts too!

We have entered the time for non-judgement, healing and revelations about our true heritage. The miracles will be starting and will be undeniable. The Ascension is happening and truth will be revealed. All in Unity have already called forth the desired timeline and so it is. Remember the time lag when these things come all the way down in density to the physical realm. What happened in a moment in higher dimensions may take several years or more to manifest to 3D. Let humans call it from their hearts when they are guided to and feel what you breathe in. 

In Peace, Service, Love and Light, be well my friends. Lynda