Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Big Waves Hitting Shore - Follow Up

Integrating The Experience

After having mostly integrated the experience from this past weekend, I felt it would be a good idea to do a quick follow up for clarification purposes and address a few questions after giving some brief highlights about myself. Today is Wednesday, February 21, 2018. The last round of big waves started this past Saturday with plenty to go around for everyone. 

Here is a Little Background. 

When I listen to information these days, I use discernment about the message and whether it resonates with me. If it does, great! If it doesn't, I typically don't even start listening. My guidance has become crystal clear over the last few years. 

That doesn't mean I've always listened to my finer inner nudgings. In fact, many times I haven't! Only I, judge myself. Remember that, if you are being too hard on yourself!  I am not new to surfing energy waves, and have been knocked over many, many times. I've probably drowned quite a few times too!  

Since we are eternal beings, that type of experience has only served to make me stronger.

Over this lifetime, I've been known to say a few times that I've reincarnated more than once during this time. Whether or not this is just my perception, the fact still remains that it is still my perception and therefore, valid for me. 

(I may share my story one day about how I lived through 2 entire days after dying, but in the dream state, when I was in my late 20's.) 

When Did I Awaken?

That's a very loaded question for me. There was no particular date or event I can point to and say, "that's when I woke up!" preciselyIn fact, I've been quietly doing my inner work for most of my adult life. I started actively doing healing work for others in August of 1998 -  almost 20 years ago! 

I started keeping journals when I was 20 years old. I also began practicing active dream work. I scooped up every book I could find on metaphysics and self-help, the super natural, or anything that would provide answers for all the questions flooding my daily existence. 

The more I learned, the more I realized how much I needed to learn. 

So I was about twenty years old when I started to awaken. It was very lonely. I spent the first 8 years learning and questioning everything. There was no Internet. Everything was snail mail for cassette tapes, book stores, and classes were held in adult night school from only one teacher in my area - who was considered a clairvoyant medium. 

Time seemed to move so much slower back in the early 90's. The loneliness was incredible. There really are no words to describe what that type of isolation felt like. But I can tell you this: Somehow, I knew I would be guided. Somehow, I knew my heart was holding the answers. Somehow, I just knew no matter how lonely or crazy I felt, I knew this time would come.  

I went on spiritual road trips and learned from many teachers. I never seemed to stay with one practice or teacher long enough to develop new belief systems that were considered dogmatic - or, to the exclusion of other practices. There was a wonderful sense of freedom about feeling able to learn from anyone and everyone. Plus, nobody had all the answers I was searching for anyway. 

Meditation is probably the only discipline I've always kept close and trusted. 

Back during my twenties, I seemed to be interested in everything except healing work. 
About 7 years passed and I would be 27 years old when a personal family medical crisis with one of my children would serve as the catalyst to propel me to the next level. That is what lead me to energy healing, starting with Reiki, when I was 27 years old. 

I became a Reiki Master when I was 28 years old, (20 years ago). Back then, I had a hard time understanding why people didn't seem to want to know about energy healing. Why wouldn't people want to heal? How naive was that? Does that sound familiar to anyone else around my age?

Why Wouldn't People Want to Heal?

Even though my rate of vibration was increasing, people around me were still in deep sleep. Like I said, it was very, very lonely. This is perhaps why I allowed the conditioning to, "keep things to myself" take hold. I was talking to brick walls that only bounced back cold and lifeless meaning. Nobody seemed to have enough real substance to them - with the exception of a very few people in my inner circle.  

Fast forward to this time period. 

I have actively been peeling back those layers that served to protect me during a time when awakened people were being attacked. Although I had protection and knew it, I had to hang on, because it wasn't my time. The path I chose for myself was one of a very, very long and gradual Ascension process, while being awake. Very painful and very joyful as well. 

After my most recent experience with transmissions -  you can call them upgrades, downloads, recalibrations, healings... it doesn't really matter - but after this last experience, I decided to make my experience more public because I was guided to. I suppose it's time.

I have been in a safety zone not sharing full-on experiences because nobody could troll me. Nobody could call me names. Nobody could hurt me. Nobody could judge me. Nobody could tell me what my mental health status was. Nobody could tell me I was a conspiracy theorist. Nobody could bully me. Nobody could attack me. I was safe, if I was quiet. I learned how to wait, very quietly. 

My armor has been getting upgrades piece by piece - and that armor is our light body! This is your healing, right now! This is the new confidence coming to all you light warriors, in whatever form and name you call yourselves. You know who you are!   

You Choose Who Gets Your Attention. 

One thing I'll gently point out: anyone who seems to be acting immaturely by name calling, judging, etc. is deflecting their own time of self-judgement. They are in denial about who they are and often try to belittle others so they don't have to deal with their unknown. Never you mind those people.  

This is ok. They are fine and they can receive our compassion, if WE choose. We don't have to choose that now. NOW, we are in charge of our energy. We are in charge of who we grace with our blessings. We are in charge of writing our future and people who want to troll, name call, judge and try to drain your life force, can simply be ignored. 

My last blog that was made very public, was my way of sharing. It's time for me to step beyond my comfort zone. I'm quickly stepping into my new role and I want to thank everyone who has done this already, making it easier for all of us still going through the rough physical transformations. 


1.  The mention of March for a shift was in reference to Healers, as far as I can discern. Please let me make it clear that nobody has a date and many waves are bombarding this planet currently. Some are definitely bigger than others. Some serve to bring very specific keys to activate code you already contain. Although you can definitely choose your own personal unfoldment, there are also very specific 'dates with destiny'. The shift in March the Queen was referencing, was more of a Date With Destiny.  

Note: Whether or not this Shift will be "The Big One" felt, seen and physically experienced by ALL is anyone's intuit. I surely hope it does, but the future seems to have that fluidity, where our linear time just doesn't matter. It will happen when we are ready - and not sooner.

2.  The Queen: Who is this Queen? Good question. I was invited to participate only to the level that I was able to perceive. Is she a human queen? Most definitely not! I hope this clears up any misunderstandings or fear reactions. There are many, many queens associated with over soul levels - I suppose it just depends on your perceptions at which level you're tuning into. 

Although I have been peeking in and out at this level over the last few years, this particular time felt more connected and attuned to my energy. It was different. I am completely grateful.

Yes, I AM integrating more and more as I continue the Ascension process right along with everyone else. Every being has higher selves and oversouls and on, and on, and on, upwards. This is not news. 

We are all sovereign beings. We need to help empower those who feel they need it, making it clear they have to do the work for themselves. Its's time for everyone to step up and take their fair share of the load. Your fair share is all about you cleaning up your life and learning how to forgive yourself - not be in denial, but to truly forgive yourself and then others. True empowerment starts with a decision.  

If you are unaware or just beginning to learn, perhaps this will help clear up some questions regarding my previous post. Thank you for reading.  

Peace, Service, Love, Light and Blessings Always My Friends, Lynda