Sunday, February 11, 2018

Birds Bringing Good News!

Nature is Truly Amazing

Yesterday morning, I was sitting outside drinking my morning coffee as I normally do, when I suddenly became aware of layers of reality sitting upon each other. It's not like I haven't had this experience prior, but it was a striking difference of polar opposites this time. 

While sitting in my Lynda body occupying 3D reality, it was gloomy, overcast and slightly chilly. However, simultaneously recognizing an entire different reality sitting in the same space at the same time, but on a higher frequency! 

The birds were most definitely transversing multiple frequencies, as was I sensing with clarity a warm and beautiful reality of what people have coined the New Earth, for lack of any other term other than 'higher frequency'. Layers of realities sitting on top of each other not unlike radio bands of frequencies traveling through the air and you choose which station to tune in and listen to, or receive. 

Imagine dialing in which reality you tune into at any given time, while still being in your body... would that be too much for you? Do you consider yourself a multidimensional being yet? If so, then wouldn't this be a more natural way to exist, to be FULLY connected to who you TRULY are? Doesn't this feel like a truth already, even a little?

So now this multi-layer reality really got my attention yesterday and I giggled slightly out loud at the beauty hiding in plain sight while listening to every type of bird singing as if they were in a symphony! 

Even better, I've only been seeing a few birds here and there since it's in the dead middle of winter and normally, they won't be out singing away like that on a dreary, overcast morning such as yesterday. 

However, it seemed like every type of bird, even bird songs I've never heard before, from all over came out to sing, play, create beautiful music and harmony, and were just having such a blast. It would have been nearly impossible for me to miss this beautiful reality they were inviting me to experience with them by communicating such joy and peace.  


The messages were coming in fast and clear. There was a signing of an agreement and the final piece to the puzzle has been set. The plans will move along now and since everything is in place, the announcements will come that will start such a grand celebration, the likes of which have NEVER been seen on our planet, ever

The date was originally communicated to be on Valentines Day, but I distinctly heard another saying more likely March. I cringed when I heard that. Haven't we had enough delays? Ahhh, then I remembered my lessons in patience. 

More people will be ready to join in a positive-reaction way, when the seeds begin to grow and strengthen in the Spring. This will set the stage for them to flourish in the the coming months, rather than meet these announcements with fear, doubt and denial. 

Instead now, the extra time was needed for a complete mass exodus from slavery into true freedom with the least amount of resistance as possible. If the announcements were made too soon, there may have been too many still sleeping and serving to live out only conditioned and programmed responses, such as all types of fear. 

Delays actually worked in our favor. The Light and Truth will spread faster now that all these delays have occurred. Our plan has succeeded and it's time to see what's been going on behind the scenes! Let the veils rise and the Truth be heard, FINALLY! Victory to the Light! We are Love. We are One.