Sunday, February 11, 2018

More Ascension Waves This Week

The Waves Come Crashing 

I had another dream about a wave almost a week ago! This one was bright emerald green and it was the most powerful one yet! I was riding in my 'new vehicle' and was definitely hoping it would float. Just then, the wave was about to crash on me and I realized how much power it had and was bringing. I held my breath for a second and then was absolutely amazed it caught me! The wave was taking me in to shore! 

This is not the first dream I've had about waves, but it is however, the first time I've dreamed about 'riding one in' that actually 'caught me' instead of me catching the wave. Seeing the beautiful emerald green color of the wave seemed to have a calming effect, as if I knew everything was going to be alright, even though we are in for the 'ride of our lives'. 

If you are having really cool experiences in your dreams, you are probably not afraid of what's coming. You probably have an innate sense that this is why you came to Earth in the first place, right? 

Upgrades Come During Dreamtime, Remembering is KEY 

Many people are having dreams that are becoming more and more memorable and sensible, including people who have never been able to remember their dreams in the past. This is becoming more common and as your memory serves you better, you can say with certainty what experiences you are living through, where you traveled and what you know to be truth. 

When you wanted to do dream work in the past, it was ALWAYS recommended that you prove your seriousness by keeping a journal of your nightly travels. Memory wasn't always easy, so a signal to your higher self was the main option to help trigger memories as you catch them immediately upon waking. 

There are other tricks to remembering your dreams but I'll save those for another article on lucid dreaming perhaps. Just remember that everybody does dream. If you're willing to take a few simple steps to remember your nightly travels, then you WILL remember your dreams too. 

People all across the spiritual communities are reporting on dreams about the waves. Whether or not they are pleasant dreams may depend on where you are with letting go of things that no longer serve you best in your life. 

What do I mean? If you are hanging on the baggage from the past (regardless of what that may look like) you are holding on to density in the most simplistic form. Density in water doesn't float as well. The lighter you are, the better you float. Liquid light requires that our bodies transform into the best versions of themselves... and the lighter we become. 

Transforming to Light

Does transforming mean we loose ourselves? I don't see how this is possible. Your ego mind may try to make logical sense and create a scenario where you loose your sense of self but that is based on fear from your ego mind. Ultimately you are already lost while here in 3D reality, so there is nothing more to fear about finding your way home.

Imagine Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and how scary her journey was all along the way. And yet, she discovered that she was 'already home' when she only had to close here eyes, remember what home felt like, look within and click her heels 3 times. 

Wouldn't that be great to find out how easy it is to remember who you truly are? What if it WAS that easy? What if you've been playing hide-and-seek with yourself all along and you've never truly been lost after all? 

If you haven't started asking yourself these questions yet, then perhaps take a gander in the mirror directly into your own eyes and see what you find when asking these types of questions. Remember: everything comes from within, so that's where you'll find the answers anyway.